Louis R. Ocasio Jr. settles the Workers’ Compensation Case.

Special thanks to Attorney Larry Karchman for obtaining a settlement on behalf of City of Chicago Laborer Louis R. Ocasio’s family. You can google Mr. Ocasio’s story on chicagoclout.com. Chicago routinely attempts to return crippled workers just prior to settlements of their comp cases. In many cases, the workers just show up for work scared of their impending benefits being stopped. Many W/C lawyers are not informed by their clients. The City promised reform but Lori Lightfoot is now getting Alderman Burke’s slice of the pie.

Also, many W/C lawyers like the system because they make a killing when they settle the claim and get their share of unpaid medical. Many workers comp lawyers are not going to do anything until settlement day. They do not file 19B at IWCC because it pisses off corrupt arbitrators.

We at ChicagoClout have provided blankets, rent payments, water, food and other necessities for families that suffer after injuries working for Chicago. Alderman Burke will have many injured city workers at his court case to protest his scams at the Committee on Finance.

Special thanks to Larry Karchmar of Karchmar & Stone 111 West Washington Suite 1030 Chicago, Illinois 60602 RIP Louis. RIP.

Please stop the bullshit Mayor Lightfoot, stop the contract fraud, it taxpayer’s money. Joel Kennedy

For over twenty years, we at Chicago Clout have exposed the fraud in Chicago. The fixers and contractors know the game well. You can be on top of the world making piles of money and Chicago will pull the rug out from under you. Chicago’s contract process is rigged, and Mayor Lori Lightfoot is responsible. How many contractors have wasted millions on preparing a bid, obtaining phony minority subcontract bids, obtaining material costs?

Time is money. It takes an enormous amount of time and effort to organize a bid, and for what? In the old days, Chicago would have all contractors in a room, in person, and the bid was rigged. All the inside players knew the game, and played by the rules. Contactors knew one of the next bids would be theirs. When you reviewed the bids of old, prices and bids were so far off, you knew it was fixed. When the bid was awarded, the real money would be made on signoffs and extras. The extras, non-bided, were shared with Alderman, democrat-controlled candidates, and the Mayor’s Special fund. The winners were always the Chicago Union thugs, their members would float from winning contractor to winning contractor. The Chicago Unions made darn sure the democrat party was well funded and lacky officeholders would be reelected. Did you know Jesse White’s mental capacity was lacking for over ten years? He seemed so bad, I refused to release the video I made of him at the Thompson Center. I met Jesse with a black judge that was a friend of mine. Now you know.

Mayor Lightfoot is scamming the bidding process and awarding bids that will bankrupt Chicago. The bid-rigging is so out of control, Chicago city workers do not want to be left holding the bag. Did you know if you are awarding work and fraud is involved, you could be fired? Chicago is overpaying on many items because the bidder is gay, black, or whatever the flavor of the day is. Instead of classes and training, insiders are making profits at a record pace. White contractors are overpaying phony minority firms, sometimes over 30% premium, to get the deal. It is a scam.

This is a picture of Joel Kennedy Constructing Corporation with multiple locations. JK is on the outs with Plumbers’ Local 130 and hence, Lightfoot and the Office of the Inspector General, are running Joel out of town. I am going to release my decades of research to Joel Kennedy so they can fight the City of Chicago. I am going to bet; Chicago will be on the hook for millions. Joel Kennedy is being singled out because Local 130 is giving preferential treatment to a company they set up with a phony minority at the helm. Joel Kennedy is getting the squeeze. Ching Chong, payback, a mutha, my brotha.

Joel Kennedy is located at 2830 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. The problem is when your company is not contributing enough to Mayor Lori Lightfoot, something is going to get you removed from the Chicago money machine. If you are not playing ball with Plumbers’ Local 130, a phone call will be made to Mayor Lori Lightfoot, and you will be replaced with a company that employs former Department of Water Management and Local 130 officers. Maybe Mr. Hosa wants to talk about this.

Companies doing business with Mayor Lori Lightfoot have to remember to keep that honey pot shared with the right pockets. Companies should have a right to employ who they want, have offices where they want, give campaign contributions to whom they wish. I am sad because I have many powerful stories I will wait to publish. Time to stop the fake minority programs. The private industry mostly hires good workers, retains good workers, and profits from good workers. The taxpayers are getting scammed by phony companies set up to profit insiders. If you have been shorted by the City of Chicago on a contract honest bid, please contact Chicago Clout. You got some money on the way. See you in court, again.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot destroyed Chicago Restaurants

Mayor Lori Lightfoot failed to inspect restaurants in Chicago. Many Chicago restaurants are filthy. Mayor Lori Lightfoot was asked why she is not inspecting these dirty places that serve food to an unsuspecting public. “I got bigger fish on my plate”, said Leroy.

Chicago is best known for all the rats, in politics and in the alleys. Many have faithfully been in this food service jobs for over ten years. Now that Chicago has more diversity in downtown restaurants, many of the customers from the south side of Chicago, are eating and then starting a scene. It is an epidemic of bad behavior to get out of paying the bill.

One server stated, “these negroes feel they are owed something and look for any excuse to not pay the bill. Many Southsiders have never eaten anything beside barbecue and canned food. When they step into a Chicago Michelin restaurant, they feel ripped off.

One lady and her homeboy demanded a plate full of food, they said the plate had servings fit for a starving rabbit. A fight broke out and the gangsters were throwing food and plates at high class elite whites. When a rat scurred across the floor, the tables were overturned. If you are not from Chicago, I suggest you eat in the Northern Suburbs. After a meal downtown, you have a great chance of being accosted by the homeless and criminals. You have a great chance of getting robbed and your wife raped.

If you look in the Chicago downtown alleys, homeless are doing drugs, taking down their pants, and expelling fecal matter. Careful you do not step on all the drug needles.

Chicago restaurants are so broke, if you look at them in the daylight, you will be sick looking at the filth, the dirty and greasy tables, seats, and rugs. Lori Lightfoot made this mess and should give workers full pay since the pandemic started. Lori should also reimburse every restaurant all lost income for the last year and one half. If she could only find a way to get a cut of that money.