Ghost Mayor Lightfoot destroyed Chicago

Sleeping in the pickup, taking long, long lunches. Randy Conner is a failure. Fraud in Chicago.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot has promised reform in Chicago. What a lie. Since Lori got in office, she has wasted time attempting to become a hero to the drug-addicted and communists. Lori’s hating ways is destroying Chicago. Billions of income are missing.

Explosive revelations of private loans are being exposed.

Today, a bricklayer was in his pick-up truck with black plastic trash bags in the windows and the windshield. Also, the bricklayer had a rag over his head and was enjoying a extremely long lunch on the taxpayers dime. I agree the air conditioning must have felt nice. I suggest you explain why many Chicagoans are starving at home, this crew is taking long lunches and are missing from the job. Many Chicago residents are fed up with Lori Lightfoot doing nothing to reform the contracts making democrat-controlled companies millions.

Sho nuf, a phone call to Lisa at the Commissioner’s office, and the crew was back working away. One laborer was holding a shovel up and did not allow it to hit the ground. If Randy Conner is still allowing crews to take a one-hour travel time to the jobsite and allowing a one and one half hour lunch, and allowing a one hour travel time back to the yard to sign-out a reflection of Lightfoot’s respect for out of work taxpayers, I am gob smacked.

Chicago taxpayers are going to pay for massive wage increases for these slow movers soon. All the backpay checks are going to hurt you and your family. Ole Mellon Head Lori is watching this go on and on. Sup wit dat?

Please go to Bryn Mawr and Ravenswood tomorrow morning. Best the job gets done real quick.

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