Commissioner Conner allows politics again at Chicago Water Department. More Racism thanks to Lightfoot

Most every person working at the City of Chicago Department know the Department is a hotbed for hidden contracts, phony minority companies, sleazy promotions. Not a single worker thinks otherwise. Thanks to former Mayor Rahm ‘Lil dick” Emanuel, the posts have been filled to protect the Democratic Political Machine.

The Chicago taxpayers are getting squeezed as the Department of Water Management has contractors overbilling to provide funds for Joe ‘naptime” Biden. The Chicago taxpayers are paying for Lori Lightfoot to promote herself and her homely wife to national stardom. Finally, after all the exposure I have given this issue, Chicago media is all over Lori Lightfoot and her dreams of self-promotion.

I am again asking the Chicago Office of the Inspector General Joe Ferguson to investigate why Commissioner Conner and the sleazebags at the FOIA office are posting political hate speech on Facebook. Look, just clean the water, take the fucking lead out, get rid of all the phony contracts, remove the wastewater, and give Chicago taxpayers an honest bang for the buck.

The Chicago Department of Water Management has several lawsuits for the mistreatment of blacks. They had to fire many top-ranking racists not long ago. Since I have been at the Department of Water Management, I witnessed many blacks and Hispanics get cheated out of their promotions. I also watched Rahm and Lori Lightfoot screw minorities out of their workers compensation claims. The white controlled lawyers did the dirty work. Alderman Edward Burke will get his day in court and several surprises when he enters the Dirksen Federal Building. He should talk to David Topps.

You can ask the FOIA Department why they run a crackpot Facebook page when Chicago is broke. Just more money wasted. Did you get that Joe Ferguson Inspector General? #Say My Name Lori Lightfoot, Say my name.

September 23, 2020 posted in blacktime.

YouTube Superstar Salty Cracker slams Lori Lightfoot

Superstar with over 500,000 subscribers lets Lori Lightfoot know just how fuckup she is. Chicago goes alone with her communist’s socialist Nazi stupidity. Lori fucks hard-working injured City Workers out of their Worker’s Compensation benefits. Now she will continue to see the rath of Khan. Now Lori Lightfoot’s dream of being on the national stage will backfire. Lori, you look like an asshole. I feel sorry a handsome brilliant man like the Salty Cracker had to see how ugly Lori Lightfoot is. More ammo and pics soon.

Mayor Lightfoot, it’s called a penis. Grant Park Today.

If you want to look at a man’s penis in public, just go to Chicago’s Grant Park. Mayor Lori Lightfoot does not seem like the kind of person that would like to see a real man’s penis. Mayor Lori Lightfoot should protect people and the world from seeing a man take out his penis in public and piss. Today was very embarrassing for Chicago, the phony “world class city” allowing men to show their penis.

Two women and a young girl watched this dude take his penis in public and work his rod after taking a long stream. The Chicago Lakefront just removed a statue of Christopher Columbus because Lori Lightfoot hates real men. At least Columbus put clothes on to cover his penis. Mayor Lori Lightfoot really hates men in part because they have smelly penises. I think Lori Lightfoot hates to see a man’s penis. Most men in Chicago hide their penis from women.

Maybe Lori Lightfoot had a bulb go on in her life and will allow men to show their penis in public. Maybe Lori Lightfoot is not turned on looking at women’s private parts anymore. Maybe this is part of black empowerment and #BLM Chicago adores.

Lori, place some outhouses around grant park so slum dogs can piss in private. Penis, Penis, Penis, and Lori Lightfoot. Has a nice ring to it. Never too late to go to the dark side.

Is Mayor Lori Lightfoot looking sexy now?

Every woman when dating around the singles scene know rule one: surround yourself with ladies that are ugly. It is known when you want to get someone nice and wealthy, make sure you make that lasting first opinion. Guys and butches are often sold by the first look. It makes an indelible impression.

It worked for me. When I was in the dating scene, I made sure I went to the bar with handicap dudes, retarded friends, and people on meth. Man did I stand out as a hero.

I still fail to see how Lori Lightfoot found such a hotty pie when she is so short and mean. It could be Amy was looking for a macho-type bi-trans LGBBQ. It takes all types.

I think Lori needs to hit the gym if he/she wants to keep Amy Elfman. Those thunder thighs would make any man sick when the man-pants are dropped. I am sorry to say, but as a media star, I could never even think about any of these ugly pies. Too much kosher sausage to waste on this pile.

