Chicago DOWM Commissioners obtain Photo of Inspector

Chicago’s most powerfrul Inspector

The City of Chicago Department of Water Management has been getting off proper inspections of excavations. Calls to Farty Quinn, John Poop, and Lazy Megan Vidis have shown their reluctance to face the music. A laborer at the sewer division was taking pictures of inspectors looking at the lack of trench excavation safety.

Just prior to sewer crew, a DOWM Leak crew was seen safely installing shoring for the eight- and one-half inch deep ditch. The crew was installing a new valve to replace the old leaking valve. The City of Chicago under Lori Lightfoot still uses ancient bricklayers due to all the contributions to her campaign. Most if not all suburbs use precast concrete basins to save money and to work safer.

One of the laborers took pictures and sent them to high ranking DOWM commissioners to observe. I am glad the DOWM insists lazy do-nothing laborers taking pictures, because they sure as hell are not working. As you might expect, we have full access to needed information. We have made several calls to Clout heavy, Farty Quinn, John “Poop” Pope and Megan “isn’t doing shit lately” Vidis. Get your head out of Axelrod’s lap and answer calls you ho ho.  

Many safety inspections have been done with and without crews aware. Please be warned, install shoring or get caught injured or dead. The Department of Water Management and the City of Chicago spend millions on every way to avoid working safe. They also spend millions on lawyers to avoid making workers compensation benefits. All letters go directly to Mayor Lightfoot. On May, 6, 2021 we were scheduled to release some incredibly damming video, but was put off by the State.

Do not get caught working in an illegal excavation anymore. You might regret it.

On this site a man was withing 6 inches of the opening unloading items from his SUV. No one from this crew did anything to keep him safe.

It looks like Chicago pays this crews bosses Julie Hernandez-Tomlin $159,036.00 Matthew Quinn $132,972.00, and John “poop” Pope $122,772.00 to convince IDOL Victor Brume to avoid proper inspections (allegedly). What happened to the days of IDOL George Hollich and John Bastert? Please ask John “poop” Pope to stop making poo poo all the time because it looks like he is sick and losing too much weight. Work honest like that handsome guy in the picture.

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