More Toxic Spills at Chicago Water Purification Plant

Chicago Clout has exposed the Eugene Water Purification Plant as a toxic mess. If you like dirty water, Chicago’s’ Lori Lightfoot continues with the same political looney cast of characters running the department. The Department of Water Management had another of many toxic chemical spills needing professional outside containment. Despite the many years I have demanded proper training of existing personnel, Commissioner Coo Coo Conner subs the work out to private companies. The Chicago Democratic machine uses these companies to filter cash out of Chicago taxpayers’ hands.

The Department of Water Management continues to hire high paying management positions to reward political failures and the misfits that continue to lose office.

Around February 21, 2020, The Chicago Department of Water Management has a serious containment issue with mercury again. Also, roof leaks were drained into the Chicago Drinking Water Supply. When the Filter Rooms are contaminated, the filters are to be chlorinated. The Jardine Water Plant also has chemical spills, and most are covered up.

The low paid workers from SET Environmental are making about. $13.00 per hour allegedly. The City of Chicago must pay prevailing rates and the companies they hire must pay full rate. When the City of Chicago had the Hired Truck Program, the drivers were ex-cons and losers making near minimum wage. The difference went to politicians and in the pockets of high-ranking Chicago management workers.

The Department of Water Management continues to fight the FOIA requests because of all the money these companies pay to politicians. It is a sweet racket. The Unions in Chicago also look the other way because they are in bed with politicians. What a mess.

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