Lori Lightfoot falls to 4th Place in Chicago election polls

Vote for Paul Vallas

Lori Lightfoot falls in the polls again. The leading contenders for the Office of the Chicago Mayor is now Chuy Garcia, Paul Vallas, Sophia King, and dropping like a brick? Lori Lightfoot. Calls for Lori Lightfoot to get out of the race intensified again. Lori thought she was too good to debate and is now making every debate due to the exposure of her regime. Lori keeps making bad decisions and is fighting with everyone.

Chuy Gacia and Paul Vallas lead the pack, but Sophie King is making strides as Lightfoot struggles. While the leadership of Plumbers’ Local 130 is going with Lightfoot, the members are going strong for Vallas. I have contacted staff at the Lightfoot campaign, and they are disgruntled. Funds are drying up fast. Workers call companies with contracts with the city to “help or else.” Unions were strongly encouraged to campaign for Lori as she said she delivered good contacts and saved jobs.

Vallas is also making inroads with the Black and Hispanic communities. I did not expect Paul to muscle this vote. Willie Wilson could be a great Mayor of Chicago, but he can not talk.

At the Handicap Debate, Lori Lightfoot staffers had strong words to people with disabilities for blocking the camera and making “rude gestures.” The fact show they were signing. Can Chicago get any worse?

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