Eugene Sawyer Water Filtration OSHA Violations

Eugene Sawyer Water Filtration Plant Chicago Illinois

Since at least 2017, the City of Chicago Department of Water Management has dealt with issue after issue regarding aging infrastructure and incompetent management of its properties. I have written several stories about how the city refuses to change the way they do business. Promotions are based on politics. Stupidity and ignorance are the way things are done. At Chicago, instead of properly identifying a problem and implementing steps to organize a solution, an egocentric management team bumbles and fumbles project after project.

When I reviewed several documents and interviewed several people regarding the handling the massive washouts at the Sawyer Plant, I really thought a logical plan of attack was needed. If you have sanitary backups in a filtration plant, it is imperative to protect the safety of the potable water supply. I would have taken someone like James LoVerde, former Superintendent of the Central District out of mothballs, and hired him to oversee the project. People like James LoVerde were not always the easiest to get along with, but his skills were impressive. Resolving issues means sticking with the problem, applying engineering skills, practical common sense, and listing to the guys with experience. It means putting down your ego. After the problem is solved, a complete restoration of the property and a safe workplace for all.

In Chicago, I will tell you how it works in real life. First, hire a Commissioner with political connections and no experience. Make sure the person in charge is a close pal of Alderman Carrie Austin or Alderman Burke. Make sure you have people with no experience, no professional engineer’s license, no experience in water distribution, and if possible, makes up a college degree. Make sure that person hires and promotes pals that have the same qualifications or less. Make sure the management team retaliates against workers that know what they are doing. Make sure you keep rigging all promotions with yes persons. Keep team players close and keep lots of fighting and discontentment. Make sure you listen to the companies that really run the water department and pay the consultants handsomely. Cover-up all mistakes, deny FOIA, pay off auto accidents, repeat. Transfer excess profits and excessive billings to political operatives. When ordered, ignore city employees and engineers, and hire private companies to ensure plenty of kickbacks. When the private companies have no safety experience and get busted by Illinois Department of Labor or Federal OSHA, allow a massive overage to pay the bill. Make sure the contractor is a “minority business” to continue no-bid work. Make sure the Inspector General has employees that are just passing through and have absolutely no idea of what is going on. Rinse and repeat. When money gets low, have rate increases. Promote more friends. Have more gift cards spread around! Have concert tickets downtown and paid hotels. Drag lawsuits on for years. Hire law firms that give generous kickbacks to the Mayor and Alderman.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot just placed a hiring freeze, it is months too late. Rahm Emanuel dumped his pals all over the city departments and Mayor Lightfoot will most likely keep all the political hires at the old committee on Finance. Rahm Emanuel and Bill Daley still run the City of Chicago folks. Look at the arrows on the picture, they should be green with all the money stolen.

4228 North Hermitage Rahm Emanuel and his secret police CPD rest well

Rahm Emanuel special police force on taxpayer dime

 Former Mayor Rahm Emanuel sure has a dirty yard and a garage that is filthy with overgrowth. Today we saw the Chicago Police still protecting his house on the taxer’s dime. You think with all the debt Rahm Emanuel left the city; the rat would pay some people to clean his yard. A Chicago Police officer told me; I am not going to clean his plant overgrowth anymore. Rahm Emanuel made his personal Chicago Police detail get his groceries, pick up his items at ABT electronics, and take his wife everywhere. I suggest he call Christy Webber to make that mess under control.

Chicago may be broke, but when you continue to assign police to babysit ex-mayors and clout heavy politicians, you will never get out of the hole. When you think about it, many of Emanuel’s staff is still at work at the city, and Bill Daley’s campaign staff is now on the city payroll. Many of the people Emanuel put on the staff are now placed at the DOWM and other departments. Maybe I got it all wrong about change, maybe you did to. At the end of the month it is all fair game.

When you got time stop by Rahm Emanuel’s house at 4228 North Hermitage and see the mess yourself. I would ask my girlfriend, but she is out of town again. It all sounds too familiar.

Chaos, Confusion, mayhem today at Jardine Plant

Why did you lock me out of the Jardine Plant? Police can’t open gate.

Well, stupid rises again at the Department of Water Management. It was chuckles and laughs from my Lake Point crib watching the Chicago Fire Department get locked out by the Chicago Police at the Jardine Plant. As I told you, you have a bunch of clowns under the command of Randy “the Foz” Conner and Ralph “chuckles” Chiczewski run the most embarrassing event in Chicago Water Department history.

