Thomas Roeser God Bless you and may you rest in peace.

Thomas Roeser, my special friend, mentor and teacher, you have no idea how heart-broken I am. I have some very special pictures of you and your family at one of your last radio shows. I need time to figure out the best way to present these pictures in a proper manner. I know I made you laugh and hold your breath many times. Thank you. with love, Patrick McDonough.

Rahm Emanuel, Chicago Clout wishes you the best the next four years.

I wish Rahm the best. Chicago Clout has fought Daley tooth and nail for years. We are here and Daley is toast. I also admire Rahm Emanuel's wife, I am sure she will make all of Chicago proud. Our work at Chicago Clout is not done, corruption will continue. But now, the average Joe and working stiff might get a chance in court. Thank you all the good folks that challenged Daley, he stayed far too long. Several people have agreed to come forward on Chicago Clout and tell us all they know on our TV show. The iron fist of Daley scared far too many. Time to talk and heal. Patrick McDonough

Fran Spielman's goodbye to Daley and guest on Roe Conn WLS-890 today

I was happy to hear Fran Spielman on the Roe Conn Radio show this afternoon. If you can find the link, please let me know. Fran Spielman wrote a very common sense review of Daley’s performance. Fran was also the brunt of Daley’s ignorant comments at City Hall. I suspect Daley expected every reporter to write what they were handed by the Daley propaganda machine. One of the other writers for the Sun-Times gave a candy coated review, Old Neil. Please enjoy the link to the Sun-Times site so you can review the article. Daley was also surprised at the low turnout for his goodbye. People in Chicago just can’t wait for Daley to leave. Please, just leave quiet. Patrick McDonough]]> Continue reading “Fran Spielman's goodbye to Daley and guest on Roe Conn WLS-890 today”

Tommie Talley made the Chicago Sun-Times Today. Fired again!

Tommie Talley Jr. Fired Again Maybe it is time to call State Rep. John “No-show” D’Amico for a job. I hope the Chicago newspapers interview John “the butcher” Daley. Photo from the Chicago Sun-Times. The Watchdogs. Please read this link Sorry Tommie, let me know when you remember things, maybe than I can help you. Call John Spatz. Patrick McDonough.

The Tom Roeser Show WLS Radio 890 AM Sunday Night 8:00 p.m

Tom Roeser on WLS 890 Radio I had the honor to appear again on the Tom Roeser Show WLS Radio 890 AM at 8:00 PM in Chicago. (Sunday May 1, 2011) This is the third time I have been a guest on this major show. I have been a student of Mr. Roeser at Roosevelt University , the best class I have ever taken period. In fact, when I have been on Mr. Roeser’s show, I was told I am gushing too much. The fact of the matter is, if you have a great teacher, you are inspired to achieve. I was embarrassed to ask Mr. Roeser to appear on my little Can-Tv show, but he agreed. I am hoping to pick apart the differences between Democrats and Republicans on many issues. Tom Roeser has been honored by the Catholic Church and has a great website. The writing on his website is of the highest caliber. Make sure you visit. Thank you to Mr. Roeser and his great family. This is a photo of Mr. Roeser is while he is taking a live call on the air! Photo by Patrick McDonough