Mayor Lori Lightfoot dances around Covid-19 at Jardine Plant

Please listen to the entire video. The part hard to hear is when Craig Wall, an ABC News Reporter asked Lori Lightfoot is she knew if four City of Chicago Water Department at the Jardine Plant employees were infected with Covid-19. He also asked what Personal Protection was issued to the rest of the employees. Watch Lori Lightfoot pussyfoot around the question, dance and sidestep. Watch J.B. Pritzker tell the reporter the virus is not in the drinking water. Too much B.S. for the Chicago greatest Plumber.

Chicago Coronavirus emergency non-compliant

Chicago continues to place blame on the coronavirus. Today a crew was working right next to each other in the same crew. The crew was backfilling a hole. This is not emergency work. Randy Conner and Ralph Chiczewski put John Pope in charge of the life and death decisions needed as the United States is at war.

According to several city employees, if you report having the virus, you can lose your job. Chicago is so broke, they can not afford to have employees at home to stop the virus. The Unions are demanding workers continue to show up so they can get their cut of taxpayer money.

If you look around Chicago construction sites, people are still showing up to work and spreading the virus. We already told you Ralph Chiczewski is still refusing to release all contractors’ names. Ralph has an obligation to the taxpayers of Chicago to protect the drinking supply and he failed again.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot promised to reform Chicago and failed. If you can tell me what the emergency is at Bryn Mawr and Lincoln avenue today, please do. This crew is part of an engulfment scenario. You do not stand behind a dump truck, you could die. OSHA will be notified. WTF. No masks, no level three safety. SAD.

Chicago Clout Corona Virus Emergency Post

My friends,

Many Chicago employees are being asked to work in an environment that WILL cause your death. You will die and your family will starve to death. You are being asked to risk your life and your family’s health.

If you are scared of retaliation, please contact us for whistleblower protection. I will not expose your name or personal information. Do not call Joe Ferguson at the Chicago Office of the Inspector General. The I.G. will call the commissioner’s office and rat you out. The I.G. has not paid one penny in whistleblower money because they are playing everyone for fools. All your information will be kept until a massive class-action lawsuit and Illinois Workers’ Compensation claim is made.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot Covid-19 failure epic for Chicago

It does not take a genius to see the absolute failure Mayor Lori Lightfoot has delivered for Chicago. Lori was always quick to talk crap about the honorable President of the United States Donald Trump. Lori allowed Chicago to break all immigration laws and Chicago has no way to pay for all the illegal immigrants if the Covid-19 gets worse.

Lori always knew the way to pay for all the high living of Union Goons was to have an illegal workforce to cover menial labor. Lori ran on reform and sure fooled me. Lori has allowed Chicago to enter a financial mess that is impossible to get out of. There are so many loans and so many public items one can sell before the party is over. You can always tell a bought person because Lori never shook up the management of the City and only worried about her standing in the national seen. Lori is also only worried about scamming the system for likeminded liberal left-wing loonies.

The gig is up.

The mayor of Chicago is going to need to get on her hands and knees before the President and kiss some booty. Chicago has no way to pay for all the ongoing mistakes.

Just a day ago, Randy ‘Hit and Run” Conner, made an announcement that the Chicago Department of Water Management is infested with the Corona Chinese Virus. When the Virus was first reported, Randy hired legal hitmen to blame the City Workers on their personal lives, for the spread. Fact is that Patrick McDonough a famous Plumber for the City went on WLS Radio and explained the city must stop the swiping. Hundreds of hands go into the same machines and the virus is spread like lighting. Nothing was done.

Worse, Randy and his staff of political misfits failed to provide proper reporting to OSHA and the IWCC. This is creating a massive workers’ compensation nightmare for the City of Chicago. Also, Lori’s staff hangs up the phone on many workers that have not received Workers Compensation benefits due to the financial mess Lori has made. Lori owes years of benefits to injured workers. Lori kept all of Burke’s political hacks and made them full-time employees.

When you have a crisis, you need to provide safety measures in the following manner:

1. Eliminate the risk

2. Initiate administrative control of the hazard

3. Engineer out the risk

Chicago City Workers work in proximity. The Governor of Illinois made an exception to many union workers because he is in debt to them. Chicago workers have no personal protection equipment, a safety department that is an ongoing embarrassment and is run by John Pope, a failed candidate for Alderman.

Sorry Chicago, you cannot fix stupid.

Where is this lazy Union Puppet from the 10th State District? Jawaharial “Omar” Williams?

Where in the heck did Jawaharial “Omar” Williams come from? Jay has spent a horrible history with the city of Chicago involved with various disciplines involving bad decisions. Jay was always getting hurt and accused of doing politics on city time when on disability. Chicago taxpayers would want to know he was handing out flyers and working political business that made his family millions on the city payroll. Most folks know to hide when on workers’ compensation but not Jay.

Not long ago, Jay was on disability pay instead of workers compensation because he was removed from Workers’ Compensation. Most people are fired when accused of Workers’ Compensation Fraud in Illinois, but not Jay.

