Andersonville Residents help 19th Ward Water Emergency. Chicago DOWM fails again

May 6th, and 7th, 2021. The Chicago 19th Ward was hit again with another shutdown of the Roseland pumping station. This has gone on several times. The 19 Ward was under a boil order which again shows the failures of Mayor Lightfoot of Chicago. The Chicago Department of Water Management has been warned by Chicago Clout about the lack of proper maintenance at Chicago pumping stations. The Eugene Sawyer water purification plant had a massive surge just prior to the pump failures. No excuse Mayor Lightfoot. Will this crush the private water deal made with Joliet? We will find out.

The 19th Ward had an emergency response from the Andersonville neighborhood. Two pallets of water from Costco were delivered to senior citizens centers from Patrick McDonough a City of Chicago Plumber and State Certified Plumbing Inspector, currently on unpaid disability. Also, Justin McDonough, son of Gregory McDonough (deceased) and former DOWM Plumber Central District swung into action, delivering yummy Costco Kirkland water so 19th Ward Seniors can reach Alderman Matthew O’Shea if they need potable water. It was a generous gift from Justin who lives on his disability payments. Justin has Cerebral Palsy, but that did not stop him from helping. Also special thanks to retired Plumbing Inspector Michael McGann for making this large and generous offer. Michael McGann purchased a state of art trailer to make emergency response possible.

Patrick McDonough is now part of the Plumbers with no Borders organization and their first Plumbing Inspector. “I am hoping to reorganize the Department of Water Management to have a rapid response team to provide water when pumping stations go offline, said Mr. McDonough. special thanks to the 19 Ward Office Staff (Kelly) that had to unload the water due to the disabilities. If you would like to join our rapid response team, please contact us.

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  1. God Bless you Patrick and all your help and people involved .
    Always been one to help and put others first. Blessings on your future projects and hard work.

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