Chicago Mayoral Candidate Dorothy Brown Video

Please enjoy this video, click here : On December 5, 2006, Dorothy Brown spoke about her vision for a better Chicago. The Hon. Dorothy Brown is the Clerk of the Cook County Court System, the world”s largest. The show was Co-hosted by one of the best attorneys in Illinois, Frank Avila Esq. of Avila and Tomic LLC. Also Co-hosting is the classy Wendy George Valasso, a famous model and actress. Wendy can be reached at Remember Dorothy Brown will treat Chicago City Workers with respect and be a great leader. Please contact Dorothy Brown’s campaign, click here: Or call 312-949-9266 Patrick McDonough.

Hon. Dorothy Brown Mayor of Chicago? I say Yes!

Cook County Clerk Dorothy Brown.jpg
Chicago Taxpayers better take a real good look at a very formidable candidate for Mayor of the City of Chicago. We will have a video staring Cook County Clerk Dorothy Brown, co-hosted by Frank Avila and Wendy George Gevalasso. Frank Avila is a “Top Gun Lawyer” in Chicago and Wendy is a famous model and actress. Chicago is a mess on the inside due to the corruption in the Daley Administration. Please help a well educated and classy politician a chance to put a real glimmer to Chicago’s image. Dorothy Brown is the real deal and a classy leader. Click here to learn more Dorothy Brown is committed to root out all the corruption and clout in Chicago politics. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Margaret Ann Mell Rest in Peace

Dear Mell Family, the many friends of Chicago Clout including Frank Avila, Ivan Tomic, and Patrick McDonough will always have Margaret Ann Mell in our hearts forever. On behalf of all Union Chicago City Workers, you are in our hearts, our thoughts, and our prayers. Patrick McDonough.

Streets and Sanitation Darren Gilbert Fired

Darren Gilbert.jpg
Yesterday, I met Darren at McDonald’s Restaurant in the North Side of Chicago. Darren told me he was fired when accused of Bribery. Darren worked for Traffic Services and picked up illegally parked cars. Cars parked next to fire hydrants, ect. One day, Darren was getting ready to pick up another car and the car’s owner accused him of taking two hundred dollars. Darren was put on paid leave and investigated by the Chicago Police and the Prosecutor. The charges were dropped as the car owner lied and was a four time loser that had his car towed in the past. On July 31, 2006, Michael Picardi, Commissioner of Department of Streets and Sanitation signed off and Darren was discharged as a Motor Truck Driver. Darren is on appeal and the Department of Personnel is reviewing the case. Taxpayers will pay the board insiders millions of dollars a year to hear these cases that do not belong in the courts. Why is this black man not a work? Is someone seeing a pattern? Darren is getting divorced over this. Of course, Darren’s white clouted boss spent the day at a ball game with his kids on the Chicago Taxpayer dime, but the white boss got Daley family and friends that he went to school with, so the boss is still at work, fair? Remember, it is time the black leadership in Chicago look into the way or Black Chicago City Workers are being treated. Darren has a perfect work record and is on time every day. Let us work together to get his job back.

Chicago Water employee waits for answer to possible fraud

Perry Pearce drives this very complicated truck for the Chicago Department of Water Management. Perry is a dedicated worker and is a well respected professional. Problem is Perry still has no answers to who handed out his personal information and allowed a ticket that was not his, sent to his home? The Inspector General is on the job but if they want to get it done right they should stop having departments fax them information so the crooks get a heads up. If you call me Mr. Inspector General, we will make a little stop at 26th and Wentworth on the south-side and some boyz there will help us solve the mystery. Patrick McDonough.

Chicago City Workers Get on Daley's New Clout List

Hurry up and show Mayor Daley your his “gumba”. Fran Spielman of the Chicago Sun-Times, found another chink in Daley’s political armor. Now that the FEDs got Daley’s (oops Sorich’s) old clout list it is time to replace the old with the new. I would not sign it because you might sign away your legal rights if the FEDs investigate you in the future. But you might want to sign it because Daley might sic the Chicago Inspector General on you at work. Daley is power crazy and I think he is unstable. Or as I call him, a (CINO) Catholic in name only. Please read between the lines here:,daley120206.article Fran whacked another Home Run. Patrick McDonough

Bill "Dock" Walls Chicago Mayor Candidate Protests in Chicago Goldcoast

Bill Walls.jpg
Bill “Dock” Walls attended a protest at Chicago City Council recently and I got a picture of him. Bill on the left of this picture is a friend of mine and a friend to my family. Please see this video of the protest as some black folk forget where they come from. Deseree Rogers, the token “black woman” of Mayor Daley’s Administration, made a fortune on poor blacks selling the lotto. The lotto was legalized mob money that never helped the schools in the way it was sold. Linda Johnson Rice is another black that forgot her roots and spends more money looking white than many black folks make living in the projects. These two sistas look mighty white to me. Hey rich black leaders, get in the limo and see the blight the poor black people live in just a few miles away from your multi-million dollars home. Help your own, that’s why they are in the ghetto. Support Bill “Dock” Walls have a chance to speak out. Chicago can do better to help the poor. Please see this video Photo by Patrick McDonough