Guns out in Chicago Like the Wild West

Lori Lightfoot allows armed robbery, guns out in the open Chicago

On February 25, 2023, (at 8:00 A.M.) a car full of armed thugs jump out of a car at the corner of Polk and Bell Street. The victim is a student that spent the night working hard on his studies. He is a student from another country. The white male victim lost his iPhone, passport, notebook computer, and wallet. You can see he had his two hands waving showing he was scared he would still get shot. This insanity happened one half mile away from the Chicago F.B.I. facility. This happened in front of Washington Irving Elementary School. Waving guns in public in full display shows there is no fear of the F.B.I., the Chicago Police, and the Cook County Court System. This robbery is in the heart of Chicago’s Medical centers the Tri-Taylor, a gold mine of hospitals.

Not far away is Plumbers’ Local 130 and other unions paying a mighty sum to sell Lori Lightfoot for another term. You would think it is the wild, wild west. If you think not having a conceal carry in Chicago, you are completely out of your mind. Look close at this picture Chicago. Vote this nutty Lori out of town.

Just a few weeks ago, Mayoral candidate Paul Vallas spoke at this school to bring a positive message. These actions are out of control. Take back Chicago.

Mayor Lightfoot calls out Chuy Garcia with racist rant

Rep. Chuy Garcia called Slowpoke Rodriguez by Mayor Lightfoot

Not looking good for Mayor Lori Lightfoot again as she attacks U.S. Representative Chuy Garcia in another racist rant for what she is known. It is not funny to make light of Mexican Americans when they have made many contributions to Chicago. Bugs Bunny cartoon characters belong in cartoons, not to be used to describe Chicago Mayoral candidates.

Alderman Jeanette Taylor stands with the 20th Ward

Alderman Jeanette Taylor Chicago 20th Ward

On Thursday, January 26, 2023, The Honorable Alderman Jeanette Taylor failed to take a duck when Chicago Clout had some substantial questions to ask. Alderman Taylor has never failed to go to the front line and fight for her ward. Taylor also let Mayor Lori Lightfoot have a piece of her mind when Lori needed a blunt reminder of Chicago residents’ needs. Nice.

Alderman Taylor made it clear to me that her number one priority is the residents of her ward. Alderman Taylor knew Lightfoot was handing out numerous 100,000.00 dollar jobs to folks who could speak Spanish and take care of the new Hispanic folks who had just crossed the Mexican border. Almost all are illegal. (Project Manager for Homeless and New Arrivals five positions) Blacks need not apply.

Super Clout heavy contractors funnel millions of taxpayer money into abandoned schools and the Meigs field “Northernly Island” Park Buildings. Globetrotter gave plenty of loot to support “Lightfoot for Chicago.” Lori better collect more cash from contractors soon. They just got millions to distribute for the Hispanics to live in the lap of luxury.

The Plumbing contractor better funnel money to Plumbers’ local 130 political funds quickly for Lori. Did you know Lori Lightfoot has provided all newly remodeled schools with million-dollar plumbing systems? Over one million for plumbing at Wadsworth school!!

Three square catered meals every day. The fresh food is top of the line Hispanic meals like chilaquiles, huevos rancheros, torta de tamal, molletes. Lunch is Tortillas, quesadillas, burritos, enchiladas, and tamales. Dinner, Fajitas, enchiladas, pozoles, totopos, fresh fish, shrimp, and seafood. To wash down the top-of-the-line meals is Starbucks coffee, milk, bottled water, and Jarritos soda. Clothes? New jeans, leather work boots, Carhart jackets, shirts. Cars are provided with no license plates or insurance. Transportation to and from jobsites. Yes, nice jobs. IPhones are provided to all. These folks also get money through their iPhones.

I asked Alderman Taylor why she is fighting the new housing for immigrants in her ward, and she said, “the residents don’t want it.”

I agree. Feed your residents first. This is ridiculous.