Lori Lightfoot fisting for Ruth Ginsburg Photoshop

Mayor Lori “thunder thighs” Lightfoot got a real nice photo edit from the Chicago anti-Trump media. Lori is trying to cash in on her anti-trump stance. Lori is using Chicago City workers to pad up her rally across from Chicago City Hall. Amazing how her city meetings are ok and rally at her love pad is illegal.

There is something significant using city resources to push her anti-trump agenda. The new Chicago 6 ones have been hammering back at Lori, but her private police force has stopped all attempts to protest the attacks against whites and Chicago city workers that are discriminated against. Lori and her family of democrat contractors are burying Chicago in a debt pile. I don’t think Chicago City workers should be told to get back downtown without pay, to attend Lori’s self-promotions.

If you look closely in the picture, the Chicago Sun-Times reduced the size of Lightfoot’s massive thighs and her office ass. There is photo editing and an outright attempt to mislead the public with Lori’s massive midsection. Lori also has a office spine from sitting in a chair for to long. It creates a spinal curvature.

We told you already, Lori is hoping for a Biden win so she and her ugly husband can move up the Democrat food chain. Thunder thighs does it again. Lori, you and your worthless follower need to put the fist down, save it for home play.

Chicago City Hall looks like shit says, powerful Alderman

A powerful Chicago Alderman demands Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Cook County Board President Prickwinkle clean up the disgraceful condition of Chicago City Hall. The entire northside of the building is loaded with mold and turning green. The windows are rusting and not working. Currently the 11th floor has clout heavy Kenney taking out windows, reglazing and then reinstalling. These are single pane windows that are not energy efficient. For about the same amount of money, brand new double and triple pane windows could be installed.

Due to millions of wasted clout laden contracts, Chicago City Hall is looking “shitty” said a powerful Chicago Alderman. The Alderman said, Lori is running up to Room 1103 on the top floor and can not fail to see all the damage and despair City Hall projects.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot has spent over $200,000.00 dollars on special video screen, video cameras, zoom programs and software to selfishly promote herself on the national stage.

Private contractors are cleaning up with massive contracts to make sure Lori is ready at a moment’s notice to promote coo coo Biden and the democrat agenda.

Let us face it, Mayor Lori Lightfoot is no beauty queen and not a national star by any means. Lori is completely inept and unable to control the democratic monster she thinks she controls. The Chicago media machine controlled by Chicago Unions and the private contractors are bleeding Chicago to its knees. Lori Lightfoot should be thrown out of office. Her staff refused to acknowledge a 600 page itemized list of ways to stop wasting taxpayer money.

Chicago can not take anymore loans and the individual departments taking loans should be outlawed. I said it once and I say it again, get out of Chicago, nothing is left but higher taxes.

Please clean Chicago City Hall outside NOW. You want people to visit the boarded up mess and get killed while walking around? Than clean the mess up.

Mayor Lightfoot helps protect President Trump’s property

You can say what you want about Mayor Lori Lightfoot and her radical communist ways, but when it comes to insider public police protection, she is all for President Donald J. Trump and his multi-million-dollar properties.

Monday was just another day watching the City of Chicago go down the toilet. Mayor Lori Lightfoot has a ordered a massive police presence in downtown Chicago despite the rot and waste. Riot torn Chicago is subject to the biggest exodus in recent history.

Sure enough. Chicago Clout told you about how Lori Lightfoot and Governor Pritzker needing to stop their constant attacks against President Donald Trump. When you read Chicago newspapers, Trump is blamed to every ill the state has caused upon itself.

A few days ago, the newspapers reported the nice things Donald Trump Jr. said to Lori Lightfoot. It is another meaningless article aimed to titillate the uneducated fools. Mayor Lightfoot knows if she does not start kissing President Trump’s ass and soon, Chicago will face bankruptcy. Lori Lightfoot spent money thinking the Feds would pay the City back at a hefty profit. So, the more she spent, the more she could profit.

The massive police presence at Trump Tower in downtown Chicago is a gift to the Trump family. The picture does not show all the other police squads across the street with at least two cops in each squad. Many undercover police are also at Trump Tower thanks to Lori Lightfoot. The problem is Chicago cannot afford to have those many police at her private residence and at Trump Tower.

You can thank the boarded-up gold coast due to the insane actions made by Mayor Lori Lightfoot. She saw the riots as a chance to propel herself into the national political scene at our expense. The massive amount of taxes lost by her foolishness means Chicago will not recover. A six-hundred-page letter sent to Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s office showing all the ways to save money was not even read by Lightfoot’s staff.

