Is Mayor Lori Lightfoot looking sexy now?

Every woman when dating around the singles scene know rule one: surround yourself with ladies that are ugly. It is known when you want to get someone nice and wealthy, make sure you make that lasting first opinion. Guys and butches are often sold by the first look. It makes an indelible impression.

It worked for me. When I was in the dating scene, I made sure I went to the bar with handicap dudes, retarded friends, and people on meth. Man did I stand out as a hero.

I still fail to see how Lori Lightfoot found such a hotty pie when she is so short and mean. It could be Amy was looking for a macho-type bi-trans LGBBQ. It takes all types.

I think Lori needs to hit the gym if he/she wants to keep Amy Elfman. Those thunder thighs would make any man sick when the man-pants are dropped. I am sorry to say, but as a media star, I could never even think about any of these ugly pies. Too much kosher sausage to waste on this pile.

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