Lori Lightfoot falls to 4th Place in Chicago election polls

Vote for Paul Vallas

Lori Lightfoot falls in the polls again. The leading contenders for the Office of the Chicago Mayor is now Chuy Garcia, Paul Vallas, Sophia King, and dropping like a brick? Lori Lightfoot. Calls for Lori Lightfoot to get out of the race intensified again. Lori thought she was too good to debate and is now making every debate due to the exposure of her regime. Lori keeps making bad decisions and is fighting with everyone.

Chuy Gacia and Paul Vallas lead the pack, but Sophie King is making strides as Lightfoot struggles. While the leadership of Plumbers’ Local 130 is going with Lightfoot, the members are going strong for Vallas. I have contacted staff at the Lightfoot campaign, and they are disgruntled. Funds are drying up fast. Workers call companies with contracts with the city to “help or else.” Unions were strongly encouraged to campaign for Lori as she said she delivered good contacts and saved jobs.

Vallas is also making inroads with the Black and Hispanic communities. I did not expect Paul to muscle this vote. Willie Wilson could be a great Mayor of Chicago, but he can not talk.

At the Handicap Debate, Lori Lightfoot staffers had strong words to people with disabilities for blocking the camera and making “rude gestures.” The fact show they were signing. Can Chicago get any worse?

Chicago Suffers More Trench Disasters. The Chicago Fire Department.

The City of Chicago Department of Water Management f*cked up again, thanks to Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Commissioner Cheng. I shared my concerns with Chris of the 41ST Ward. Many inspectors from the Chicago Fire Department, Unions, and Safety Department want to know what is being done by the Illinois Department of Labor. Multiple complaints have been lodged by The Department of Water Management’s most powerful Plumber. Patrick McDonough has also been a witness in many lawsuits against the City of Chicago. Many of these suits paid of over 10 million dollars.

Will this make the major newspapers and News Stations in Chicago? The willful and intentional conduct of the Department of Water Management has resulted in many fines.

Mayor Lightfoot ordered the emergency job as a favor to the 41St Ward to help with Lightfoot’s reelection effort. I called Commissioner Cheng’s office, and they refused to comment.

The Backhoe needed a steel plate underneath it, and the excavation had no shoring. There was no supervision on the job because foremen were covering multiple jobs. I want Matt Quinn fired. I want Frank Pellegrino, Hoisting engineer foreman for new construction, fired. I want John “Poop” Pope fired. I want Dave Maziere Fired. I want Bill Leyden fired.

According to a source, Mayor Lightfoot’s office demanded the crippled kid to hide at the Jardine Plant at full pay. He broke his back and punctured his lung. Lori Lightfoot will try to screw this dude out of workers’ compensation benefits. MARVEL ACTOR JEREMY RENNER will get top care. This dude might die.

I have 20 years of evidence I will give this guy’s lawyer. Hopefully, the City Law Department will not pay him off. Do not have anything to do with Lori Lightfoot.

Tell Mayor Lightfoot to Stop Firing Workers on Disability!

To: Lori Lightfoot, Mayor of Chicago

Campaign created by: Alexander Fraser Kantrowitz 

Why do you condone vicious harassment, political favoritism, criminals, and nazis

Why are your lapdogs allowed to talk endless shit, smear, rumor-monger, and make false criminal accusations misusing police resources?

Why Grandpa Guido of the Taylor Street Grocery Store, Rena Sterling, and several city workers are off for years on “slip and falls”, paint fume allergies, and hang-nails with 15 minutes of paperwork while direct Shakman hires have to fight HR sociopaths and their nazi commissioner for years to go on furlough with no health-care.

Why do your HR collaborators lie about leave when presented with the fact that your party, The Democrats, sent the nazis to my family’s land to murder my whole family?

Why do you hire scum in HR that harasses me, the sole care provider of my crazy, injured, dying mother?

Why does your nazi commissioner illegally fire me in front of witnesses despite copious documentation of disability, including heart defect and back injury?

Why is this important?

The City owes me $50,000 in back wages plus punitive damages for 1.5 years of disability plus 13 years of harassment.

I was hired in October 2006 as a Shakman or Federal Anti-corruption Hire, after Mayor Daley got caught using mobbed-up Hired Trucks.