I am surprised Mayor Lightfoot totally gutted the City Hall personnel department. The new employees may match Lori’s background and ideals, but they fail to have the experience to get the job done.

Special thanks to the Chicago Police for protecting Mayor Lightfoot’s personal interests.

Joe Biden’s ballot fraud expands with expanded funds

PLEASANT PRAIRIE — Citing what he considers a consistent pattern of filtering funds to heavily Democratic voting cities, Pleasant Prairie resident Jay Stone is determined to make his voice heard.

But it’s not just his voice — Stone is going through official channels to put a stop to it.

Stone recently filed a complaint with the Wisconsin Elections Commission, and then just this past week added amended information in his case against the Center for Tech and Civic Life.

From its website, the organization describes its mission: “CTLC is a nationally recognized nonprofit that partners with everyone — from rural election offices to the largest tech companies in the world.”

At the core of the issue, Stone said, is the CTCL’s decision to award $6.32 million in grants to Wisconsin’s five largest cities: Green Bay, Kenosha, Madison, Milwaukee and Racine, which traditionally vote heavily Democratic.

In the amended complaint, which Stone provided Tuesday, Milwaukee received $2,154,500; Madison, $1,271,788; Green Bay, $1,093,400; Racine, $942,100; and Kenosha, $862,779.

Stone also cited 2016 election numbers as part of his evidence. Milwaukee voted 85% Democratic, Madison 70%, Green Bay 58%, Racine 72% and Kenosha 69%. Trump won Wisconsin by 22,748 votes, or .77%.

“Why these five cities?” Stone asked. “The answer is because the five largest cities in Wisconsin are run by Democrats, and the five largest cities in Wisconsin also have the most votes for Democrats. The last primary, Milwaukee voted 92% Democratic, and they got more than a third of the money from CTCL.

“This is just a pattern. After they finished in Wisconsin, then they moved to Pennsylvania. They granted money to Delaware County, which is heavily Democratic, and then they gave ($12.2) million to Philadelphia, which votes 92% Democrat. They (also) donated money to Detroit in Michigan ($3.95 million), which votes 98% Democrat.”

Funds used from the CTCL are spent toward things like reminder cards and voter registration, Stone said.

“They’re going to be reminding significantly more Democratic voters and registering significantly more Democratic voters,” he said.

The grants in question, Stone said, were awarded by CTCL without an official process in place. Since his complaint has been filed — and after a donation of $250 million by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan — the organization has put in place a grant process.

“There’s a real clear pattern here,” Stone said. “Just because CTCL is a nonprofit designation doesn’t mean they can spread their money any which way they want. Where their grants are going is clearly partisan. They’re making it easier for Democrats to get to the polls.

“What they’re doing is they’re inflating the Democratic votes and are targeting cities, so when you add up the entire state, Joe Biden wins in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Their strategy is something that a campaign would do.”

Stone said the timing of the Zuckerberg donation, in his view, kept the five cities that were awarded grants from getting even more funding help.

“If Zuckerberg had given the money earlier, the five major cities in Wisconsin would have gotten $20 million,” he said. “Wisconsin is a critical state in this election. Trump won Wisconsin by under 1% (in 2016).”

Having a grant application process is critical to ensure that things are being done correctly, Stone said.

“There should be a start date, an end date, who is eligible, a description of the grant, how the money is supposed to be used,” he said. “They didn’t do any of that.”

The amended complaint states that CTCL’s 2020 grants are identified as either “Safe Voting Grants” or “COVID-19 Response Grants,” but Stone wrote in that document that the only expert advice the organization is relying on is from a limited number of public health articles, brochures and studies.

Stone, who said he also filed a civil rights complaint with the Department of Justice, added that CTCL’s heavily Democratic lean includes its executive director, Tiana Epps-Johnson, and its director of government services, Whitney May.

Epps-Johnson served a fellowship under former President Barack Obama and also interned with the Young Democrats of America.

“(Epps-Johnson) is an out-and-out Democrat, and there’s nothing wrong with that,” Stone said. “She would be entitled to her opinions if she had not tried to influence the election. She’s influencing the election in arguably the three most crucial battleground states, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan.”

If he’s victorious in the complaint process, Stone said he wants the five cities in Wisconsin to return any funds that haven’t been spent, and any money that already has been, to be revealed publicly.

Stone also said he has nothing to gain politically from his efforts.

“I am not a Republican,” he said. “I’m an Independent. I live in Pleasant Prairie. It’s run by Democrats, and they do an outstanding job, and I support them.”

A telephone call to the CTCL seeking comment was not returned.