Mayor Lori Lightfoot Largest Dick in Chicago

Many folks in Chicago look forward to some leadership. Mayor Lori Lightfoot said she has the giant dick in Chicago. Mayor Lightfoot wife must be outraged by the comment because that could only mean Amy Eshleman has an enormous pu$$y or anus. Amy might even have the most extensive mouth. Maybe that is why Lori Lightfoot wears enormous pants. I thought Lori wore large pants to hide all the nasty varicose veins.

Chicago has many options in the next election. Lightfoot had all the expectations of reforming Chicago, the machine. Lori brought hate everywhere in Chicago. Being Mayor does not mean you can use the office to retaliate against everyone. Maybe Lori could become a porn star when she is booted out of office in the next election.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot acting like she is a blues singer makes me sick. Lori is a sick person. Very very sick. Maybe the Chicago media will decide to expose Lori.

Mayor Lightfoot City Hall Hot Mess

You can always find one or two people in a crowd that refuses to flush their shit. On more than one occasion, Mayor Lightfoot pretends she is busy on the phone and leaves crap in the toilet. Multiple times city workers have had to service the Mayor’s Toilet and found nothing wrong. The Chicago City Employee just hit the handle, and down it went.

One of the workers was so pissed several pictures of Lori’s alleged bowel violations were made public. Many folks ask why someone in the public brown eye would make such a nasty mess. Is this stress?

I asked several of Mayor Lightfoot’s security forces the real story. While most smiled or were irked, one said Lori stinks like booze in the morning. Lori enters the City Suburban and goes to town farting. Lori fails to open the SUV windows until the foul order is everywhere. Then she says, “who cut the cheese?”  Lori will repeat this until she has a bowel movement when she reaches city hall or her first destination.

The level of frustration has hit a boiling point. Lori is quickly falling behind in the polls and should avoid stinky behavior. It is not funny.