The Chicago Fire Department salute Chicago Plumbing Investigators

Chicago Fire Investigators at work.jpg April 18, 2009. When City of Chicago Fire Department Engine 56 encountered a defective Fire Hydrant, an emergency situation was at hand. The hose for filling the Fire Truck was stuck on the fire hydrant. When the CFD called the City of Chicago Department of Water Management, Chicago’s greatest Investigators were sent out. Due to the skill of the crew a major disaster was avoided. Precious time would have been wasted calling a Hydrant crew out on this emergency. Thanks to the skill of the crew and years of proper training, a major repair was made on the spot. Special thanks to Patrick McDonough, Ronald Bober, and Julio Luna for a job well done. The Hydrant crew took all the overtime selfishly the entire winter and now wants to take the leak crew’s overtime. Please call James Sullivan at the Plumber’s Union, ask why we pay thousands of dollars a year in dues and fees, and the same bunch of goons still get the overtime. I think if we get the Chicago Mob to provide protection, we will pay less and get a piece of the overtime once in a while. There must be a loophole in the Shakman agreement. Photo by Know Overtime.

Chicago Department of Water Management Hero Sgt. Greg Ortiz

Greg Ortiz Chicago Clout.jpg The City of Chicago has many employees that serve in the Armed Forces putting their lives on the line for us every day. I think Mayor Daley should give certificates of appreciation to show Chicago honors these men and women. Today I got a big surprise when a strong set of hands grabbed me, it was Greg Ortiz. Greg Ortiz is a MTD Truck Driver Foreman for the City of Chicago Department of Water Management. The 726 teamsters were overjoyed when Greg made the rounds to his troops at home, Greg is wildly popular. I was very happy to see Greg and know he is fine, he is currently serving our country in Afghanistan. Greg is serving the United States Army as an Infantry Platoon Sergeant. A Platoon Sergeant is the senior NCO and second in command ready to assist the officer at anytime. Currently Greg is serving in the Hindu Kush Mountain Range in eastern and central Afghanistan. This mountain range also extends to into Pakistan. I hope everyone in Chicago and especially all the City of Chicago employees has a prayer in their hearts for Greg. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Two Chicago Employees Fight for Water Department Employees

U.S.equal employment .jpg
Enjoy this picture Bruce Randazzo at the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Chicago District Office on April 9, 2009. A complex set of complaints were made to ensure the fair practice of bidding for trucks, locations, and assignments as agreed by the Local 726 union bargaining agreement. Some knucklehead at the water department wants to change things. Another complaint was also made at the Illinois Labor Relations Board at 180 North LaSalle Street, Suites-400 Chicago, Illinois 60601. I met with Hans DE Kok an Investigator for the Department, Bruce laid out the complaint. I admit I exchange words with Hans when he said, “If it not fair, it does not make it illegal”. I am very proud of every member of the Teamsters that signed a demand for the Union and the Department of Water Management to sit down and enforce worker’s rights. Remember, you are paid by the taxpayers of the City of Chicago and Taxpayers want work rules enforced, not lawsuits. The ability for Management to send you to any part of the city or change your truck bid to anytime slot they wish will start a fresh round of Shakman violations. If you live on the North side of Chicago and refuse to do politics, you could end up on the south side of Chicago as a retaliatory act. I am also thankful for our friends at ABC channel 7 News for taping our side of the story. Bruce also picked up a box of street guides for all the North District Teamsters. To all the guys that do not understand the real Bruce; he is on your side to enforce work rules and rights. I spoke with Michael Shakman later in the day and this issue is not going to disappear. The Municipal Advocate General is going to bat for the guys now! Photo by Patrick McDonough

Dick Sayad for Mayor of Des Plaines

Dick Sayad Des Plaines.jpg I am covering candidates in the Des Plaines race for Mayor, Aldermanic, and City Clerk races. Dick Sayad is very difficult to photograph because he is very passionate. I caught up with him in his ward, he has a loyal following. This photo seems to show what he is all about, inclusion. Dick Sayad was one candidate that spoke from the heart, not prewritten notes. Good luck to everyone in races. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Jennifer Brookman Tsalapatanis Des Plaines City Clerk? Never

Jennifer Brookman Tsalapatanis.jpg Des Plaines City Clerk Candidate Jennifer Tsalapatanis promised lots of honesty and transparency for Des Plaines City Residents wanting to pick the best Clerk Candidate. I always said Patrice McDonough would be the best candidate and Gloria Ludwig seems like a nice lady. I have a video so you can prove these accusations for yourself, and I will give phone numbers so you can call these people for yourself, fair?
Jennifer is the daughter of James and Carla Brookman. Carla Brookman is a slick politician that votes against the tough issues when she knows enough of the other Alderman are going to pass legislation. I have pictures with her and Dave “Mad Dog” Madlener a republican consultant. Carla also swings with Todd Wessell and Brian Burkross a political gadfly. Jennifer’s father James Brookman is running for 5th Ward Alderman and is suing the City of Des Plaines for Workman Compensation. He is lucky to be able to walk for miles and miles when running for office, but I guess he cannot do any kind of honest labor, as far as I read into this. Jim and Carla Brookman live in a beautiful mansion on 702 Howard Avenue, in Des Plaines. Call James Brookman at 847-635-9375. Jame’s former Des Plaines firefighter co-workers are helping his competition, Aldermanic candidate Daniel Winiecki. Daniel Winiecki is recommended by me for honesty. Jennifer listed all her legal documents and certified she lived at 653 Jarlath. Her house was listed for $759,000.00 and then listed for $569,000.00, and then sold for $450,000.00. She sold the house to Mr. and Mrs. Pathak. Most times houses are dumped like this is because of impending foreclosure. Call Jennifer and ask her, 847-612-1419. Enjoy the video. Carla Brookman was accused of not living in her ward before, so this is the way they run. I heard the lawyers are lined up. Time to run the Brookmans out of Des Plaines. Watch the video. Thank you, Patrick McDonough.
Video here: Where does she live?