Chicago Taxpayers screwed out of another million dollars. And Leroy wants to be a Supreme Judge?

SCOTUS Mayor Leroy Lightfoot? Never

Many people that work for the City of Chicago are victims of a legal system that rewards private law firms and destroy injured workers rights. In return, the law firms give massive donations to the Alderman and mainly the mayor. Many of these quid pro quo actions should be brought up at Alderman Eddy Burke Federal trial. About time.

Many people have fair claims, but Mayor Lori Lightfoot drags the cases on hopping the plaintiff dies.  A Chicago Park District employee was fired in 2013. She was a Hispanic Park District Supervisor. She was a 20-year employee. She just won her job back with 500,000.00 dollars, all back pay, and she must be reinstated with every benefit a Chicago Park District is entitled to.

When she tried to defend herself, she was denied. The lousy union did nothing for her as usual. Along came Attorney Annette M. Garry and Marianne C. Holzhall. They obliterated the City’s defense and were awarded $1,000.000.00 in legal fees.

One of Chicago’s best Judges ruled, the Chicago park District took a scorched=earth approach to the case, raising objections even to innocuous requests, refusing to stipulate or make meaningful efforts to resolve issues by agreement, and generally challenging everything without being able to compromise, and those litigation tactics played a role in inflating the time the plaintiff’s counsel spent on the case” The Honorable Alonso wrote.

Will Mayor Lori Lightfoot learn from this lesson? No, she is too stupid and so in the entire Law Department. More on this later.

So tell Leroy Lightfoot she will never step a foot into the Supreme Court, even when the Democrats finally take power. You can’t fix stupid. See you back at work Ms. Vega.

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