Chicago Clout Salutes Plumber's Local 93

Plumber's Local 93.jpg
One of the best unions in Illinois is a no-nonsense local located in Lake County. According to a source that wants to remain unknown, answered a few questions. I asked, “If I had a friend that was a laborer and I wanted to get a Journeyman’s Plumbers Card for this person, who would I pay off”? I also asked, “If I know a powerful politician, who would I have him (her) call to get a Journeyman Plumbers Card”? I also asked, “If I work the precincts real hard for the politicians, could I get a Plumber’s Licence”? He answered, “The Plumber protects the heath of the Nation, you must serve a formal five year apprenticeship and learn the honorable toil, no exceptions, period” Well, I respect that and was going to ask if they employ “Caulkers (D-Tomczak)”, but I know a great Union Local when I see one. Photo by AP. Patrick McDonough.

Chicago Clout Party Site Picked, The Catus Club Lake Geneva

Cactus Club.jpg
December 30, 2006. I am very grateful to the many people that have helped me get my job back. We are planing a nice party in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin in a few short weeks. I enjoy this restaurant on a regular basis, and suggest you bring a loved one there instead of gambling or drinking at a bar. If you would like to be invited please contact me at this web site’s e-mail address. There will be no charge for this gala. AP staff photo.

Please say a prayer for the innocent Murdered Chicago Children

Mt. Olivet Abortion Monument.jpg
Many weekends I attempt to get away for peace and solitude. I spend time at Mt. Olivet Memorial grounds in Elkhorn Wisconsin. I pray for parted family, and I visit a monument for the remembrance of the multitude of Innocent Human Life murdered for convenience. Many Chicago politicians pray in Catholic Churches and do not think twice about having an abortion. The Chicago Cardinal should stop giving communion to these phonies, and I think Mayor Daley should explain his view on this issue. Many abortion clinics thrive in Chicago and our innocent are murdered. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Mayor Daley will not debate Negroes

And this is not racism? Please click here:,CST-NWS-mayor30.article Man O’Live those 11th ward guys like to rumble with the Wentworth Garden folks when they are kids, but the stumblin, and bumblin, Richard Daley shows his lack of respect for blacks by not debating Chicago African Americans. Thanks to Mayor Daley and his upbringing, blacks will not be allowed to debate, and Iran just hung Sadam for the same leadership. Daley, are you afraid to lose a debate to black people? What does the Chicago Catholic Cardinal say about this?

Chicago Department of Water Management Safety Division Saves Workers Lives

Chicago Water Service Leak.jpg
Today we were on a very dangerous water leak on 40th street in Chicago. The foreman on the job was reminded about the procedures that require Chicago Forestry notified if a tree is within 5 foot of any excavation. Two Chicago workers reminded the foreman again about the rules and than the safety department was called. Alice Carter and Safety Boss Mark Holder made sure proper procedure was followed. Thanks safety department for a job well done, we want to go home alive to our families. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Chicago Fire Hydrants Looted for Scrap and Drug Money

Chicago Fire Hydrants Looted.jpg
On December 27, 2006, I again encountered another Fire Hydrant that is out of service. Drug addicts found it is easy to take the brass nozzles from Chicago Fire Hydrants and get some quick cash. Scrap Metal Junkers are also suspected of taking the brass so they can live a better lifestyle due to the sky high Chicago Taxes. Remember this Fire Hydrant will not connect to a Chicago Fire Truck which means people might die if water is needed to put out a fire. If you see someone suspicious playing around a Chicago Fire Hydrant call 311. Get the licence plates and tell the Chicago Police, the life you save might be your own. This fire hydrant is located at Sacramento and 40th Street. The Chicago Department of Water Management needs to get a handle on this massive problem. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Don't Get Burned 12th Ward-Vote for Bocanegra

12th Ward Candidate.jpg
Today I had the pleasure of meeting a young man that is running for 12th Ward Alderman in Chicago. Politics in the 12th Ward include HDO, pro-Daley Mob Goons that will stop at nothing to take away freedom from our good hard working citizens. I like this campaign, Alberto Bocanegra is reform minded, and the best candidate for the job. Please see his web site, click here (under construction) Also you can call him at 1-773-981-5119. Chicago Employees, we will need our voices in the Chicago Council as the contracts are coming up for renewal. Not long ago the Bocanegra family’s garage was torched, a Mob tactic for sure. Chicago needs new leadership. Alberto insisted on a picture with his family, from left Sergio, Alberto, Jr. Elizabeth, and Alberto Sr. Time for some moral leadership in the 12th Ward and less Daley Mobsters. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Patrick McDonough, Frank Coconate, Carol Marin, and Jay Stewart

Anti-Daley Rally.jpg
Please read this article, Click here:,CST-EDT-carol20.article When one of Chicagoland’s top reporters Carol Marin, talks with one of Chicago’s top Government Watchdogs, Jay Stewart, and the conversation is about Whistleblowers, Patrick McDonough and Frank Coconate’s name is at the top of the list. Patrick McDonough was fired and got his job back, although Mayor Daley is spending millions more of Chicago Taxpayer’s money, to appeal the decision in Circuit Court January 12, 2007. Frank Coconate was fired for supporting Jesse Jackson Jr. , even though Jesse never ran for the 2007 Mayoral post. That shows how sick in the head Mayor Daley is. Also note in the picture, Patrica Hill and Bill “Doc” Walls, Patrick and David McDonough. This was a Anti- Daley Rally October 1, 2005, I guess we knew about what a rat bag Daley always and continues to be. Photographer is ……………