Another one of those scammers, Commissioner Alphonzo “Coo Coo” Conner and Plumbers “local 130 James F. Coyne Business Manager took this lazy dude and decided to again break the law. Jay after thousands of emails (still hidden) arranged to have a promotion to Local 130 as a caulker. The caulker position was removed after I exposed the fraud. Jay returned to work with a new union and a position that pays more money but still pays the Laborers pension. James “Tiny” Coyne still refused to force the new caulkers to join the same pension as the Plumbers working for the city so these scammers can keep the high pension and seniority. This insider deal included Suzy Parks, Mayor Lori Lightfoot,and The Department of Water Management high ranking personnel employees.

Most the negroes I know are told to take a shit settlement and hit the road. So why is this fool so special?

After watching Jay in his Can-Tv interview, I am certain you would laugh your ass off Chicago Unions are pouring money into his campaign to buy the seat. It proof that Chicago Unions like Local 130 are not representing non-clouted members and are only interested in the millions the skim off the top in political races and Judicial races. Worse than that is, Plumbers’ Local 130 is funneling money from members and placing the money into trusted office holders transferring money to other candidates. It is a fraud. Jay is getting piles of money from Chicago Union members that would be shocked at how stupid this dude is. Most of the coordination of this fraud is managed by Johnny “Double Dipper” D’Amico. John D’Amico was tied into the Hired Truck Program scandal, hiring scandal, and had a do-nothing job at the Chicago Department of Water Management under Alphonso Conner. Conner always looked the other way when John D’Amico was around making $120,000.00 plus for little or no work. John D’Amico is not only a part-time representative of Illinois in the 15th District by a full-time Political Director for Plumbers Local 130. He takes his marching orders for Jimmy “shorty” Coyne the Business Manager. Just recently, the City of Chicago released a FOIA request that showed John D’Amico had no proof he legally served an apprenticeship of legally obtain a Plumber’s License. D’Amico also served in the State advisory committee on Plumbing but rarely shows up to meetings. What a fraud. At least you could give the outfit boy credit for always finding a second well-paying job.

Back to Jay. Jay is related to current alderman that managed to obtain filtered money for his stepson. Jay’s work record was just released to me and a second one was released showing a hideous embarrassing work record. True to form, Jay finally went to work in the North District of Chicago.  Jay was removed from another district so he would be closer to home. Jay also should be working like every other rookie on the pipe crews. Jay is exempted by Local 130 because he knows nothing about Plumbing and is a lazy bum. The City of Chicago is now hiring another Plumber position because Jay is constantly in “secession” Jay is a No-show at work. Jay was assigned to Truck 1404 and I have been following the crew looking for Jay. Jay is nowhere to be found. Maybe the work is hard on him. Jay is supposed to also have a current Plumbers’ Apprenticeship card and attend school one day a week.

Look many black men would like to have one of Jay’s jobs. According to sources at the Mayor’s Office, Jay is going to be promoted quickly so they can hide him at the Jardine Plant. Jay needs to remove himself from the 10 District race and go back to working as a laborer. Jay has done nothing for all the blacks at the Department of Water Management that were refused reasonable accommodations. Jay was given a massive settlement and a permanent disability rating. Maybe Lori Lightfoot should stop being a puppet for the Unions as Chicago is in real financial distress. The Law Department is not watching out for Chicago taxpayers.

Union needs to get out of bed with the pols and use members money to protect injured workers. Chicago Unions only care about the massive nice lifestyle the Union Fat-Cats have. Wake up workers. Wake up. More juicy stuff soon.

More Toxic Spills at Chicago Water Purification Plant

Chicago Clout has exposed the Eugene Water Purification Plant as a toxic mess. If you like dirty water, Chicago’s’ Lori Lightfoot continues with the same political looney cast of characters running the department. The Department of Water Management had another of many toxic chemical spills needing professional outside containment. Despite the many years I have demanded proper training of existing personnel, Commissioner Coo Coo Conner subs the work out to private companies. The Chicago Democratic machine uses these companies to filter cash out of Chicago taxpayers’ hands.

The Department of Water Management continues to hire high paying management positions to reward political failures and the misfits that continue to lose office.

Around February 21, 2020, The Chicago Department of Water Management has a serious containment issue with mercury again. Also, roof leaks were drained into the Chicago Drinking Water Supply. When the Filter Rooms are contaminated, the filters are to be chlorinated. The Jardine Water Plant also has chemical spills, and most are covered up.

The low paid workers from SET Environmental are making about. $13.00 per hour allegedly. The City of Chicago must pay prevailing rates and the companies they hire must pay full rate. When the City of Chicago had the Hired Truck Program, the drivers were ex-cons and losers making near minimum wage. The difference went to politicians and in the pockets of high-ranking Chicago management workers.

The Department of Water Management continues to fight the FOIA requests because of all the money these companies pay to politicians. It is a sweet racket. The Unions in Chicago also look the other way because they are in bed with politicians. What a mess.