The Occupy Chicago and NATO/G8 Video Series on Chicago Clout

Chicago Clout assisted Andy Thayer to produce a series of videos so the general public understands why the City of Chicago will have a large showing May 19, 2012 at the Daley Center. Expect a 12:00 PM kick-off and a permitted march to McCormick Place. It is very important the taxpayers and the public understand why many people oppose NATO and want these leaders to understand there are dissenting opinions. Andy invited Eric Ruder and Rick Rozoff to guest on the first show. For more information make sure you visit Chicago Clout and Andy also had a show on Defending Civil Liberties in Chicago, and Opposing G8 in Chicago, they will be on YouTube very soon. Andy Thayer was on the Front Page of the Chicago Sun-Times January 17, 2012. I have known and benefited from my friendship with Andy Thayer for over six years. Photo by Patrick McDonough]]> Continue reading “The Occupy Chicago and NATO/G8 Video Series on Chicago Clout”

2nd Ward Alderman Robert Fioretti and Super Bowl Champion Otis Wilson at Billy Goat today

Alderman Fioretti Otis Wilson Chicago Clout Many folks in Chicago will never forget the Super Bowl Champions Chicago Bears. It was a special moment in Chicago history. Today I took a picture of 2nd Ward Alderman Robert Fioretti and Football legend Otis Wilson. I raced to The Billy Goat Tavern and Grill at 1535 West Madison Street from work. I also met many democratic political stars. I will have more on this later. Make sure you support Alderman Bob Fioretti, I will make the endorsements since the Chicago Sun-Times got out of that side of the business. Otis Wilson still looks like a stick of dynamite!! Photo by Patrick McDonough

Chicago Department of Water Security Breach McDonough Hero

Mega Bust January 23, 2012 Yard final.jpg City of Chicago Department of Water Management employee of 2011 Patrick McDonough noticed a very suspicious pick-up truck lurking around the 4900 West Sunnyside Yard today. Mr. McDonough notified the crack security team that left the gate open again and allowed this dude to sneak into the yard. The crack security team made a major assault upon the possible terrorism suspect. A high ranking political appointee snuck up quietly on this dude as if he was on a turkey hunt, and the dude left the open lot without so much as any license check, or illegal search and seizure. The crack security team did not follow the established protocol which is necessary to save our precious drinking water in Chicagoland. Who was that dude? Why he was not detained? Is Chicago drinking water safe? Why did this political appointee not call in a reckless panic to superiors? Photo by Patrick McDonough

Rahm Emanuel needs to take responsibility for Frozen Fire Hydrants

Chicago Frozen hydrant jan 22, 2012 final on Chicago Clout Today, again, the Chicago Tribune reported in depth, the problems the Chicago Firefighters are having with frozen hydrants. Thank you to the Chicago Tribune for joining in the chorus, and bringing much needed attention to the impending doom. The Daley goons again left this major issue for Rahm Emanuel to deal with. Laying new water main and installing new fire hydrants is a start. Chicago Clout has championed this issue for many, many years. The Emanuel Administration and the Office of the Inspector General must work together to solve this major problem. Chicago Clout and several Chicago Plumbing Inspectors are willing to come forward to jump start a program that will save many lives. Several Chicago Inspectors and some State of Illinois inspectors are willing to move forward on this issue and give free inspections. On weekends, the City of Chicago only has one emergency hydrant truck up and running. It is located in the Central District. Several Caulkers and Plumbers are getting shortchanged on the overtime. The truck is citywide, but the overtime is not. Where is Local 130 Plumbers on this issue? Please save firefighters lives now. Give us a call Rahm, we have the solutions. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Chicago Fire Department need working Fire Hydrants NOW!

Burned Body Chicago Fire Dead.jpg ABC 7 News reported a fire in the 1700 Block of North Drake last night. For years the Department of Water Management has not repaired the broken Fire Hydrants. A simple fix, which would take about three hours, would save lives. It is not being done. Rahm Emanuel should have a hearing and terminate all the employees responsible. Going to a fire with no water make no sense at all. It is like going into a Chicago Alderman’s office with-out a bribe, it just makes no sense at all. Thank you ABC 7 News and all the stories by Dave Savini at CBS @ News. When is the Federal Bureau of Investigation going to look into this? The City of Chicago is also very short on Plumbing Inspectors, but they must now fix that problem. Story by Inspector Patrick McDonough.

Tommie Talley back getting taxpayer's loot for nothing?