 Former John Pope the Rahm Emanuelite leftover from a lost election was going to prove to the world how his new security system, in case of an emergency attack from the Russians, would respond. One member of John Pope’s task force stated: “it looked like a monkey fucking a football”. You could not write a script as city workers pretended to be passed out from a chlorine gas attack and simulated attack from a mental patient’s hell-bent on getting a promotion.

The entire affair was an embarrassment to the Chicago Police, The Chicago Fire Department, and the new “improved bunch of political hacks” that are hell-bent on giving Mayor Lori Lightfoot every reason to privatize. I am contacting lawyers to see if I can post the footage or sell it to a comedy channel. This is an embarrassment of the highest order. My friends at the New York Water Board viewed the video and said,” It is not funny”. (chuckle, chuckle, chuckle)

Chicago Water “SWIFT REACH 911” program bypasses emergency responders.

Stressed Chicago Workers need professional help due to mismanagement.

Chicago will soon wake up to a massive amount of new taxes. I hope you are ready. Many folks enjoy wasted money in Chicago due to waste, payoffs, and corruption. Insider will find a way to game the system. Alderman Burke was the king of skimming. Burke used his position to shake down the Committee of Finance vendors. Massive campaign contributions lined Alderman Burke’s pockets from law firms like Hennessey and Roach. Alderman Burke and his henchman (women) ordered workers compensation claims to Hennessey and Roach when Burke needed extra money to make favors and appear to others as the Godfather. The Chicago Ethics Board allowed this for far too long. Vendors understand pay to play. Just pad the bill and the bill is paid.

We have a series we are making outlining the scams. Due to Rahm Emanuel and his denial of FOIA, things have slowed down. I am giving Mayor Lightfoot a little more time to open city records.

Just recently, John Pope, after making a mockery of the problems at the Jardine Plant, has been given more responsibilities. You think with the DOWM in the newspapers all the time would hire a professional to run the plant, but stupid always trump at the DOWM. It would be funny, but wasted time is par for the course.  I have sent a list of proposed improvements after my meeting with the 5th floor. The DOWM has layers of management to fix the screwups of the management. It is all smoke and mirrors.

John Pope has designed a new emergency notification system for the DOWM. Employees are subject already to harassment and retaliation and a myriad of ways to get fired when they refuse to buy tickets to political events. Many Chicago employees are stressed out from lack of professional management and weak union response. Times must change. There is no training on City workers that need mental health services and a complete failure to recognize symptoms.

John Pope just started “Swift Reach 911”. I hope Mayor Lightfoot investigates this scam. Basically, John Pope is admitting the Chicago water filtration plants are a dangerous place to work. I agree. When you hire people with no qualifications from the top-down, additional safety is needed. Chicago should have a Professional Engineer running the department. Lori Lightfoot promised to clean house, but we have the same rats stealing taxpayer money.

Swift Reach 911 is a texting and email system to make folks aware of emergency problems. Visitors and employees can sign into the system and if an employee goes cray cray, everyone will be notified. Say, for example, a commissioner is in the Jardine Plant making love to one of his underlings wanting a promotion, and he (she) changes her mind, everyone will know to evacuate the plant. All he (or she) needs to do is “just say no”. If you asked me, this new system is in response to the do-nothing Safety guy, Ralph Chiczewski, and his other retired cop friend paid to drive around and bother watchman.

Also, the system is a blatant attempt to hide the discontent and calling of police when employees get their personal items stolen. The Jardine and Eugene Sawyer Plant have drawn attention since police have been called and emergency services have been called and subject to public scrutiny. The new policy has so many disclaimers that make the policy useless.  The million-dollar question is, who determines what an emergency is and what the response it. Smells like a coverup again. Maybe they can use this system when a Commissioner is drunk and gets into a hit and run car accident with a city vehicle and leaves the scene. Now Ralph can keep his City vehicle parked at home when someone is drunk and gets into an accident. More on this later.

We warned you about Julie Hernandez-Tomlin, Joe Ferguson, Julie Toledo and Department of Water Management leadership that cover-up for friends.

Gay Chicago resident alleges discrimination by city employee
by Carrie Maxwell, Windy City Times August 11, 2019

During the morning hours of April 25, Andersonville resident Leo Meere allegedly heard anti-LGBTQ comments from a Chicago Department of Water Management ( DWM ) employee when he was walking home from the grocery store.

