Sarah McDonough Looks Like her Father, Thank God.

Sarah McDonough Chicago Clout.jpg
This week, I unloaded this very beautiful clone of mine, Sarah McDonough. Sarah was accepted as an ambassador of Saint Mary’s University. In McDonough style, she attended early to assist new freshman get acquainted with this fine institution. A Chicago Fire-fighter’s daughter was also chosen as Ambassador. Don’t you wish you had children this good looking, this intelligent, brilliant,,, ect? Patrick McDonough

4 Replies to “Sarah McDonough Looks Like her Father, Thank God.”

  1. I’m sure Sarah thanks you for putting her pic on your site.

    And your wife must really appreciate the ball-busting.

    The only remaining question is, how is it possible for a beautiful woman to have such a beautiful daughter, with a homely fellow such as yourself for a father?

    It must be the proverbial ‘skipped a generation’ phenomena.

    (response) Hmmmmmm. could it be possible? Deep Water.

  2. How in the hell could you have a nice looking daughter like that? Impossible.
    (Response) Possible.

  3. Like I said, ‘skipped a generation’.

    Thank God it also applies to my kids.

    I’m one, ugly mofo.

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