Alderman Jeanette Taylor stands with the 20th Ward

Alderman Jeanette Taylor Chicago 20th Ward

On Thursday, January 26, 2023, The Honorable Alderman Jeanette Taylor failed to take a duck when Chicago Clout had some substantial questions to ask. Alderman Taylor has never failed to go to the front line and fight for her ward. Taylor also let Mayor Lori Lightfoot have a piece of her mind when Lori needed a blunt reminder of Chicago residents’ needs. Nice.

Alderman Taylor made it clear to me that her number one priority is the residents of her ward. Alderman Taylor knew Lightfoot was handing out numerous 100,000.00 dollar jobs to folks who could speak Spanish and take care of the new Hispanic folks who had just crossed the Mexican border. Almost all are illegal. (Project Manager for Homeless and New Arrivals five positions) Blacks need not apply.

Super Clout heavy contractors funnel millions of taxpayer money into abandoned schools and the Meigs field “Northernly Island” Park Buildings. Globetrotter gave plenty of loot to support “Lightfoot for Chicago.” Lori better collect more cash from contractors soon. They just got millions to distribute for the Hispanics to live in the lap of luxury.

The Plumbing contractor better funnel money to Plumbers’ local 130 political funds quickly for Lori. Did you know Lori Lightfoot has provided all newly remodeled schools with million-dollar plumbing systems? Over one million for plumbing at Wadsworth school!!

Three square catered meals every day. The fresh food is top of the line Hispanic meals like chilaquiles, huevos rancheros, torta de tamal, molletes. Lunch is Tortillas, quesadillas, burritos, enchiladas, and tamales. Dinner, Fajitas, enchiladas, pozoles, totopos, fresh fish, shrimp, and seafood. To wash down the top-of-the-line meals is Starbucks coffee, milk, bottled water, and Jarritos soda. Clothes? New jeans, leather work boots, Carhart jackets, shirts. Cars are provided with no license plates or insurance. Transportation to and from jobsites. Yes, nice jobs. IPhones are provided to all. These folks also get money through their iPhones.

I asked Alderman Taylor why she is fighting the new housing for immigrants in her ward, and she said, “the residents don’t want it.”

I agree. Feed your residents first. This is ridiculous.

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