Meere’s neighborhood was having the water and sewer lines replaced at the time. But that morning, one of the DWM employees’ cars turned the wrong way down a one-way street and nearly hit Meere, he alleges.

“I yelled out, ‘Hey buddy, it is a one-way street,'” Meere told Windy City Times. “The driver responded, ‘Fuck off, homo. I am working here.’ As the car got closer, I could see the driver was wearing a yellow vest like the other city employees doing sewer line work on my block. I said, ‘You still have to follow the law. You almost hit me.’ He said, ‘Who are you to tell me what to do? It is people like you who are what’s wrong with this country.'”

Meere took a picture of the DWM employee’s car, which was parked in the wrong direction, to document the alleged incident. The vanity license plate had the person’s initials and last name on it. Meere said the DWM employee got out of his car and started following him down the alley toward his apartment. Meere hurried to his door because he did not feel safe anymore.

The first thing Meere did was call former 40th Ward Ald. Patrick O’Connor’s office to report the alleged incident. They asked that he email the details to them.

“It became obvious that no one in O’Connor’s office was genuinely concerned in addressing the situation,” said Meere. “Although this happened after he lost the election but before his successor Andre Vasquez was sworn in, O’Connor was still being paid by the city to do his job. It was very frustrating to be dismissed when I reached out to my elected official for help.”

Meere also contacted the DWM on April 25 and left a voicemail message, but said the department never called back. It was only after posting about the alleged incident on an Andersonville neighborhood Facebook page the same day that Meere was reportedly able to speak to Vasquez (whom he tagged in the post ) via direct message. According to Meere, Vasquez gave DWM Deputy Commissioner Julie Hernandez-Tomin his contact number; he said she called him that afternoon.

“Julie left me a voice message saying she was sorry this happened, that she would look into this for me, and I would hear back from her the next day,” said Meere. “She never called back and did not return any of my calls over the course of the next two weeks.”

Meere said nothing more happened until he posted about the lack of response when someone asked him for an update on the original Facebook message. He said another concerned 40th Ward citizen called Hernandez-Tomlin to inquire about the DWM response after the update was posted. Meere said Hernandez-Tomlin

 left him an angry voicemail message for having people “harass her” at work, and that she had already turned the matter over to DWM Director of Administration Jackie Toledo—which Meere said was a surprise to him.

When Meere called Hernandez-Tomin back, he said, she never apologized and continued to yell at him. Meere then contacted Toledo, and she told him to send her the narrative and picture. He did so immediately, and Toledo said she would phone him if she had further questions.

Meere emailed Toledo back when he did not hear from her and said she told him the matter would be sent to the Office of the Inspector General (OIG ). She later gave him the name of a contact there, who he said never returned his call.

When WCT contacted Toledo’s office, the department responded that the incident was escalated to City of Chicago Inspector General Joseph Ferguson’s office for further review. City of Chicago OIG Director of Communications and Outreach Natalie A. Kuriata told Windy City Times that complaints are reviewed and assessed according to several factors to see if they will open an investigation, refer the matter to the appropriate city department or decline to investigate. These factors include the complaints’ credibility and investigative and office resources availability, among others.

“After reviewing the complaint, OIG referred it back to the DWM, where it could be more expeditiously handled,” Kuriata emailed WCT. “In addition, given the nature of the complainant’s allegation, OIG recommended that DWM counsel its employees on the City’s Diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity ( EEOC ) Policy.”

“The DWM takes very seriously any allegations of discriminatory behavior on the part of our employees,” DWM Media Affairs Director Megan Vidis emailed WCT. “The OIG referred this matter back to the DWM and recommended EEO counseling for the employee in question, which he has received. EEO training is mandatory for all DWM employees and addresses eliminating harassment and other types of discrimination in the workplace.”

Following responses from the DWM and OIG offices, WCT reached out to Vasquez. However, at the time of this publication, neither he nor anyone from his office had responded.

“I did not deserve to be intimidated and verbally harassed by someone who was on the clock and being paid by my tax dollars to do a city job,” said Meere. “Chicago specifically lists sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes of people, but this government employee chose to use anti-LGBTQ slurs against me and that is not right.”

What disturbed Meere most was the way he was “brushed off every time I inquired about the matter. All I wanted was for them to do their jobs and they did not seem to want to help me. In the end, that was worse than what happened to me when that city employee hurled those anti-LGBTQ comments at me.”

