John Cuneo my friend Rest in Peace

John Cuneo my friend

I would like to remember my friend John Cuneo of Norwood Park Chicago. John suffered with a unknown illness for about three years. John was a writer and Journalist. John ended up at WGN studios. John was at a much higher level of professional style in the trade. Not all of us want to spend the time to achieve a level in the business when a solid gut punch will serve the same purpose.

John was one of the best drummers I have ever witnessed. I am a professionally trained classical bass player. John’s level or artistry was witnessed by me at the Bahry home in Park Ridge, the Cuneo home in Norwood Park as a young guy. John would play with Scott Bahry an awesome keyboardist and Chuck Kawal one of the finest guitarists I ever met. Listening to these guys was a lifetime memory. Since I was a sheet music reader, I could never rock with them. Sad.

Not long ago, I visited John and he was short on time because he was taking care of his mom. What a saint. I also remember I would joke play air drums to have John play an unneeded fill during one of his rehearsals; he would make it sound like it belonged in the song. I remember Scott would look up like “why did John add that”. John was one of the most amazing persons I ever met. You do not forget people like John.

I find it spooky I just went into the Sun-Times on a whim and found his obit. WTF is that. Again, that guy could play drums with a level of unmatched artistry.

Mayor Lightfoot picks Karl Malden look-alike to head O.I.G.

Joe Ferguson left the Chicago Office of the Inspector General with no self-respect. What an asshat. For 12 years Joe chased political headlines to make his nasty nose in the newspapers. There is no doubt that piece of shit, used his position to gain revenge against his enemies. The Chicago Inspector General was so shitty, even a failure like Lightfoot had to tank that failure. Funny how Joe Ferguson went crying to Fran Spielman after he was let go to save face. Joe went to Axelrod which shows he is a beggar, a showoff, or a plain fool. Joe failed to conclude significant changes for the long-term health of Chicago. His hands were tied, and he claimed a check, Chicago style.

Now Joe Ferguson wants to find another check after claiming at least two government pensions. Joe’s interview told was a failure he was if you understand inside politics. Did Joe stop Alderman Burke? No. Did Joe stop the unfair discipline that every city worker is subject? No. Joe failed to investigate hundreds of complaints lodged by city workers trying to make Chicago better. Joe refused to interview the complainant and thought so highly of his skills, that he cherry-picked cases he could easily win. Joe also picked investigations to keep college kids and others on the payroll. Nice waste of money.

No past or current Chicago Inspector General will ever be in the same class as David Hoffman. David is the best of the best.

The new clown in charge of the O.I. G. is Deborah Witzburg. Nothing will change under her unless a retired Federal Judge oversees the intake complaints. Just because she looks like Karl Malden does not mean she will get results. One of the O.I.G.’s most important tasks is to stop political hiring. My understanding of powerful Jewish interest went to bat for Deborah. So, Deborah is a political hire? So, Deborah will stop disciple issues in the Police Department, and hiring problems city-wide when she used clout to get her job? Deborah needs to investigate her former boss before she looks anywhere else. But she will not. Nothing in Chicago changes.

Lori has another puppet, again.

Should Andre Cheng P.E. be fired now? More Stupid at Department of Water Management.

Commissioner Andrea Cheng P.E. Chicago Department of Water Management

Most City of Chicago Department of Water Management employees are hardworking, hard-drinking, heavy eating, and crazy after years of working in an insane environment. The Department of Water Management breeds racism and hatred. We were hoping Andrea could change this environment. Anyone living in Chicago knows that racism is part of the culture and upbringing. If you think Cheng and Leroy Lightfoot is going to repair Chicago by providing phony minority contracts, you are not very bright. There are powerful interests that control the city; the power brokers want the mob cut, the politicians cut, and the criminals cut.

Suspect promotions are causing much trouble for multidecade employees.

The City of Chicago Department of Water Management is attempting to install water mains on significant streets. In theory, the pipe jobs should save taxpayers lots of money. Many knowledged workers are retiring, and the replacements are subpar. The Department of Water Management is not ordering basic supplies to make the pipe jobs competitive. Many pipe jobs are at a standstill while waiting for water main products like megalugs, pipe, transition joints, fittings, and backfill. Millions of wasted union workers are at a standstill.

The DOWM, under the direction of Cheng,Cheeks, and Matt Quinn must be held responsible for mismanagement and poor planning. While the City workers do nothing, the private contractors are loaded with supplies and doing the job. Rumors are the contracted suppliers are attempting to get a surcharge due to President Joe Biden’s economy.

We must also look closer into promoting Tony Falada and A’Donna Murry to big positions at the Chicago Water Department.

Tony was a low-ranking water plant operator in the burbs and received massive promotions in the department. Tony is now the Superintendent of Construction and Maintenance for a billion-dollar operation. More on this later. It calls into question the politics that still drive Chicago Water. Also, A’Donna Murray, with little leadership skills, was promoted to General Superintendent. What is in Chicago water? I see no common sense.

Lori Lightfoot was to return as Mayor again, but she is fucking up Chicago at a record rate. We are also going into Lightfoot’s Joliet deal very soon, reelection is nearing, and the guns are drawn.

Please tell me if Andrew Szorc is a Stupid Polack? Jew Hater?

