Chicago’s Most Powerful Alderman dress down Mayor Lightfoot, David Moore, and Jeanette Taylor Win

Alderman David Moore and Alderman Jeanette Taylor of Chicago are bringing the game. Many Alderman fail to protect their residents in Chicago. Chicago needs powerful leadership from the Alderman to counteract power crazy Mayor Lori Lightfeet. Many residents email and write to Mayor Lightfoot, but she refuses to respond. Lori is only interested in making national news so she can pat herself on the back.

I am proud of the leadership Alderman David Moore has provided. On a host of issues, he proved he has the smarts and skills to provide great services in his ward. It is not easy to stand out in Chicago. Lightfeet wants all the attention and burned so many bridges, she is doomed. Lori refuses to share the spotlight with deserving leaders. Alderman like David Moore and Jeanette Taylor deserve national recognition. Their abilities are second to none.

Rumors are Alderman David Moore will be nominated Illinois Secretary of State. Alderman Moore would be an ass-kicking Secretary of State but would be a massive loss to his ward. David Moore always handles himself in a professional manner and is loved by his constituents.

Alderman Jeanette Taylor has a difficult ward. She fights everyday to obtain resources from the Mayor’s Office. To stay in power, you need the muscle of the mayor’s office. Mayor Lightfeet has not done enough despite the 24/7 day a week fight. Jeanette is a great leader and is do what ever it takes to help her ward.

We at Chicago Clout exposed Mayor Lori Lightfoot and her sick perverted agenda. The Chicago newspapers are going down with the ship. Captain Lori is the nutcase to destroy Chicago. Make sure you contact your Alderman and thank them when they do well.

Good Luck Chicago.

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