Meere said that he has only lived in Chicago for two years, and that the first time he had to directly engage with city employees he was met with hostility—which is not what he thought would happen in a “supposedly pro-LGBTQ place to live.”

Chicago’s Water Department Money Pit

Very soon Mayor Lori Lightfoot will be asking the Chicago Taxpayers for a round of massive tax increases. I fought tooth and nail against Rahm Emanuel becoming a mayor of Chicago because I knew he had no intention of paying down the massive debt left by Mayor Daley. Daley not only left a debt but reduced the income stream.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot needs to address the past administration. Many of Emanuel’s old management teams are still refusing to budge. As a result, many needed changes are stifled. One of the greatest problems in Chicago is misusing taxpayer money and the lack of transparency. Many members of the Bill Daley campaign team jumped ship to Lightfoot and continue to control Chicago finances.

Contracts control the Chicago democrat machine. When Burke is jailed, another crook will replace him. Contracts in the Department of Water Management are automatically updated and have no checks and balances. Extras are almost guaranteed and that is where the payoffs start. Contractors working for Chicago know for a fact, their contracts will never be questioned. The only time they have heat is when they are going to be replaced. IF you wish to contract with the Department of Water Management you must pay off the high-ranking management team. You must pay off alderman and other political candidates you are told to pay off. The payoffs are gift cards, the new choice of doing business. Tickets to events, hotel rooms, travel, and cash are still the way to keep your contracts. The better you are at this game the quicker you get promoted.

How do people get away with this, in this day and age, well? Ask, Ralph Chiczewski, the useless safety cop at the Jardine Plant. It is not in anyone best interest to change things.

FOIA is Chicago taxpayers’ best friend. FOIA has been blocked by Ralph and paid off judges in Chicago. Unions do not want people to know what is going on in Chicago also.

Jobs are fixed, contracts and fixed, promotions are fixed.

The Eugene Sawyer Water Filtration Plant has been a hotbed of activity. The roofs are rotted, and contracts have been separated by different contractors. You think the entire job would have been given to one contractor for accountability, but that failed. The outside of the plant lies a massive money pit. Contractors have made hundreds of thousands repairing the mess. The vault keeps sinking and getting filled in. The City workers wanted to fix it. The taxpayers could have saved millions. Crews with nothing to do could be put to work, get the job done right. Instead, John Pope hired a clout heavy contractor and Julie Tomin approved. That is what happens when you hire people that have no idea what they are doing. Rumors are Commissioner “Coo Coo” Conner has bigger fish to fry.

The rumored contractor is Pan-Oceanic. After making piles of money making a mess with no safety protocols, they were hired to make another round of repairs. So here we go again, fuck up, move up. The next round of repairs for the same ditch could total over a million dollars.
OSHA opened the inspection under the National Emphasis Program for trenching and excavation, which was implemented in the 1980s. The company was placed in the Severe Violator Enforcement Program in January 2014 when it was issued four violations for failing to adhere to trenching standards. The company has contested those violations, which carried penalties of $105,600. Looks like nothing has changed.

Chicago Department of Water Management political hires cost taxpayers billions of dollars. There was a time when Chicago hired licensed legit contractors and there was a sense of purpose to make Chicago better. Now, it is how you can suck the last penny out of taxpayer’s hands. Phony minority companies thrive in Chicago on stupidity. Watch this contract close Lori Lightfoot. This is how the game is played. Let’s see if Ralph Chiczewski can claim “Homeland Security” to hide the contract and extras. Chicago is so broke, they can’t even pay their injured workers.

Racial Tensions Boiling Over in City Water Department (BY WTTW CHICAGO)

Paris Schutz | August 7, 2019

Katherine Ealy (WTTW News)

Katherine Ealy (WTTW News)

More employees at the Department of Water Management are speaking out about what they call a toxic culture at the city agency. The claims come two years after a scathing report by the inspector general cited rampant racism, sexism and even illegal gun dealing in the department.

Katherine Ealy, a former chief operating engineer who left her job last month, is speaking out about the culture of fear and harassment she faced. She is one of eight plaintiffs named in a lawsuit alleging a pervasive culture of racism, sexual harassment and hostile work environment at the department, in which blatantly racist emails were sent by former top-ranking officials.

Ealy says she’s been the subject of retaliation and called every name in the book.

