Mayor Lightfoot, it’s called a penis. Grant Park Today.

If you want to look at a man’s penis in public, just go to Chicago’s Grant Park. Mayor Lori Lightfoot does not seem like the kind of person that would like to see a real man’s penis. Mayor Lori Lightfoot should protect people and the world from seeing a man take out his penis in public and piss. Today was very embarrassing for Chicago, the phony “world class city” allowing men to show their penis.

Two women and a young girl watched this dude take his penis in public and work his rod after taking a long stream. The Chicago Lakefront just removed a statue of Christopher Columbus because Lori Lightfoot hates real men. At least Columbus put clothes on to cover his penis. Mayor Lori Lightfoot really hates men in part because they have smelly penises. I think Lori Lightfoot hates to see a man’s penis. Most men in Chicago hide their penis from women.

Maybe Lori Lightfoot had a bulb go on in her life and will allow men to show their penis in public. Maybe Lori Lightfoot is not turned on looking at women’s private parts anymore. Maybe this is part of black empowerment and #BLM Chicago adores.

Lori, place some outhouses around grant park so slum dogs can piss in private. Penis, Penis, Penis, and Lori Lightfoot. Has a nice ring to it. Never too late to go to the dark side.

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