Another theft at Chicago Water Department under Commissioner Andrea Putz Cheng P.E. Pee EEE

Special thanks to Chicago Inspector General for terminating an employee that got caught stealing diamond saw blades. I am certain former Alderman Pope could not reach far enough to save his partner in crime.

We at Chicago Clout have told you about the massive amount of theft from bogus contracts, special contracts and consultants have looted the Department of Water Management for decades. The amount of pipe and fitting that went to contractors from the pipe yard and 39th and Iron is staggering.

The new Commissioner of the Department of Water Management has failed to stop the thefts. In fact, she is part of the crime factory. When Andrea Cheng backstabbed former Commissioner Conner to take his position, it happened during the backdoor contract involving the City of Joliet. Lightfoot saw what a dummkopf Coo Coo Conner was when negotiating a billion-dollar deal.

Back to the ongoing theft ring at the Department of Water Management. Private contractors are allowed on City property. They take water-related parts and extras. Just recently another grand theft was covered up. Amazing how the Feds are not notified, and criminal investigations are not conducted. When an employee is terminated, they can join a private contractor that benefited from the theft. Former employees are allowed to start W/MOB businesses and continue to profit from their connections. This is an organized crime syndicate.

We at Chicago Clout are back at Can-TV and were welcomed with open arms. We are going to blow the whistle and some insider secrets at the Department of Water Management.

Does anyone know where Anthony Smithy is? I want him to be the first guest on Chicago Clout at Can-TV. When I called the DOWM to find him, they said he is still working there. I would hate to lose a $100,000.00 per year job. I guess when they promoted him out of the supply and inventory chain and got him a plum gig as Safety Specialist, he should have changed his ways. When they sent this goon to spy on Archie High and me about ten years ago, I smelled feces. I do not talk to people that are not at my level.

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