“Besides being called a ‘black b**ch’ several times, besides being called ‘an effing whore,’ I had to fight to be treated equal to the white male chiefs,” Ealy said.

The lawsuit was filed in 2017 and Ealy says nothing has changed at the water department since then. At the time, former Mayor Rahm Emanuel cleaned house and installed Randy Conner, who is black, as commissioner.

“Even under the new commissioner, they talk about a reset button. But it’s an ongoing joke that the reset button is broken. Blacks are still being mistreated. Nothing has changed,” Ealy said.

Ealy’s attorney, Victor Henderson, says the city won’t turn over pertinent documents in the case. The city’s law department denied that claim.

“Any claims that the City has not provided records are categorically false,” said law department spokesman Bill McCaffrey. “In fact, last week both parties reported to the judge that discovery was progressing and no complaints were raised before the court. The City has already produced more than 17,500 pages of documents, and last fall offered to provide plaintiffs’ counsel access to employment records that would clearly demonstrate that race did not factor into promotions or unwarranted discipline. No response was ever received to this offer.”

The plaintiffs may have received a treasure trove of documents, but they are almost entirely redacted.

Henderson said he fought the previous administration tooth and nail.

“We expected a battle under Mayor Rahm Emanuel, in part because former Commissioner Barrett Murphy was a friend of his,” Henderson said. “But we’re hoping for a change. We don’t want a fight, we want them to be honest, transparent, candid and let the chips fall where they may.”

Henderson says there are hundreds of unnamed current and former water department officials who are part of this class-action lawsuit who can attest to the rampant culture of racism, favoritism and political cronyism.

Historically, the water department has been a city office where many clouted employees land. A high-ranking former official named Paul Hansen, son of former 44th Ward Ald. Bernie Hansen, spread many of the racist emails. But there is another federal lawsuit, filed earlier this year by a man named Dilan Abreu, alleging the same pattern of racism and retaliation against him and other members of the Latino community.

A clerk we spoke with says she was just put on paid leave, unfairly, after working at the water department for 30-plus years. She says she wants the new mayor to talk with employees like her who are still subject to what they call a torturous work environment.

”We want her to come, we need her to talk to us,” said Maria Garza, a clerk in the department. “She needs to fire all these people. It’s because of clout that a lot of them are there. They don’t know what they’re doing, but they’re getting paid to do the jobs and their disciplining anybody. Go to the water department and clean it out.”

We reached out to the Department of Water Management for comment, but they declined, citing ongoing litigation.

‘Take a water hose and clean out’ Department of Water Management, the mayor is urged

Former employees contend discrimination persists two years after a white commissioner was replaced by an African American in response to racist, sexist and homophobic emails. By Fran Spielman  Aug 1, 2019

Katherine Ealy, former chief operating engineer at the Sawyer Water Filtration plant.
Katherine Ealy, former chief operating engineer at the Sawyer Water Filtration plant, wipes away tears during a news conference Thursday at her attorney’s office.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot was urged Thursday to “take a water hose and clean out” Chicago’s Department of Water Management where, former employees contend, discrimination persists two years after a white commissioner was replaced by an African American.

Katherine Ealy was promoted to chief operating engineer at the Eugene Sawyer Water Purification Plant shortly after a 2017 housecleaning triggered by racist, sexist and homophobic emails; gone were Water Management Commissioner Barrett Murphy and his top deputies and supervisors.

Veteran City Hall insider Randy Conner, an African American, replaced Murphy and was given carte blanche to clean house. He chose Ealy, a black lesbian and a Navy veteran of Operation Desert Storm — and a plaintiff in a class-action lawsuit triggered by the department’s hate-filled culture.

Before her promotion, Ealy claimed, she had been called a “f——- whore” and a “black b——” by a co-worker; her written complaints were ignored. So, she said, she was “hoping and praying” a “new day” had dawned at the scandal-scarred department.

She was wrong.

“I learned pretty quickly that things were not going to change — even after they appointed a black commissioner, Randy Conner,” Ealy, fighting back tears, said Thursday at a news conference at her attorney’s office.

“As the only black female and openly gay official, I was constantly micromanaged. I was disrespected by co-workers both below and above me, even deputy commissioner and former Ald. John Pope. I was even told that the only reason I was promoted was because I was black and a woman.”

Ealy said she was “forced” to resign from her “dream job” on July 19. She refused to discuss the circumstances except to say it was a “trumped up” and erroneous charge.

