Chicago City Workers Get on Daley's New Clout List

Hurry up and show Mayor Daley your his “gumba”. Fran Spielman of the Chicago Sun-Times, found another chink in Daley’s political armor. Now that the FEDs got Daley’s (oops Sorich’s) old clout list it is time to replace the old with the new. I would not sign it because you might sign away your legal rights if the FEDs investigate you in the future. But you might want to sign it because Daley might sic the Chicago Inspector General on you at work. Daley is power crazy and I think he is unstable. Or as I call him, a (CINO) Catholic in name only. Please read between the lines here:,daley120206.article Fran whacked another Home Run. Patrick McDonough

One Reply to “Chicago City Workers Get on Daley's New Clout List”

  1. The Inspector General will probably investigate the wrong guy and will try to blame it on some poor fool or Pat McDonough or some guy who has cancer.

    How come Alexander Vrstrourias is not in jail.

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