City of Chicago Typical Polack

The Chicago Inspector General went after Andrew Szorc a member of a famous political family. Andrew was a low-paid Ward Superintendent from the D’Amico and the Laurino-controlled 39th Ward.

Let’s get some history and the amateurs did not figure out what is really going on. Allegedly the Szorc family is part of the 32nd ward “Punching Polacks”. Szorz and his family have lived great off the patronage provided by Dan Rostenkowski. Gabinski and Matlak were instrumental in providing jobs to the “Punching Polacks” that fought ward by ward for every vote. I saw these pols working these voting stations, rude and disrespectful to every person walking in.

Allegedly two more Szorc (s) are at the Department of Water Management and have got up the ladder. If you really think clout is dead in Chicago, you are stupid. Rumors these goons worked had for Don Tomczak at the Department of Water Management. I still laugh when I see sewer workers as General Superintendents over the Water Department. Rahm Emanuel moved this family up the chain. Working for Rahm always paid well. The current Commissioner at the Department of Water Management Andrea Cheng P.E. still controls patronage but concentrates her efforts on no-bid contracts. Andrea is covered by Mayor Lori Lightfoot, the worst mayor in Chicago history.

Allegedly the Szorc family parents also made it on the city payroll. The street fighters always got rewarded with jobs for their family. My problem is the transition from vote theft to a position of public service.

Who are the “Punching Polacks” you ask? Many Polish immigrants worked shit jobs such as bathroom attendants, laborers to Italian bricklayers in Chicago. At night they would go to bars, get in fights, and do it all over. It was a right of passage every immigrant would go through when they entered the big city. According to many insiders at the Jardine Plant, Robert Szorc is going to leave his position soon as General Superintendent of the North District because of the way his brother was treated.

I would like to ask John D’Amico and Marge Laurino how Drew Szorc got from the 32nd ward to the 39th ward. Amazing. I understand Richard Szorc will be leaving soon, the Department of Water Management will be worse off without him He worked hard and gave honest days work for his pay. I would watch him work that white pickup truck in front of Saint Juliana and every street in Chicago.

When the Chicago Office of the Inspector General was sent to do a hit piece on Andrew, he already was a marked man from something else. What are Richard’s ties to Julie Hernandez-Tomin then and now? Allegedly Mike Szorc took the General Foreman of Laborers exam at the Department of Water Management position. Amazing. Allegedly Szorc father went from laborer to a Department of Water Management Plumber Inspector and his mother was a sewer clerk. I would really like to think Andrew was not a Jew Hater, but a 32nd ward tough in a new world order. The new ways are really dirty and in your face, but legal.

Should Chicago read the New Chicago Sun-Times anymore

Dear Chicago, one of the most powerful newspapers in Chicago is the Chicago Sun-Times. For the past 30 years, I have read this paper and have been stunned at the level of professional reporting.

Not long ago, the Sun-Times did a series of stories that included intrigue, dramas, fraud, F.B.I. payoffs and bribes. The Story was the “Hired Truck Scandal”. That story made the Sun-Times millions in revenue. It is a simple formula to make money.

The Story was about people working for the City of Chicago taking payoffs for having subcontractors do very little except provide broken-down trucks to haul away debris. Many of these workers were ex-cons making minimum wage and paid in cash.

The investigators of the Sun-Times included Fran Spielman, Mark Brown, Tim Warmbir, and Tim Novak. They made the “Hired Truck Scandal” into a journalism tour de force. The Chicago Sun-Times was much thicker than and had the money to research stories. The Sun-Times was more hard-hitting and kept many Chicago politicians on the straight and arrow.

Lately, the Sun-Times has made a hard left turn and the amount of income produced makes it non-sustaining. The Sun-Times was also cleaned out by investors. The Sun-Times was Chicago’s needed checks and balances. Now Chicago is screwed.

Currently, the Sun-Times is going so far left it makes it almost hard to read. I subscribe to this newspaper and I am proud of its heritage. The edge left when the unions controlled it. Now when WBEZ is making it a non-profit, the Sun-Times will be able to get tons of soft money. No doubt this will determine the future.

Now that purple hair Jennifer Kho is taking over, I do not see a bright future. I see a trend of less input from whistleblowers and Chicago insiders. If this is the end of this paper, it was self-destruction. Shame. It will not take the politicians long to raid the till again. They are doing it now.

The best thing left at the Sun-Times is Fran Spielman, but one person can not bail a sinking ship. I hope I am wrong.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot to run for Mayor Again Official Now

Mayor Lightfoot is going to run for Mayor again despite her past failures. Lori’s “Waz up Gay Chicago” reelection campaign will be announced at Chicago’s Millenium Park soon.

Chicago Democrats must reward Mayor Lori Lightfoot for her massive contracts that will refill the Democrat Party coffers. Mayor Lightfoot will have a strong Police presence ensuring the safety of young gays and lesbians. Transgender voters are the most crucial block to Lori’s success. Lori wants children to attend for grooming. Downtown anti-Trump voters are going to make this a great party.

If you have questions about the exact time of the loving event, please call 311 for more information. Please vote for Lori Lightfoot; she keeps her campaign promises such as:

Lori Lightfoot failed on every promise.