I stuck with the job to serve the people of Chicago because it was my first good-paying job with a pension. My family has a 50-year history of public service, including rent strikes against racist red-lining in the 60s in Chicago, through to the feminist movement, Rainbow Coalition etc. It turns out that I’m probably metis on my mother’s side (French and Indian family were the first Quebecois to move to Marquette, Michigan, Giichiigamii, after the Quebec fur trade) so I have a deep commitment to the struggle against misuse of the land and its resources.

I helped to lead the only pickets of city workers against Hired Truck 2 (the selling of our jobs again to the mob by Mayor ShortShanks Daley in 2010)

Shortshanks retaliated against our 200-driver picket of the Water and Transportation Departments and Reliable Dump and scab job sites by cutting our hours at the airports from 40 to 10 a week, laid us off from a department, brought political hires in again to violate seniority, cut new hires wages by 1/3.

At the same time, Shortshanks and the mafia raped the taxpayers up to 400% of the cost of using city Teamsters through their Hired Trucks scheme with falsified loads, unnecessary loads, and unnecessary overtime. The federal monitor Hanrahan and the FBI Chicago office did nothing and allowed this, despite multiple calls from Teamsters and more than one news article.

We finally won a grievance against the bastard restoring our hours.

Then in 2017, Becky Strzechowski, the hack appointed by John Coli and Jimmy Hoffa Junior to rule our Local, sold us out to the city, bringing in “chauffeurs”- under-trained drivers at 2/3 pay, 2-hour show ups again, and offered bribes to the hacks working for the city to pass the contract. The result was that the City could not recruit qualified drivers, instead bringing in the gutter to sow chaos in our workplace with frivolous sexual harassment lawsuits.

I knew it was time to get out in 2010 when my co-workers would picket the departments and the mafia dump owner and scab worksites but were too politically compromised to picket City Hall.

However, I was already in the pension system, so I decided to complete 20 years in 2019 (I started as a municipal employee in 1999) and then leave and go elsewhere.

I then dealt with nine years of corruption and harassment as I was given a dirty truck at work each day to clean from top to bottom while hack laborers complained that I was slowing down their rush job. At the time, mafia Allergy Partners of Chicago had misdiagnosed me with severe dust allergies. It turned out that I was missing a valve on my aorta, making me sick from all the dust and toxins at the maintenance building and airport. This year I was diagnosed with Stage I colon cancer and had 20 centimeters resected. Cancer may well have been primarily caused by working around all the toxins at the airport, substandard housing, etc.

The other issues of harassment I detail in the email to my lawyer, Frank Avila Jr, are pasted in the comments below.

Issues include:

The HR hack Love lying to me in 2014 about mental health leave after I visited Belarus and my family’s mass graves after their murder as Soviet Jews during WW2 and realizing that these rotten Democrats who fucked my life also played a major role in sending the nazis to murder my people and to keep me separated from my lost family in Moscow.

The HR hack Maurice Elion denied my extension of three months of unpaid uninsured leave to care for my crazy, injured, dying mother as she was shoved out of her apartment by mafia building scum involved with a questionable construction project and into another old mafia folks home. Then once this scumbag, Elion was forced to grant the leave, telling me that the department would cancel my leave if my mother died early.

The HR hack Alisa Estudillo harassed me every two weeks for doctors’ notes from September 2019 to April 2020 as my left tendon healed up from emergency surgery and rehab. All the while, the pension board refused to pay out for SEVEN! Months.

Then Estudillo stonewalled me for four months, from March to June 2020, as I applied for ordinary disability for an Aortic Bicuspid Valve defect, signed off by Dr. Gopal Rao.

In the Spring of 2020, after months of stonewalling by Estudillo and Michael Landers, the titular head of Aviation HR, my union representative Hector Hernandez advised me to email Jamie Rhee the Commissioner of Aviation, City of Chicago, to request an in-person meeting. I did so, and Gauleiter Rhee referred the matter to the city legal department rather than sit down with me, as is the past practice. The lawyer then offered a meeting where the city bureaucrats could conduct more harassment and gas-lighting.

