All Local 130 City of Chicago Members

Make sure you post a grievance, on August 1, 2007. According to Mr. G of Local 130, Tom Talley of the Department of Water Management, is allowing Laborers to do the work of Plumbers. This relates to Fire Hydrants. Tom Durkin, Plumbers Local 130 B.A., told Mr. G, the City is not in compliance of the agreement. If you know Tom McManus of Local 130, and retired City Worker, let him know. I have grievances over seven years old, so why bother, now days you should get a receipt. Patrick McDonough

Should Politicians Run The Department of Water Management?

The City of Chicago’s Department of Water Management has promoted numerous people due to loyalty to certain political armies. My concern is the possible event of cross contamination of the water supply. Chicago has an obligation to protect our water, not play politics. In the event of overtime, sometimes it is needed because we “Protect the Health of the Nation”. This quote is on the walls of Plumbers Journeyman’s Local 130 in Chicago. Remember, if you see a hazardous situation, or unsafe water conditions in Chicago, contact me. I promise to get your concerns in the right hands. Patrick McDonough.

Union Membership Rules UA Constitution

I am asking every member of the Unions, employed by the City of Chicago to read this important document, learn the laws Union Representatives have taken. Click here: I am hoping some of our Union brothers learn to obey the pledge you made and stop putting politics above your sworn oath. In the Chicago Department of Water Management, politics must stop. Patrick McDonough.

Weekend Water Sports

Water Sports.jpg
I had another great weekend with my family. I like this photo of Sarah and Katlin. I know, I could have spent my paycheck at the gambling boat as does many Chicago City Workers, but time and money spent on family and friends, is time well spent. I missed church this Sunday, but I am sure God will forgive me. Next weekend, I am having a party for my daughter that is going away to college. I look forward to a great time. Summer will end soon and the court room activities should keep everyone warm all winter. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Armour Park Square Park Chicago Politics

11th Ward Politics.jpg
In Bridgeport, Shakman Violations continue to be exposed due to the diligence of Chicago Clout Reporters. Chicago Park District Employees keep the 11th Ward Calendar in full view of everyone that visits this park. Armour Park is located at 3309 South Sheilds, and you can call (312) 747-6012 to contact them, ask for your 11th Ward Calendar!!!! I call it political propaganda. John Daley should do something about this. This 11th Ward Political calendar is also in full display during elections. Read this story about the Daley White Mob boyz and park gang-bangers, click here: Do you know this famous Chicago Politician? Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Happiness in Wisconsin Fresh Produce Stands

Country Produce Stand.jpg
Today was a great day with my three sons. We went to a Country Fresh Produce Stand. We also enjoyed the day visiting the many animals. This is a Fresh Produce stand I have gone to for two decades. When you ask for a dozen ears of corn, you get thirteen ears. Some city slicker invented 12 ears as a dozen. It is 4 dollars for the 13 ears of corn. This stand is at Lauderdale Lakes, Wisconsin. Hwy 12, N7922. It is called Cedar Bend Produce. The food is very fresh and tasty. Remember, spend as much time with your kids when they are young. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Time for Mare Daley to start answering questions

Mare Daley.jpg
Mare Daley has been very quiet in the last few years. Chicago Newspapers must keep up the tough questions about Mayor Daley and his Mob Connections. “Ties” The Hired Truck Scandal, the Chicago Police Torture under Jon Burge and States Attorney Daley. The HDO, The Hiring Scandal, and the massive amount of high ranking Chicago Employees under Federal Scrutiny. We can go on and on about the phony contracts, minority set asides. When our reporters attempt to ask a fair question, Daley stammers, lies, denies, accuses the reporters. I am sick of the lack of answers, I am sick of the foul barnyard answers. Did Daley know Torres? I think Chicago needs a mayor that can tell the truth for a change. Daley had not held the Catholic Cardinal of Chicago to the fire for the child abuse scandals. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Daley's Department of Water Management 5.7 million in O.T.

Please closely read this fine article and enjoy our massive tax increases. What the article forgot to mention was the massive amount of no-bid contracts to contractors assisting in repairs and service-work. One Union official bragged about his son-in-law making a “Killing” in overtime. Read the article below. Fran Spielman is an outstanding journalist. Patrick McDonough.

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