John C. D'Amico smells another pension, James Sullivan's posterboy?

John D'Amico Nose Pic Final Chicago Clout.jpg Chicago Plumber’s Local 130 needs a new Business Manager and they also need new business agents. The seniors are going to get a large reduction to the pension and everyone is keeping it mum until after the election. Retirees are asked to make sure they elect the same guys without realizing they are possibly in store for a major reduction in monthly payments. The progressive party is jokingly referred to the “unemployment party”. The existing management at the Chicago Plumber’s union needs a shakeup. There was no money for hats at the last St. Pat’s Day parade. Times are really bad. The only thing they got right was a St. Pat’s Queen that was Irish for a change. I think John D’Amico should be fired from the City of Chicago due to the fraud in obtaining a Plumber’s License, than James Sullivan should be thrown in jail. The Chicago’s Local 130 union made a major mistake in taking over other locals. Times were good and folks got greedy. The Chicago Unions need to get their act together before it is too late. John D’Amico needs to explain why he does not show up to work at the Jardine Plant. He has a nose for politics and pensions

Ex-Chicago Alderman Patrick "Phat" Levar uses non-union company for home repairs

Levar Roof Repair Scabs.jpg The Chicago Plumber’s Union has enjoyed many events with former Alderman Levar in attendance. In fact, Chicago Clout has pictures of Patrick Levar with his green Plumbers Local 130 hat on his head. I never did like Pat Levar because I though he was a piece of shit. I had pictures of Pat Levar with the old North District Superintendent and City Sewer Vactor on political flyers. Pat Levar would visit the North District Yard around the “Hired Truck” days. Around April 17, 2012, a non-union roofing contractor was working on Levar’s house. I asked the contractor what union affiliation they belonged to. The roofing company management confirmed they are in fact non-union. Lately, the Chicago roofers union ran a series of ads making the public aware of their existence. Pat Levar shit in their face by accepting union money for politics, and then hiring scabs at his house. I hate to swear, and I do not very often on this website, but Levar is a big fat piece of shit. There is no lost love between Levar and me, but I called this scumbag out years ago. I think Jim Sullivan should ask for all the donations back from this goon. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Chicago Blackhawks Playoffs, McDonoughs on the ice during National Anthem

Patrick McDonough Blackhawks.jpg Many folks know I am a Blackhawks fan. The Chicago Blackhawks have always fought hard for Chicago. On April 19, 2012, I was welcomed very nicely and hustled to the official Blackhawk photographer. That started a back and forth about Nikon Cameras. Sorry, I can’t help it. We was than ushered to the ice entrance, watched the players enter the ice, and a red carpet was rolled out. I carefully entered the ice and then walked to the end of the red carpet. Not long after, the Star Spangled Banner was sung with us on the ice, with the players, and some members of the armed forced! I also saw our picture on the Jumbotron. That was unreal to be on the red carpet with Patti all by ourselves. It was really neat because it was the April 19, 2012 playoff game. Thanks to all the Blackhawk staff, especially Sarah. Photo by Chicago Blackhawk Staff Photographer. Patrick McDonough

Enjoy a picture of Occupy Chicago poster Children, John D'Amico, John Madigoon, and Local 130 Goon

John D'Amico Mike Madigan Final.jpg The Chicago Occupy movement is moving forward with a lighting pace. The City of Chicago has many residents with no future and a dismal job outlook. The tax base in Chicago is maxed out, and the Rahm Emanuel gang is ready to sell assets to Rahm’s cronies. I thought Rahm would be different than Daley and his goons, but he got a taste for the high life. This is a picture of Johnny ‘Da Nose” D’Amico. Johnny is a State Representative and a full time Chicago Department of Water Management employee. While people starve, John D’Amico drives a blue Water Department truck around and has been seen outside his district. That is OK because he is a made man with Rahm Emanuel. John was sent out to scout for Rahm long before the public was aware of the fixed mayoral election. Johnny is with Michael “pasty face” Madigan. Lil Mike knows the ole double dipping routine as well as Johnny D’Amico. These two goons are with a Local 130 dude with a horrible hair die job if ever I have seen one. This goon testified to the FEDS about fixed Plumbing Licenses in Chicago. This little fraud by the James Sullivan goons and the Plumber’s Union is unraveling at a Hearing for Dean “Mia Tai” Slawek. I am also happy to report a major victory by Tim Novak and the Chicago Sun-Times for their coverage of David Koschman. Everyone should have their fair day in court. Thanks to that brave judge for helping a mother’s worst nightmare. Photo improved by Patrick McDonough.