Lightfoot dragging feet on City Hall Parking

Mayor Lori Lightfoot needs to step up now on City Hall Parking for media

Former Mayor and failure Rahm Emanuel was a complete failure to expose corruption in Chicago. One of the ways he stifled media was to stop issuing Media Park Credentials to qualified media celebrities such as me, the owner of Chicago Clout. Many media stations such as ABC, CBS, and NBC, WTTW, and other need access to City hall to unload heavy T.V. cameras, lighting, and other items needed to make the public informed. Also, when there are emergencies of public interest and concern, the Chicago media must be able to report on public officials without spending hours looking for parking.

History, the Chicago Police Department issued the green passes to all registered journalists that requested one. Each year or two, they were updated in case someone tried to keep it too long. The pass was used in a professional manner and no violations of its use were ever reported. You could also lose your Chicago Police issued media I.D. if you misused the parking pass.

Dumb Dumb Rahm Emanuel stopped issuing passes and Lori Lightfoot has done nothing to reinstate the program. Many Chicago Media companies were allegedly using fake media passes with the CDOT approval. Rahm Emanuel also stifled the press by ordering all FOIA requests delayed to the max to kill stories. Amazing how Rahm is hired by national T.V. when his behavior in Chicago was so anti-media.

I have engaged the Mayor’s office multiple times on this issue. I spoke again to Mondine A. Harding, Lightfoot’s $107,112.00 Administrative Assistant today. She decided to bring along a Chicago Police Supervisor. I also spoke with a Chicago Police Officer assigned to the Mayor’s Office. I want to thank the Chicago Police for their professionalism. Mayor Lori Lightfoot failed to have her staff return my emails and get this issue resolved.

The Chicago Media have resorted to fake pink parking cards and Mondine said they are illegal. This issue will not go away. The media parking should not be for city bigshots that have no respect for parking laws. More on this later.

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  1. If you need to park in the loop pay like everyone else. You should be treated differently as you always complain here. You are not the press because you post 19 times a year stories that false or full inaccuracies or mis representations. The Onion is more truthful then you.

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