Chicago Department of Water Management Safety Update July 31, 2006

Chicago Water Department Safety Violations.jpg
Late 2004 and early 2005, the City of Chicago Department of Water Management, (Chicago Water Department) located at 4900 West Sunnyside Avenue was under a microscope by Amy Le, Staff Reporter of the Pioneer Press. A Chicago Water Department employee reported a very unsafe toxic condition which effects all of the construction yards in Chicago. Lime based material such as FA-6 and limestones cause many lung diseases. Today at the Central Yard, we had a very hot day which blew the dusts into our lungs and made many of us ill. One of the crushed limestone supplier’s is Vulcan, with a yard near the Daley Bridgeport clout rich 11th Ward. Vulcan follows the rules by providing a mist to keep dust down. (See picture) When first news of investigation was exposed to Chicago Management, a laborer was outside hosing down the deadly dust, and in Chicago tradition the practice was stopped when the heat was off. ( By heat I mean Reporters and State of Illinois Inspectors) Again, Chicago, the phony Green City, please protect your City Workers lives with dust suppression. All deadly dusts should be controlled with Liqnosulfonate or Calcium Chloride, or if you wish to make Patrick McDonough happy use EK-35 the EPA choice for maxium protection. The piles of dusts on a cars after a long hard day of work are also in our lungs. Chicago is not a “Green City”, not by a long shot. Please contact Alderman Levar to see what he has done to help his voters in that dangerous Ward. (Nothing) Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Ramon Caraballo, Patrick McDonough, Chicago Whistleblowers

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Ramon Caraballo and Patrick McDonough enjoy a chat after Ramon was featured in the front page of the Chicago Tribune on December 4, 2005. Ramon was fresh from testifying in the McDonough Residency Hearing. Ramon exposed much about the Mayor Daley’s Hispanic Democratic Organization. The (H.D.O.) Chicago is awash in Mayor Daley’s corruption. On July 30, 2006, Ramon was again on the front page of the Chicago Tribune exposing the Mayor Daley’s Trading Services for votes. This still goes on to this day and shocking examples will unfold at McDonough vs. City of Chicago Federal Trial. Plain and simple, everything is for sale at Chicago City Government for a price. Articles by Laurie Cohen, Todd Lighty and Dan Mihalopoulos, Chicago Tribune Staff Reporters. Also Darnell Little. Just scratching the surface of Daley’s Mob Machine. Photo by Brigid McDonough.

Ricardo Munoz Alderman 22 Ward Chicago, Dennis Gannon Chicago Federation of Labor President Alderman Joe Moore 49th Ward

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On July 25, 2006, Union Labor made their voice heard at Chicago City Hall. I cannot believe Mayor Daley fires Chicago City Workers for living outside the city lines when he has a suburban company pressure washing the City Hall Sidewalks. While I cannot understand for the life of me, people oppose a living wage increase in Chicago. No benefits means the Chicago Taxpayer pays for heath insurance when someone gets ill. Walmart lies are making me sick. You cannot live in Chicago with Mayor Daley’s Sky high Taxes on the sub-human pay Walmart gives it’s employees. Ask Daley’s family law firm how much they charge Walmart to sell the companies lies. Daley is a disgrace on this issue. Photos by Patrick McDonough. Thanks Channel 5 news for pictures of my kids on the 10:00 p.m. news tonight.

Chicago Department of Water Management Safety Update

On July 25, 2006, at 8:00 a.m. approximately 30 Central District Department of Water Management employees had a Safety Meeting. The meeting was about Back Safety. The speaker was Mr. Daniel Yim, a Chiropractic Physician at Chicago Neck & Back Institute. Daniel was asked to speak by Mark Holder, a Safety Department Boss. The film and instruction was first class and a start to many needed meetings. I compliment the Central District Leadership on this safety meeting. I asked Mr. Yim about the treatment of back injuries. Mr Yim said, half of the back injuries that have back surgery end up worse the before”. I agree, many injuries are forced to surgery to “Make the numbers”. Next Derwin K. Thrower a Safety Engineer answered my question about MERCY WORKS, the question raised all sorts of questions about the care City of Chicago Workers receive from that Clout Institution that is sent millions from high ranking catholic politicians. We know. Derwin did not seem anymore impressed than we were. I will not repeat his words. Water Management time to review Mercy Works and listen to your workers. Patrick McDonough.

Chicago Water Department Injuries Jose Perez

Jose Perez Cropped.jpg
One of the most happy go lucky laborers in the City of Chicago Department of Water Management is Jose Perez. Jose was always a pleasure to spend the day with and had a reputation as a fierce worker. Jose always spoke about his family. On July 25, 2006, I was alerted Jose was in the Resurrection Medical Center, room 431, bed two. When I arrived after work, a large and loving family was present, and Jose’s beautiful wife was sobbing uncontrollably. We all held hands and said our Hail Mary and Our Father. I was so sad to see Jose in this condition. Mr. Perez was the picture of health and always perfectly kept. He attempted to get up, but returned to his chair. Not long ago Jose had a back Injury and was sent to Mercy works for Physical Therapy. On July 24, 2006, Jose a young man had a heart attack while at Physical Therapy? IS THIS THE WAY WE ALLOW CHICAGO CITY WORKERS TO BE TREATED? THIS IS AN OUTRAGE. Keep Mercy Works to insure OUR Doctors are treating us in the Taxpayers best interest. I demand the Union investigate how Chicago City Workers are treated by Mercy Works. NOW. Please call Jose at 1-773-807-4911. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Chicago Water Department Injuries Steven Rosado

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On February 2, 2004, Steven Rosado was injured while working for the City of Chicago Department of Water Management. Steven was always considered an asset to the department. After his major back surgery Steven developed nerve damage to his foot. Please call Steven at 1-773-366-9562 to ask how our fallen comrade is doing. I think after the complaints I have had of possible neglect by Mercy Works, it is time to bid the workman’s compensation consulting and to leave the treatment out of the hands of Mercy Works. I suggest a pattern is emerging. Photo on July 25, 2006 by Patrick McDonough.

Deep Water gets a face lift

Deep Water Update.jpg
On July 22, 2006, “Deep Water” my custom Master Craft 230 VRS Ski Boat got a face lift. The stock 230 is fitted with a Clarion CD receiver and six speakers. I was embarrassed with such a small amount of amp’s. I had Exclusive Automotive Centers on Route 12, Fox Lake Illinois 60020, make this a ear wax remover. First we had a 640 watt amplifier installed to crank up the stock six speakers. We then installed a 320 watt bass amplifier and a 350 watt sub woofer. Please call Mike at 1-847-973-9339 for professional and common sense musical installation. Next custom graphics designed by James. James is pictured with Sarah McDonough modeling a U.S.S. DEEP WATER hat. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Lauderdale Lakes Update

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Please enjoy pictures of McDonough Hotties Sarah and Brigid enjoying a whip on a Bonzi Run Tube. July 22, 2006. Enjoy your families while you are young. Do not waste your money gambling. Photo by Patrick McDonough