Tommie Talley Pension.jpg Municipal Employees’ Annuity and Benefit Fund of Chicago at 321 North Clark Street, Suite 700 Chicago, Illinois 60654 welcomed Tommie Talley today. Tommie was removed after a disgraceful employment at the City of Chicago Department of Water Management. Must have been Tommie ordering City Workers to make free repairs at the Daley’s 11Th Ward Church that sealed the deal. Tommie then marched over to the County until Dane Placko busted him on Fox News Chicago. Tommie had some serious clout for a long time. I do not think criminal activity should allow folks to collect a pension and Tommie Talley is much too young to collect money for nothing. My inside guy told me Tommie was going to buy a Subway Franchise and make a go of that years back, guess that failed also. I know when Tommie Talley sent a worker to the Central District for retaliation; he did not look over his back for payback. I am against Tommie Talley taking any kind of money from the taxpayers after his lousy work at the Water Department. We need some real detective work to find out what is going on. The scoop was given to Chicago Clout January, 18, 2012 by one of our detectives. Chicago Clout is everywhere, we are after you next, “snicker”. Maybe Tommie can stop by Dean Slawek’s attempt to sneak back into the city with his highbrow gun lawyer. The scam starts on February 10, 2012. Watches out all you unemployed Chicago Plumbers, go to City Hall 11Th Floor 10:00 AM. See if the James Sullivan sells out the Plumbing License Law for a doorbell ringer. NO MORE SCAMS CITY HALL. Where the heck are the FEDS?

City of Chicago Employee auto subject to constant abuse

Auto Tire Slice 1.jpg Another round of abuse on January 11, 2012 when City of Chicago Department of Water Management employee Patrick McDonough returned from testifying under oath at the Department of Human Resources Hearing for Bruce Randazzo. After having his car under video surveillance for the entire morning and early afternoon, Patrick McDonough returned to the North District yard to finish the work day and swipe out. According to Mr. McDonough, his boss told him his tire was almost flat. These brand new tires were just purchased a month ago. Joey “The Slicer” Berlin was also subject to testimony and now parks his car near the security guard shack to monitor the safety of his car. Glenn “The Shooter” Schultz was not available to comment. Bruce “The Candidate” Randazzo was very upset this would happen to a witness and a fellow City Worker. The next day in court, Attorney Ivan Tomic told Maureen Egan about the tire slashing on McDonough’s automobile. Maureen Egan also told Ivan Tomic to have Mr. McDonough send pictures to her. The various security folks at the DOWM have been notified, but Mr. McDonough is still waiting for officials to take pictures and investigate. So far two fenders have been bashed in, stones thrown at the car, and multiple tire slashes are a common occurrence at the Water Department lot located at 4900 West Sunnyside. Most of the damage has been separate events with a damage amount of about $500.00 to $700.00. The City of Chicago should protect employees that tell the truth and step forward to combat corruption. Mr. McDonough also reported today that Maureen Egan refuses to pay McDonough for his court ordered appearances despite a subpoena signed by Revered Lucius Hall. I think Joey “The Slicer” Berlin will also demand more security for all City Employees. I will keep you updated on this story. The destruction of someone’s car is the kind of 36Th Ward style politics that made folks sick of the Bank’s Gangsters.

Martin Luther King needs to pray for Jesse White, Ole White Dude's enabler

It is no secret the North District Department of Water Management is loaded with old style corruption. Corruption will only continue if politicians like Jesse White keep helping old white folks keep the Negro down. Jesse White needs to look into the promotions in the North District that go to political whites and why none of the promotions have gone to Negroes. On December 16, 2010, two white guys got their promotions despite a troubled past. One white dude got a promotion while he was on Duty-disability! Complaints to the Office of the Inspector General have gone unanswered. The City of Chicago Department of Water Management gets away with constant criminal activity due to the legal department’s use of procedural maneuvers. No interviews, no evidence gathering, and no convictions. Almost every person calling complaints to the Chicago Office of the Inspector General moves nowhere. Just recently, two more white guys were promoted despite their inexperience. The Foreman positions could be great promotions for Chicago Negroes. Negroes are losing their homes and are not getting a fair share of the pie. Jesse White is no friend of the ongoing Shakman Violations reforms. Make sure you ask Jesse White why he makes phone calls that keep whites in power at the Negroes peril. Some more Foreman Promotions are in the application stage at the Department of Water Management; keep James Sullivan’s white boyz out of the mix. Let us make some promotions of Negroes and some amigos for a change. Jesse White, stay out of the Blackman’s business if you are going to sell the Blackman out. Story by the Honky Tonk Man. (I hope you all pray for Martin Luther King’s Soul) Keep the faith, keep the jobs)