Chicago Department of Water Management Hero Sgt. Greg Ortiz

Greg Ortiz Chicago Clout.jpg The City of Chicago has many employees that serve in the Armed Forces putting their lives on the line for us every day. I think Mayor Daley should give certificates of appreciation to show Chicago honors these men and women. Today I got a big surprise when a strong set of hands grabbed me, it was Greg Ortiz. Greg Ortiz is a MTD Truck Driver Foreman for the City of Chicago Department of Water Management. The 726 teamsters were overjoyed when Greg made the rounds to his troops at home, Greg is wildly popular. I was very happy to see Greg and know he is fine, he is currently serving our country in Afghanistan. Greg is serving the United States Army as an Infantry Platoon Sergeant. A Platoon Sergeant is the senior NCO and second in command ready to assist the officer at anytime. Currently Greg is serving in the Hindu Kush Mountain Range in eastern and central Afghanistan. This mountain range also extends to into Pakistan. I hope everyone in Chicago and especially all the City of Chicago employees has a prayer in their hearts for Greg. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. Hey Pat,
    I would like to say a few things about our Hero at the Sunnyside Yard, Mr. Ortiz and I were not very good friends at the yard at Sunnyside, in My opinion, he tryed to screw me around so much, I think he got a kick out of it, Mr. Ortiz has so much Clout he doesn’t know what to do with it. So we have bumped heads once in a while, he said some mean things to me, and I said some mean things back to him. But to make a long story short, he would be a good guy if he stopped the favoritism going on. in my opinion. But I am really really glad he made it back without a scratch on him, I was hoping for the worst for him at first, but then as he was getting ready to go and serve his country, I felt very bad for him, I wished him Godspeed to come back home unhurt!!! one never knows what lies ahead of you. Wish you the best Mr. Ortiz!!!!!!

  2. I would like to say that I know, he is a good person and a good soldier.We as city workers should be proud of the service that he gives to our country,he is servering with my son and I can say without a doubt that he will look out
    for my son and the other soldiers under him.We all owe the people in the armed forces for our freedom that we take for granted,Pray for soldiers!

  3. Hello…I would like to say Gregory Ortiz is a very great person. Im proud of him for serving our country..and i was glad to see him back…also i want to say he is a terrific father and im honored to have him as a dad…please keep him in your prayers…

  4. Thank you for posting this picture of my son. For those who love and support him…thank you too. He is still in Afghanistan and was home briefly in April. His duty to his country is not over so please continue with the prayers. And for those who don’t have anything good to say…keep it.

  5. I am so proud to see that there is some recognition for those willing to put their lives on the line for our freedom. Greg has a heart for our country and for his fellow man. He truly cares and is serving voluntarily, there is alot to be said for that. I appreciate him and his sacrifices, many of which noone but family know about. In response to the comment from the embittered person, whoever you are, I have to say that sometimes in the workplace you have to call things as you see them and that doesn’t always make you the most popular person…the motivation for someone like Greg is to do his job and live up to his work ethic and his responsibilities. Thank you for your well wishes in spite of your problems. On behalf of Greg’s family, Thank you.

  6. Were you there Mr Anonymous? Ask the soldiers who served with him what they know about Greg’s heroic acts. Ask Greg’s military superiors who have decorated him with various medals and comendations what they think. I understand that it is hard for those with limited mental capacities to comrehend the complexities of war so I won’t hold that against you. Just remember, when it comes down to it, there are more people who love and respect Greg than you can ever imagine. We have his back. I encourage those who have nothing good to say to look in the mirror and recognize their own flaws before they point the finger at others.

  7. he might be qualified to fight wars but he aint QUALIFIED to be foreman. maybe CLOUT from his father in law….the big wig from local 726 BRANTLEY he gets the job..after 4 or 5 years ha ha ha

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