National Pipe Line NPL leaves Andersonville a hot mess

The honeymoon with NPL Watermain and Sewer Construction has been over for a long time. Andersonville in Chicago is a beautiful progressive hood. For the last few days, Chicago’s most potent Plumber decided to assist many of the folks getting screwed with a horrible mess. The following streets were disgusting:

Balmoral from Clark to Glenwood

Summerdale from Clark to Glenwood

Farragut from Clark to Glenwood

Berwyn from Clark to Glenwood

Years of fighting with the contractor have left things in disarray. The streets have toxic dust from FA-6. The trees are destroyed, and Commissioner Conner was also fired for this blunder. Attempting to put plastic in sewer lines is an idiot shortcut.

This weekend resulted in a leak on a tap from a new water line installed. A City of Chicago water department crew showed up Monday and made the repair. Layers of consultants, DOWM bosses were needed to figure out who to blame. More on this later.

Today was a frenzy of cleaning up the mess on all the streets. The subcontractors are in a panic. I have never seen such a mess in my life. Too late. Remember, when Chicago Clout is seen, you are already too late.

I will continue to work with the neighbors so they can have a legal remedy. If you would like to help me hand out flyers, let me know. I smell a class action.

“Your a nobody”, said a Chicago Sewer Worker

The City of Chicago has another broken basin on a major street. These basins accept rainwater along the curbs.

Most of these basins are falling apart due to salt erosion. The bottom of these basins is more than five feet deep.  Most are much deeper.

Today was another multitude of job sites I have visited as part of my TV series. The vast majority of my job site visits have everything to do with Job site safety. I can address other issues if job supervisors continue their rude activities. Today I got the same old song, “I am calling the police.” I waited like I do everytime but no cop showed up.

Just like the “Hired Truck Scandal,” Chicago is in deep denial. They think having  Yoo locks like John Pope lie to the Illinois Department of Labor and control the narrative; the DOWM can keep getting away with proper job-site issues.

Today, a Department of Water Management Safety specialist arrived on the site. He attempted to tell the foreman he was wrong. I was stunned as the man failed to have a tape in his hand. How does one measure the depth of an excavation without a tape?

The jobsite had a depth of at least 7 feet, no shoring, no planks, and no plates. Who the hell would leave an excavation with loose pieces of wood on a busy road? DOWM. The foreman was told to obtain a plate by the Safety Specialist but failed to do so.

When I found out the Illinois Department failed to investigate dangerous sites, I was stunned. The main reason was inspectors at home to avoid COVID-19. Also, the idiots said I was weaponizing the Illinois Department of Labor OSHA Division.

Thank god I took pictures, measured the excavation, noted the many additional workplace violations.

Five more years of this and maybe I can retire.

Funny how a nobody stopped a jobsite cold for an entire afternoon.

Tell Lori Lightfoot where to put her Covid-19 Shot.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot, the soggy-breasted, salt-bellied Mayor of Chicago, is on another progressive lesbian rant. You think a mayor fighting for individual rights, gay rights, trans rights, reproductive rights would honor and respect a person’s personal decisions.
It should make you wonder the real reason behind her new latest demand to remove individual freedoms. Mayor Lightfoot should mind her own fucking business. Look at all the Aids in Chicago. Does Lori Lightfoot quartine all the folks that conduct personal decisions that transmit sexual diseases? Does Lori Lightfoot shut down all the drinking on street corners where twerking and wild, untamed sex prevails? Does Lori shut down all the clubs where shooting is a regular event?
Not long ago, the Chicago Political Union sold out city workers with the health program. The City of Chicago has access to much of worker’s personal information. Information such as diabetes, STDs, high blood pressure is factored into many decisions, such as promotions. Lawsuits proved Water Department bosses accessed workers’ compensation records without proper Hippa authorizations.
Most Chicago Unions do not care when it comes to worker safety, but will force Covid-19 shots? Look at the past to see the future. Just recently, Chicago Unions allowed workers to stay at home when they caught Covid-19 or had symptoms. Chicago also allowed the workforce to stay at home when someone in the crew or office was exposed. That was fine when Federal Funds were used.
At the Chicago Department of Water Management, the Workers’ Compensation medical records were spread through the department like Lu’s-Legs. Bosses have access to the documents through the Committee on Finance.
Should I print allegations that Lori has Parkinson’s disease, or Chlamydia, or Strabismus, or herpes? Should personal desires like using didoes become gossip in the workplace?
Thanks to our work, the City of Chicago has its first Workers’ Compensation case for Covid-19. Every City worker exposed to Covid-19 should file a comp benefit. The Unions like Plumbers’ Local 130 will sell you out. I know.

CBS2 NEWS CHICAGO BLM sign trashed

by Laborers Local 1092 member Steve Broumas

CBS2 News Chicago had a disturbing story on a City of Chicago Department of Water Management employee trashing a Black Lives Matter sign on private property. I was stunned when I saw a white Water Department employee taking down the sign on the video. Worse yet, I knew of this employee.

I spoke to many members of Laborers Local 1092, and they support Steve; we want to remove “signs of hate.”

According to one Water Department employee, “the niggers are getting all the high ranking positions, and they sit at home injured while we do the work.” Many Department of Water Management white workers continue to slave on the job sites while the blacks sit at home with workers compensation injuries.”

The photo in the story was sent to the Chicago Office of the Inspector General long ago, and nothing was done to investigate. The OIG is so overloaded with corruption complaints; they do not have time to save us from possible BLM haters.

On Friday the 13th, allegedly, white $130,000.00 per year General Superintendent Richard P. Szorc, interviewed Steve to get the “right side” of the story. Rich felt since Steve was a model employee, why put him on paid leave. Steve was also a victim of Paul Hansen. Paul got mad because Steve parked behind Paul’s leased car and caused him to wait at quitting time. Steve made an Illinois Department of Human Rights complaint, and then nothing happened.

In respect to the black mayor of Chicago, Steve should go home on paid leave and then be promoted “City Style”.

The City of Chicago has many lawsuits due to the behavior of whites that fail to be nice to minorities. For decades, whites got away with silly tricks and conduct unbecoming a city employee.

Please see the story by Tim McNicholas CBS@ News Chicago here:

We are still waiting for Meg Vidis to answer to get off Axelrod’s lap and return calls.

Lori Lightfoot snickers after Officer Ella French Press conference. No more dead Chicago Police please.

Officer Ella French family’s suffering is only starting. Lori Lightfoot was seen laughing after the press conference to memorialize Ella French. What kind of idiot could possibly find humor in a CPD cop’s death. Lori Lightfoot will attempt to deny benefits to this family as she has stopped workers’ compensation benefits to other dead and injured city workers. Lori really went out of her way to attack whites and others to make a political gain. Everything with Lori is anti-white. Lori is going to activate the Klan in Chicago again.

I am sad for this family as they will soon see the cameras disappear and the benefits stopped. If you are a Chicago Police Officer, I suggest you leave. Thanks to Lori Lightfoot, the bad guys are emboldened. This is why it is Shitcago now. We will follow. up on the next round of suffering this family must go through.