Fire Hydrants Broken in Humboldt Park Fire, Man dead and burned

CBS NEWS WITH Chicago OIG BOSS Jow Ferguson Humboldt Park man dies in overnight house fire
BY ALLISON HORTON Staff Reporter October 27, 2012 9:40AM
An overnight fire in a Humboldt Park home killed a man and injured another.
Jaime Martinez, 43, was badly burned in the 1:30 a.m. Saturday fire in his home in the 1600 block of North Central Park Avenue, authorities said.
He suffered second and third degree burns and smoke inhalation.
He was pronounced dead at St. Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center at 2:05 a.m., according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office.
A second man was also taken to St. Mary after suffering from smoke inhalation.

And now the rest of the story from Chicago Clout. Please see the picture of a CBS 2 NEWS cameraman taking video today of one of the fire hydrants that served the fire in this man’s death. After the fire, Chicago firefighters needed to call the Department of Water Management to shut down the water main. This fire was served by two (YES TWO) broken fire hydrants. The hydrants are still broken and out of service. Hydrant caps were installed to stop the hydrants from flooding the area until the Hydrant Truck can be dispatched, and that could be months. Note to Joe Ferguson: I did not call CBS2 NEWS JOEY, so do not subpoena my personal phone records. The Chicago Office of the Inspector General has known for years about the broken fire hydrants and is part of the cover-up so politician’s kids can continue to feed at the trough. We really need to stop whistleblower retaliation by the O.I.G., time to have the FEDS take over.

Chicago Clout Host Michael Volpe New Book Prosecutors Gone Wild

Get the book Here: I hope all you lawyers and city employees read this book. We will have some videos on this subject soon. In 1993, Chuck Panici, John Gliottoni, and Louise Marshall were all falsely convicted of a number of corruption related charges. This book is a must read for all Chicago Lawyers.panici1

New Chicago Inspector General needed to stop assaults of City Employees

The Department of Water Management continues allowing bullying against whistleblower employees. Today at 2:15 p.m., Steve Broumas allegedly was assaulted by a bricklayer at 4909 North Harding in Chicago. Steve called the Chicago Police and when the police were in route, the bricklayer disappeared from the jobsite. Steve reported the assault and a report was made. The police said to Steve, “the perpetrator left a crime scene”. Steve waited for Paul Hansen, a former garbage man from Streets and Sanitation that was just promoted to a high ranking job in the Water Department. Paul Hansen failed to make all the employees involved to take a drug test. None of the employees engaged in the “Violence in the Workplace” protocols. Steve was a victim of a humiliation from Paul Hansen when he was in line attempting to sign out many months ago. The Water Department management covered this action up again. I am very upset because the employees that stepped up to the plate to make a better job situation have time and time again been victim of continuing verbal assaults. Rahm Emanuel promised to fix this problem and has failed. The Inspector General continues to look the other way when clouted employees are abusive. Non-clouted employees feel the backlash of the Inspector General. Time to fire Joe Ferguson. Steve filed prior charges against Paul Hansen at the Illinois Department of Human Rights, but Paul Hansen is protected by high profile City paid lawyers. Let’s watch the water department blame poor old Steve again.

Will Rahm Emanuel take away the old timer’s pensions?

Ronald Bober and old timer.jpg John Faleni is a 92 year old guy that worked for the City of Chicago as a Laborer. Most of his years were spent in the Central District on the Hydrant Truck. John really loved the newer trucks the department bought a few years ago. John remembered my father a plumber and then a Plumbing Inspector. John was so excited to see the current employees and had many fond memories about the 34 years he worked for Chicago taxpayers. John really got a kick out of the Hired Truck Scandal. John retired in 1983. I was happy for John and stopped losing count of all the times he shook my hand. John is pictured with Ronald Bober another 1092 Union Brother. John was concerned about the Chicago pension crisis. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Chicago Department of Law Karen M. Coppa protects Rahm Emanuel’s Langdon Neal

Chicago Election Board Chairman Langdon Neal makes millions and millions of dollars from the City of Chicago and Cook County. Jay Stone is becoming a major thorn in the side of the Chicago newspapers big secret. Landon Neal’s legal deals stink real bad. A conflict of interest at the very least. Langdon was again hoping people in Chicago will register to vote for Barack Obama and that is what made the newspapers. What? Why will the Chicago Sun-Times keep a lid on Langdon Neal’s business dealings? I tangled personally at Rahm Emanuel’s residency hearing with Langdon Neal. If you want some great dirt on Chicago politics and Langdon Neal go to Jay Stone’s website.
Just recently Karen M. Coppa, Chief Assistant Corporation Counsel is riding shotgun for Langdon Neal threating Jay Stone with possible legal action. Is Langdon Neal too cheap to use his own lawyers? and again will the Chicago Taxpayers pick up the freight for ole Neal? WTF? Karen is putting the heat on Jay for disclosing Langdon’s massive tax returns. Langdon Neal had to disclose his tax information and make it public so the multi-millionaire can keep cleaning up on minority business set asides. The old no bid stuff Daley made famous… Karen is with the Legal Information, Investigations and Prosecutions Division and she made that abundantly clear to Jay. Karen would not return my phone call. Make sure you go to Jay Stone’s website….good stuff.