Should Andre Cheng P.E. be fired now? More Stupid at Department of Water Management.

Commissioner Andrea Cheng P.E. Chicago Department of Water Management

Most City of Chicago Department of Water Management employees are hardworking, hard-drinking, heavy eating, and crazy after years of working in an insane environment. The Department of Water Management breeds racism and hatred. We were hoping Andrea could change this environment. Anyone living in Chicago knows that racism is part of the culture and upbringing. If you think Cheng and Leroy Lightfoot is going to repair Chicago by providing phony minority contracts, you are not very bright. There are powerful interests that control the city; the power brokers want the mob cut, the politicians cut, and the criminals cut.

Suspect promotions are causing much trouble for multidecade employees.

The City of Chicago Department of Water Management is attempting to install water mains on significant streets. In theory, the pipe jobs should save taxpayers lots of money. Many knowledged workers are retiring, and the replacements are subpar. The Department of Water Management is not ordering basic supplies to make the pipe jobs competitive. Many pipe jobs are at a standstill while waiting for water main products like megalugs, pipe, transition joints, fittings, and backfill. Millions of wasted union workers are at a standstill.

The DOWM, under the direction of Cheng,Cheeks, and Matt Quinn must be held responsible for mismanagement and poor planning. While the City workers do nothing, the private contractors are loaded with supplies and doing the job. Rumors are the contracted suppliers are attempting to get a surcharge due to President Joe Biden’s economy.

We must also look closer into promoting Tony Falada and A’Donna Murry to big positions at the Chicago Water Department.

Tony was a low-ranking water plant operator in the burbs and received massive promotions in the department. Tony is now the Superintendent of Construction and Maintenance for a billion-dollar operation. More on this later. It calls into question the politics that still drive Chicago Water. Also, A’Donna Murray, with little leadership skills, was promoted to General Superintendent. What is in Chicago water? I see no common sense.

Lori Lightfoot was to return as Mayor again, but she is fucking up Chicago at a record rate. We are also going into Lightfoot’s Joliet deal very soon, reelection is nearing, and the guns are drawn.

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