Ghost Mayor Lightfoot destroyed Chicago

Sleeping in the pickup, taking long, long lunches. Randy Conner is a failure. Fraud in Chicago.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot has promised reform in Chicago. What a lie. Since Lori got in office, she has wasted time attempting to become a hero to the drug-addicted and communists. Lori’s hating ways is destroying Chicago. Billions of income are missing.

Explosive revelations of private loans are being exposed.

Today, a bricklayer was in his pick-up truck with black plastic trash bags in the windows and the windshield. Also, the bricklayer had a rag over his head and was enjoying a extremely long lunch on the taxpayers dime. I agree the air conditioning must have felt nice. I suggest you explain why many Chicagoans are starving at home, this crew is taking long lunches and are missing from the job. Many Chicago residents are fed up with Lori Lightfoot doing nothing to reform the contracts making democrat-controlled companies millions.

Sho nuf, a phone call to Lisa at the Commissioner’s office, and the crew was back working away. One laborer was holding a shovel up and did not allow it to hit the ground. If Randy Conner is still allowing crews to take a one-hour travel time to the jobsite and allowing a one and one half hour lunch, and allowing a one hour travel time back to the yard to sign-out a reflection of Lightfoot’s respect for out of work taxpayers, I am gob smacked.

Chicago taxpayers are going to pay for massive wage increases for these slow movers soon. All the backpay checks are going to hurt you and your family. Ole Mellon Head Lori is watching this go on and on. Sup wit dat?

Please go to Bryn Mawr and Ravenswood tomorrow morning. Best the job gets done real quick.

Chicago Taxpayers screwed out of another million dollars. And Leroy wants to be a Supreme Judge?

SCOTUS Mayor Leroy Lightfoot? Never

Many people that work for the City of Chicago are victims of a legal system that rewards private law firms and destroy injured workers rights. In return, the law firms give massive donations to the Alderman and mainly the mayor. Many of these quid pro quo actions should be brought up at Alderman Eddy Burke Federal trial. About time.

Many people have fair claims, but Mayor Lori Lightfoot drags the cases on hopping the plaintiff dies.  A Chicago Park District employee was fired in 2013. She was a Hispanic Park District Supervisor. She was a 20-year employee. She just won her job back with 500,000.00 dollars, all back pay, and she must be reinstated with every benefit a Chicago Park District is entitled to.

When she tried to defend herself, she was denied. The lousy union did nothing for her as usual. Along came Attorney Annette M. Garry and Marianne C. Holzhall. They obliterated the City’s defense and were awarded $1,000.000.00 in legal fees.

One of Chicago’s best Judges ruled, the Chicago park District took a scorched=earth approach to the case, raising objections even to innocuous requests, refusing to stipulate or make meaningful efforts to resolve issues by agreement, and generally challenging everything without being able to compromise, and those litigation tactics played a role in inflating the time the plaintiff’s counsel spent on the case” The Honorable Alonso wrote.

Will Mayor Lori Lightfoot learn from this lesson? No, she is too stupid and so in the entire Law Department. More on this later.

So tell Leroy Lightfoot she will never step a foot into the Supreme Court, even when the Democrats finally take power. You can’t fix stupid. See you back at work Ms. Vega.

Will Chicago Mayor Leroy Lightfoot fix the homeless problems in the Ghetto? Beggers heading north.

Will Joe Biden win Chicago with Leroy Lightfoot?

Yo Yo Joe might be the only person that can save Mayor Leroy Lighttfoot failed service to Chicago. Mayor Lightfoot has spent money like a drunken sailor on leave. Should President Donald Trump bail out Chicago? Should the entire United States pay for all the pensions Lori is continuing to pile on us? Very soon, Leroy will need to pay the past due on pensions.

If you look at many street corners in Chicago, more poor people are working the corners to get extra money. It proves Leroy is not getting resources to people that are very despite. The way Leroy and his wifey Karen are going, they will be working the street corners with signs that say, ‘former Mayor of Chicago, forgive me for being an absolute failure”. Mayor Leroy Lightfoot just approved massive pay increases to Union workers in Chicago.

Does Mayor Leroy Lightfoot think she is GOD?

Leroy Lightfoot in the best manner possible. The media is attempting to show, despite the facts, that a black, lesbian, butch, bossy, incompetent, spiteful, loser is somehow the answer for Chicago. Real media would all over these ongoing mistakes and mishaps if it were a white man. Face the facts, Lori is so out of control, she goes to the media with more stupid stories about how she is going to control wealthy whites that intend to enjoy their second and third homes. Her demands on how people are going to lead their lives is very intrusive.

When Leroy became Mayor, he/she promised reform. All of us were glad for her and for the city. Instead, Leroy want to go on national talk shows and prove what a fool he/she really is. Leroy has failed miserably to install new leadership and improve the quality of life in Chicago. Chicago is a killing ground and things are worse. Who will Leroy blame this week? Please join us at a major rally to force Chicago to pay injured City workers and change the major failure to protecting citizens. Many people tell me Mayor Lori Lightfoot is a communist and a Socialist, I think she is a chump. She fooled us. Join us, it will be a riot and lots of fun. #Loritakedownthatstatue

The City of Chicago faces ruins most certainly. The Chicago media continues to attempt to show Mayor

Yo Commissioner Allison Arwady, M.D., M.P.H., Covid-19 Mess up yo Head? Fix the G.D. Door and broken glass.

