Will Chicago Mayor Leroy Lightfoot fix the homeless problems in the Ghetto? Beggers heading north.

Will Joe Biden win Chicago with Leroy Lightfoot?

Yo Yo Joe might be the only person that can save Mayor Leroy Lighttfoot failed service to Chicago. Mayor Lightfoot has spent money like a drunken sailor on leave. Should President Donald Trump bail out Chicago? Should the entire United States pay for all the pensions Lori is continuing to pile on us? Very soon, Leroy will need to pay the past due on pensions.

If you look at many street corners in Chicago, more poor people are working the corners to get extra money. It proves Leroy is not getting resources to people that are very despite. The way Leroy and his wifey Karen are going, they will be working the street corners with signs that say, ‘former Mayor of Chicago, forgive me for being an absolute failure”. Mayor Leroy Lightfoot just approved massive pay increases to Union workers in Chicago.

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