Mayor Daley's "Batman Picture"

Mayor Daley picture.jpg
Please enjoy this picture from the Chicago Sun-Times photographer Brian Jackson. If you remember the old television show in syndication “Batman”, funny angles were used by the producers to show the “Evil” side of the “Joker” during fight scenes. In fact, most of the scenes with the criminal element turned the camera at weird angles to expose criminal activity. I have seen this technique to make Daley look taller, but now it might be used to show his evil criminal side. Patrick McDonough.

More genius insight into Daley Blago by Fran Spielman

Make sure to read into the fine lines of this article. Mayor Daley wants to deal with criminals and gang-bangers with taxpayer’s money. I would not be surprised if Mayor Daley would continue to reward these goons with membership to H.D.O. and give them good paying city jobs. Remember Daley wants to hire convicts back on the City Payroll, remember? Well, his convicted pals might want to return to work. Thanks Chicago Sun-Times. Read below. Patrick McDonough.

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Mayor Daley, Dennis Gannon suffer defeat by Chicago Teamsters 726

Chicago Teamsters Local 726 is a Union that did not deliver for Mayor Daley. Richard M. Daley made many Union Members mad by the lousy treatment during his last term a Mayor. At the Last Teamster Meeting, Wednesday, August 29, 2007, the vote to ratify the 10 year Union contract was shot down by members. The final vote was 172 yes and 279 against. The revolt was led by Bruce Randazzo, a Chicago Department of Water Management Driver. Bruce and many others were cheated for years on grievances and the members remembered membership allowed Chicago Laborers Union 1092 to take away their jobs driving pick-ups. Most Unions like Journeyman Plumbers Local 130 march lockstep with Daley and his corrupt team of Management. More on this later. At work in Chicago today, many of the Union’s gravy train boyz were very upset as this is a major loss. The existing leadership of Teamsters Union 726 are facing a strong challenge by Angelo Fato and the “Members Only Slate”. Mr. Fato said, “We are attempting to bring back dignity to the Union”. I guess the Teamsters are showing their Clout. Patrick McDonough.

Read more of Fran Spielman's wisdom Chicago City Workers.

Daley wants to get rid of the two laborers behind the filthy Chicago Garbage Trucks. Would goons like Daley would want illegal aliens to perform the task? Maybe if Mayor Daley looks into the way his pals run their phony scam trucking companies, he will find some real short-cuts. Tell mayor Daley to ask his friends about the millions of dollars they make with phony minority companies, not paying prevailing wages. Remember, companies that scam the workers make millions of dollars. You just need unions to go along with it, and political leadership cut into the “Deal”. Read below and learn. Patrick McDonough

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Des Plaines Alderman relaxes during Midwest Major Flood

Alderman Mark Walsten.jpg
During a major dirty Des Plaines election, two candidates promised a lady candidate, if she won, to make her life hell. Please enjoy the Des Plaines Alderman enjoying a can of “Refreshment” while the Des Plaines 6th Ward tries to survive a major Midwest flood. Many resident called him to find out about the lack of electricity. He told them, “Do not call unless your house is on fire”. Some residents said he is not answering his phone. This is a photo of Walsten yucking it up with a Des Plaines resident at 1812 Orchard. Some politicians know how to ride a storm out and some do not. Photo taken August 25, 2007 during power outage. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Two Major Political Idiots walk in Filthy Water

Des Plaines Flooded Again.jpg
U.S. Senator Dick Durbin and Des Plaines Mayor Tony (Discount TIF Condo) Arredia walk in filthy river water after the major storm that hit the Midwest. While it made good video, enjoy click here:, you would never get a even an fool like Mayor Daley to remove his shoes to walk in waste water. At least Mayor Daley would get some 11th Ward lackey to walk in the filthy water. Remember, do not walk into dirty water, wear rubber boots. If you get a cut, you can get an infection and die. Please enjoy this picture of Mayor Arredia’s future “River Walk”, looks like you will need a canoe to walk down this river. Well, thank God it is Taxpayer money. Thank you Channel 7 News for exposing more stupid politicians. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Sarah McDonough Looks Like her Father, Thank God.

Sarah McDonough Chicago Clout.jpg
This week, I unloaded this very beautiful clone of mine, Sarah McDonough. Sarah was accepted as an ambassador of Saint Mary’s University. In McDonough style, she attended early to assist new freshman get acquainted with this fine institution. A Chicago Fire-fighter’s daughter was also chosen as Ambassador. Don’t you wish you had children this good looking, this intelligent, brilliant,,, ect? Patrick McDonough

Chicago Police demand $3,000.00 Residency Stipend

Read below for more of Fran Spieman’s brilliant writing. Chicago Police in many cases need a second job just to make ends meet. Chicago Police know what kind of riff-raff attend Mayor Daley’s public schools. Chicago’s Catholic schools cost thousands of dollars. Also, in the papers, Illinois State law allows people to ship school kids to the suburbs for free quality education. More on this later. I agree with the Chicago Police to get extra pay for living in Chicago, lets face it, this Residency law is for political reasons only. Patrick McDonough.

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