“I am black. I am a strong woman. And I am openly gay. I continue to feel each and every day that the culture at the Water Department has not changed and that upper management — from Commissioner Randy Conner on down — was setting me up to fail. I could see it. I could feel it,” Ealy said.

Flanked by other Water Management alums, Ealy spoke directly to Lightfoot.

“If anybody can understand the battles that I face as a black person, a woman, and someone who is openly gay, it should be the mayor,” Ealy said.

“We are asking the mayor — the first black female mayor of Chicago and the first openly gay mayor of Chicago — to stand with us in our fight for justice and respect.”

Attorney Victor Henderson filed the still-pending lawsuit accusing Chicago’s Department of Water Management of creating “a hostile and abusive work environment,” of violence, intimidation and retaliation that denied African American employees promotions, transfers and overtime.

Attorney Victor Henderson, with former employees of the city’s Department of Water Management.
Attorney Victor Henderson, with former employees of the city’s Department of Water Management, speaks at a news conference on Thursday.

Henderson made three demands of Lightfoot.

• Hold a closed-door, town hall meeting at the Department of Water Management to listen to the stories of black employees, both active and retired.

• Stop fighting the employees’ demand for all of the emails and personnel records they need to support their lawsuit.

• Above all, change the culture.

“Take a water hose and clean out the water department. Get rid of the cronyism. Get rid of the racism. Get rid of the nepotism. Get rid of the homophobia. Clean the place out. And that includes Commissioner Randy Conner, who’s an African American,” Henderson said.

As for the new leadership, he said, “It doesn’t matter what their color is. It doesn’t matter what their gender is. It doesn’t matter what their race is. … When you have African Americans who are saying, ‘Get rid of an African American water commissioner,’ what does that tell you? All they want is fairness.”

Law Department spokesman Bill McCaffrey refused to comment on the pending lawsuit. But he called Henderson’s claim that the city has withheld records “categorically false.”

McCaffrey said the city has produced “more than 17,500 pages of documents” and offered last fall to give Henderson access to employment records that, the city claims, would “clearly demonstrate that race did not factor into promotions or unwarranted discipline.”

Henderson likened the city’s stonewalling to former Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s decision to withhold the Laquan McDonald shooting video until after he was safely reelected in 2015, and even then only after a court order.

“This city has a history of ignoring racism. … A sordid history. … This time around, it should be different,” Henderson said.

“Stop fighting the FOIA requests. Let the truth come out. Shine the light.”

Lightfoot played on her name with a campaign promise to “bring in the light.”It helped the former federal prosecutor portray herself as a change agent in a change election dominated by the City Hall corruption scandal that culminated in the racketeering indictment against Ald. Edward M. Burke (14th).

Chicago Injured Employees call Texas in case of an emergency now.

Many Chicago City of Chicago employees used to call their boss when they were injured. If you had a crap boss they would order you to go to the yard because they refused to go to the scene of the injury. One of the best ways to limit liability is to have an officer of the department go to the scene and make notes. The City of Chicago Department of Water Management used to send the safety department out to access the situation to limit liabilities and document everything. It makes sense to me. Now that they hired more political hires at the Safety Department, they give them less to do. Typical.

The City of Chicago has changed the protocol and now wants injured workers to call layers of management companies under the control of Gallagher-Bassett. Lori Lightfoot stuck a boot in Alderman Burke’s ass after finding out all the money he was scamming from Hennessey and Roach for legal bills to pad his political accounts. Still, the City of Chicago should have fired the entire Committee on Finance employees, but they have failed to do so. Now Chicago taxpayers pay double while they try to sort out all the corruption at the Department of Finance.

Now if you are injured while working in the ditches, or shot while working, you are to call PC365 at 1.833.204.0067 and a nurse will answer in a Texas call center. The Nurse in Texas will decide with no visuals on the best way to treat your injuries. The idea is to continue to screw injured workers out of workers’ compensation benefits. Commissioner Conner approved this for the DOWM. This is again not thought out.

You can call your boss after and the taxpayers will have one less thing for these $125,000.00 hacks per year to do. Chicago is already rated as the worst workers’ compensation system in the country so far, can they go lower? This system is working in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Let see what the results are. Better yet, let’s follow the money. Alderman Burke and Alderman Carrie Austin are on the outs, let’s see who gets paid. Work Safe.