Chicago Water employee waits for answer to possible fraud

Perry Pearce drives this very complicated truck for the Chicago Department of Water Management. Perry is a dedicated worker and is a well respected professional. Problem is Perry still has no answers to who handed out his personal information and allowed a ticket that was not his, sent to his home? The Inspector General is on the job but if they want to get it done right they should stop having departments fax them information so the crooks get a heads up. If you call me Mr. Inspector General, we will make a little stop at 26th and Wentworth on the south-side and some boyz there will help us solve the mystery. Patrick McDonough.

2 Replies to “Chicago Water employee waits for answer to possible fraud”

  1. Looks like this story and the one before it are examples of city coruption.Where is Frank Avalia and Frank(the homless mooch) when you need them?I think they should all team up together to file a lawsuit to correct this matter.This is discrimination Right?

  2. Also I would like to ad this comment off the record. I am a Tollway employee on I88.One of our fellow workers Wayne Paulie was struck by a hit and run driver early Saturday morning. Wayne is in very critical condition. This story has been aired on the local news stations across Chicago. I am asking for many prayers for my fellow co worker. Wayne saved our foreman’s life when he noticed a car heading straight for our boss. He pushed him out of the way and get hit by three different vehicles in THE CONSTRUCTION ZONE!!!!!PLEASE SLOW DOWN we are all human beings and have families that we want to go home to at the end of our shift. So Pat, sorry to take up comment space but i am just asking everybody to keep Mr Wayne Paulie in their prayers, It will be a miracle if he survives.

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