Project 6 Update Chicago Department of Water Management

The City of Chicago’s

Department of Water Management has been racked again with an ongoing series of employee misbehavior. Not long ago, in 2017, the City installed a new commissioner at the department. Randy “Coo Coo” Conner promised reform. Rahm Emanuel allegedly gave full control over to him because of the misbehavior for decades by white commissioners and managers.

Any regular Chicago Clout fan knows nothing ever changes at the Chicago Water Department. It is a cesspool of corruption. The DOWM installed a black commissioner simply for optics. Rahm wanted to say, “A black is running the place, go ask him”. Rahm used Randy Conner to hide all of Rahm’s political friends and keep them on the payroll. Today, I asked Megan Vitas, a DOWM spokesperson to comment and she returned one ring hang up. I am certain she knows she can not lie to me and every question I have, I already know the answer.

Just recently, Anthony Nguyen a chemist from the Department of Water Management was involved in another physical assault with a black employee. This is years and years of alleged anti-black and Hispanic behavior. The DOWM knows of his accusations such a pissing in people’s coffee cups and racial tendencies. The Department of Water Management must have hired Edwin Quintanilla, Water Chemist, to play referee. The poor guy got mixed up in this.

So why would Commissioner Conner, a black man, allow this person to be in a place or position to get into a scuffle with a black person? Is it clout? Is it stupidity? Do they have to hide this guy when there is a wave of lawsuits? Why did the Chicago Police show up and what was done?

Stop fighting at work. Fight in the ring.

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