Does Mayor Leroy Lightfoot think she is GOD?

Leroy Lightfoot in the best manner possible. The media is attempting to show, despite the facts, that a black, lesbian, butch, bossy, incompetent, spiteful, loser is somehow the answer for Chicago. Real media would all over these ongoing mistakes and mishaps if it were a white man. Face the facts, Lori is so out of control, she goes to the media with more stupid stories about how she is going to control wealthy whites that intend to enjoy their second and third homes. Her demands on how people are going to lead their lives is very intrusive.

When Leroy became Mayor, he/she promised reform. All of us were glad for her and for the city. Instead, Leroy want to go on national talk shows and prove what a fool he/she really is. Leroy has failed miserably to install new leadership and improve the quality of life in Chicago. Chicago is a killing ground and things are worse. Who will Leroy blame this week? Please join us at a major rally to force Chicago to pay injured City workers and change the major failure to protecting citizens. Many people tell me Mayor Lori Lightfoot is a communist and a Socialist, I think she is a chump. She fooled us. Join us, it will be a riot and lots of fun. #Loritakedownthatstatue

The City of Chicago faces ruins most certainly. The Chicago media continues to attempt to show Mayor

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