Free Food for Chicago poor now! Dominick's Dumpsters Madison and Halstad

Chicago Poor Dumpster Diving1.jpg Today, I enjoyed a ride around Chicago’s “Greektown” until I ran into this scene. A couple of men were taking food out of garbage cans located at a Dominick’s Food Store. There was quite a bit of food the men took and loaded into their car. I was surprised by them taking milk and I was concerned for their children. When I see things like this, I hope people tell Mayor Daley what is really going on in the street. People in Chicago are starving right now. People are losing their homes and the suffering is widespread. Mayor Daley might have the residents on a diet for the Olympics. People need work now; public officials need to stop ripping off government in Chicago. Alderman in Chicago need to get their act together. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Continuing education for Department of Water Management Employees.

Water Main Valve.jpg I wish to thank Commissioner John Spatz of the Chicago Department of Water Management. A couple of days ago there were some legal issues that were resolved. I hope everyone understands any classes that are listed on Chicago letterhead are subject to Federal, State, and local laws. I want to make sure every employee of the Department has an equal chance to attend any class to improve their education. The classes were held at Journeyman Plumbers’ local 130 apprentice’s hall. I was verbally refused entry a couple of days ago by Tom McManus a blowhard for the union. I also wish to thank Mr. Spatz for providing a member of his staff to supervise the class. I also wish to thank the Chicago Inspector General for their involvement. Every employee of the Water Department could use additional tune-up classes to ensure the safety of Chicago’s water system. I learned more techniques to make my job more professional. Photo edited by Patrick McDonough

City of Chicago installs GPS in Clout Truck after a long, long wait

City of Chicago GPS Several City of Chicago employees were shocked when they learned the brand new Investigator truck did not have GPS installed after all these months. Many other employees were shocked when installation of GPS went in today because clout heavy workers do not have GPS in their vehicles. I guess the workers did not know the hour or more they did nothing was under video surveillance at the beginning of the day. I guess they also did not know they were under video surveillance coming into the yard two of more hours early to sleep and get ready for their other day jobs. I guess they did not take the hint when the boss kept busting them sleeping in the sleeping bag, or resting in some other crew’s trucks. Some guys really know how to scam the system for years at a time and forget times are changing. The company installing the GPS is located in Antioch, Illinois. They are subcontractors for a company with the contract. The workers are non-union, do not pay union dues, but are allowed on City property with no background checks. The workers do not need to live in Chicago. Local 134 electricians were just laid off. Maybe Tom McManus can look into this after lunch someday. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Chicago Department of Water Management new educational classes

Union Local 130 Workers.jpg Please make sure you read attached memorandum from Commissioner John Spatz below. Today a memo came out from Commissioner John Spatz, Department of Water Management. The Plumber’s Union will provide Plumbers and Caulkers a class to learn how to work on valves. According to the memo, the department was notified today at 12:42 p.m. of the class. The Department sent out a memo immediately, and left some of the memos around the offices. This memo was not posted. The classes are tomorrow. I called Tom McManus of the Plumber’s Union and he said I am not allowed to attend. Seems these secret classes are only for people Plumber’s Local 130 approves. Despite the fact the memo is on Chicago stationary, only Local 130 members can attend. This is the second class Local 130 tried sneaking past workers at Chicago. That last time it was a locating class. These classes are kept quiet because they only want their friends to attend the classes; they want a leg up when the promotions arrive. Members of Local 1092 asked to attend the class and Tom McManus refused them entry. In Chicago, many of the valves are fixed by the Laborers because the Plumbers are too fat or lazy to enter the basin. Mayor Daley should be made aware the Chicago Department of Water Management workers still face discrimination, harassment, and shakman violations. All classes should be made available to all workers during city time. Not allowing non-union plumbers and caulkers this training is against the law. Tom McManus should work on all the employee grievances he has done nothing about for years. City workers know a scam when they see one. Ask Tom McManus why he is not doing his job; ask why you pay dues for nothing. Photo edited by Patrick McDonough.]]> Continue reading “Chicago Department of Water Management new educational classes”

Cook County Board President Todd H. Stroger and Chicago Clout Staff

President Stroger and Chicago Clout.jpg (Pictured from left, Julio Luna, President Todd H. Stroger, Ronald Bober, and Patrick McDonough) One of my favorite politicians in Cook County is Cook County Board President Todd H. Stroger. I was very thankful when he took a picture many years ago with my twin boys. As many of you know, I try to be fair with every person that runs for office. I always give extra points for politicians that treat the public with respect and openness. President Todd Stroger has always been very kind to me, my children, and Chicago Clout staffers. I did not mean to interrupt with the Stroger Staff meeting at Mac Arthurs Restaurant, but I was very happy to see a person I admire. I voiced my concerns regarding the unfair manner the Stroger Administration has received press coverage, that is another issue we are on common ground. I think the public should know the Cook County Board President works 24/7. I also think we need to get the word out Todd Stroger is doing a heck of a job despite the difficult economic climate. I know this website is Chicago Clout, but I look forward to get the word out on County activity when things are getting done right. Photo by Le Shawn James and edited by Patrick McDonough

City of Chicago 311 Center will need your calls on Sewer Cave-ins

Chicago Sewer Problems.jpg Please look at this picture of a Sewer Frame and Cover. The Chicago Municipal Sanitary Sewer Systems are called combination sewers, we mix storm water and sanitary waste. One of the major problems with the Department of Water Management was the political hacks that ran the system. Please look around when you walk around any curbs; you have a good chance of running into a sunken Sewer Frame and lid. The problems are multiplied when you have a Mayor Daley that feels he should spend money on wasteful things like the Olympics. For many years, Chicago has allowed storm basins to wash out, breaking discharge piping and allowing entire streets to cave-in. Chicago removed needed inspectors and fired Bricklayers. Chicago Union Bricklayers make the needed repairs to make our city safe. The result is sand and backfill needed to keep our streets solid and supported compromised. This is not a problem that will go away soon. This is a major infrastructure issue due to incompetent management. The City of Chicago has decided again to waste millions of dollars on new water main projects while the Sewers fall into disrepair. Mayor Daley’s Administration has hired more contactors to handle the projects as he gets ready to remove Chicago City Workers. (Political donations) Chicago is a major embarrassment to well maintained cities in other countries. Remember Chicago Clout fans, I told you a long time ago Chicago is broke and mismanaged. Remember to call 311 and report any broken sewers or any streets that are sinking, you might save a life. Photo by Patrick McDonough.