It was then that I knew that as malicious as the lower-level hack sociopaths in HR were, it was Gauleiter Rhee pulling the strings.

In the end, the city was forced to grant me an extension of ordinary disability but then made threats and promises to my doctor, who declined to write another note. Then Rhee ignored my ongoing disability status from a heart defect and auto accident to illegally fire me in June of 2021, even after my lawyers had sent her department a letter instructing her department that she was obligated to extend leave until my therapy from the auto-accident had been completed.

So, if you believe in workers’ rights and equal treatment and are against corruption and filthy anti-social scum misusing city resources, please ask Mayor Lightfoot why she would tolerate this corruption from city workers and administrators.

Chicago Police add Outhouse to Chicago’s 5th Floor

According to Chicago Media, Mayor Larry Lightfoot continues farting in the City Suburban and refusing to open the windows until the stench permeates the nostrils of Chicago Police’s security detail. What turned out as a suggestion became a reality when an outhouse was ordered for the 5th Floor of Chicago City Hall. Workers were sick of walking into the Mayor’s private bathroom to find bowel evacuations left in the toilet bowl. You are sadly mistaken if you think it is funny to have such rude potty humor.

Lori initially milked the pandemic for all it was worth, and this plan has backfired. The outhouse will fit in with the abandoned Chicago financial district ruined by Lightfoot’s Covid 19 actions. Chicago blacks were walloped out of excellent-paying jobs in the downtown Chicago District. A lie destroyed the money-making machine. Lori has multiple reinfections of the virus, and I am not talking about STDs.

Lori told everyone to get the “Vaccines,” and they would not get Covid. Now we know this is a lie. Millions of dollars are spent on Chicago City Workers sitting at home with the virus. The infections are spread back and forth to city workers.

Most private industries refuse to pay workers sitting at home for a sickness that will not cause death. I feel sorry for all the black workers that took the shot and are sitting at home with no job or pay. The freebies have ended. Hispanics are feeling the pinch, but many refused the shot and have natural immunity.

Again, Mayor Lightfoot, if the vaccine works so great, why are Chicago City workers sitting a home costing Taxpayers millions? Where is the clout-heavy Chicago Inspector General on this issue?

Mayor Lori Lightfoot Largest Dick in Chicago

Many folks in Chicago look forward to some leadership. Mayor Lori Lightfoot said she has the giant dick in Chicago. Mayor Lightfoot wife must be outraged by the comment because that could only mean Amy Eshleman has an enormous pu$$y or anus. Amy might even have the most extensive mouth. Maybe that is why Lori Lightfoot wears enormous pants. I thought Lori wore large pants to hide all the nasty varicose veins.

Chicago has many options in the next election. Lightfoot had all the expectations of reforming Chicago, the machine. Lori brought hate everywhere in Chicago. Being Mayor does not mean you can use the office to retaliate against everyone. Maybe Lori could become a porn star when she is booted out of office in the next election.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot acting like she is a blues singer makes me sick. Lori is a sick person. Very very sick. Maybe the Chicago media will decide to expose Lori.

Mayor Lightfoot City Hall Hot Mess

You can always find one or two people in a crowd that refuses to flush their shit. On more than one occasion, Mayor Lightfoot pretends she is busy on the phone and leaves crap in the toilet. Multiple times city workers have had to service the Mayor’s Toilet and found nothing wrong. The Chicago City Employee just hit the handle, and down it went.

One of the workers was so pissed several pictures of Lori’s alleged bowel violations were made public. Many folks ask why someone in the public brown eye would make such a nasty mess. Is this stress?

I asked several of Mayor Lightfoot’s security forces the real story. While most smiled or were irked, one said Lori stinks like booze in the morning. Lori enters the City Suburban and goes to town farting. Lori fails to open the SUV windows until the foul order is everywhere. Then she says, “who cut the cheese?”  Lori will repeat this until she has a bowel movement when she reaches city hall or her first destination.

The level of frustration has hit a boiling point. Lori is quickly falling behind in the polls and should avoid stinky behavior. It is not funny.