Chicago Department of Public Health Broken Door for seeks

If you are asking for Health advice in the City of Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot sends all her Covid-19 questions to Commissioner “Covid Cloudy Head” Arwady. I am thinking the old doctor’s head must be in a fog because she has left a broken door and glass shards all over the Chicago Department of Public Health  333 S State St #200, Chicago, IL 60604.

Many phone calls to OSHA and other safety agencies have gone with nothing done. As stupid as Lori Lightfoot is, even she knows she needs a safe front door to save herself from all the attacking goons. We know Lori is looking to upset the President of the United States as she has set herself to higher office. Lori is too stupid to figure out the damage done by her inability to control her thugs destroying Chicago will backfire. This is the result when you legalize weed in Chicago, more stupid. Weeks to fix a door?

Mayor Lori Lightfoot, her wifey Karen, and Chicago burns

What do you mean Chicago is burning down again?

Mayor Leroy Lightfoot has ruined Chicago. Leroy has continued to blame President Donald Trump. Leroy say, waz sup wit dat?” The City of Chicago is in such a major financial crisis they are taking loans from wherever they can get them to keep feeding the Union machine that pays for the Democratic Party way.

Leroy keeps blaming everyone at the White House when in fact the beginning of the Covid-19 first started in Chicago. Leroy wants to keep open borders and continue to be a “people’s hero”, fact is she is a zero. Again, Leroy Lightfoot should be on her hands and knees to beg the Federal Government to help stabilize Chicago. Leroy is out of her league and is trying to be a badass with her put on gravel voice. Leroy wife Karen has had it and is making unwarranted moves with the police in front of her house.

Since January 24, 2020, the following City of Chicago employees have been fucked out of their workers’ compensation benefits. This is only a partial list as cases have been dismissed and on appeal due to arbitrators taking payoffs from Chicago lawyers. Lerot promised reform, but she is just a weak puppet of Rahm Emanuel that still runs Chicago according to sources.

Please remember the following employees can not obtain social security, unemployment, or food stamps due to the employment restrictions created by Chicago mobster unions. Please provide some food and help to these people struck down by Leroy Lightfoot, Chicago’s nutty fool.













This is the shortlist of people fucked out of their ability to fight COVID-19 will all resources stolen from them to feed their family. Leroy Lightfoot is a real piece of dropping to do this. Mayor Leroy Lightfoot left all of Burke’s gang to continue to control the City of Chicago Workers’ Compensation Program.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot is going to follow Census results with her Census Cowboy.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot has the Cencus Cowboy to visit young children in Chicago

Many high-ranking City of Chicago Commissioners were ordered to Mayor Lori Lightfoot last attempt to get as many people to enroll in the 2020 U.S. Census. The press conference cost taxpayers’ tens of thousands as workers were clapping to another taxpayer’s waste of time and funds. Last week I assisted Frank Coconate turn on water to many Chicago Citizens water lines due to shut offs. Many Chicago taxpayers have no money after paying Lori’s massive taxes and fees. I strongly suggest Mr. Census stay close to downtown and ride Mayor Lori Lightfoot instead. If this cowboy rides into the hood, he better has a six-shooter. Just another silly stunt from a Mayor that has National dreams and goals. Mayor Lightfoot has many Hispanic organizations going door to door and are paid really, really well. They are not U.S. census workers. Lightfoot just released more census ads on the back of the City of Chicago Department of Water Management release of the contents in the domestic water report. Just another taxpayer funded ad. Remember what I said, do not drink Chicago water out of the tap. Rahm Emanuel refuses as should you.

Andersonville Social Justice March and Riot afterward?

Did Alderman Lori Lightfoot forget Covid-19 restrictions? Riot at Police Memorial at Rosehill after?

Does Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Governor Pigster parade in Chicago, in Andersonville neighborhood violate the Covid-19 orders? CurrentlyLightfoot and Pritzker ‘selective’ enforcement of COVID-19 orders violates IL state constitution. according to Mayor Lori Lightfoot staff, she will tell the police to back off and allow the parade. The parade start is at 10:00 a.m. at the intersection of West Bryn Mawr Avenue and Glenwood. According to a couple of local jokers, the parade will end at the Rosehill Monument for Chicago Police Officers that died on Duty. I assure you, if these punks are going to start trouble at a Chicago Police memorial, they will regret it. Chicago Police are always by the gate entrance.

Hey, please remember, stay safe. I have many stories due soon and how Mayor Lori Lightfoot handled the Corvid-19 disaster. Please make sure you stay away from other people. Politics and Covid-19 are no friends of mine. Please be away if bricks show up in your back yard. take pictures and put them in a safe locked place. Pritzker also has consistently stood by orders limiting the size of gatherings to no more than 10 people throughout the spring. I expect many more tomorrow. Sponsored by Lakewood Balmoral Residents’ Council. Remember, “everything will be O.K.