Mr. Frank and Rachel Avila Wed Today

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Today I attended a lovely and classy wedding of the new Mr. Frank and Rachel Avila. The wedding was absolutely stunning and was a Latin mass. This has to be one of the most classy affairs I have ever been invited to. I hope Rachel realizes she is going to be married to a famous lawyer. Rachel looked like Lady Di, like a princess. Frank Avila never looked better. Also in attendance was a very proud Commissioner and Sherry Avila, beaming parents. This was a very well attended affair. Good Luck and God Bless. Patrick McDonough

Today last day for Shakman exemption forms

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If you do not wish to participate in the 12 million dollars settlement, make sure you opt out. Today September 28, 2007, you must go to Noel Brennan’s office and sign the form. They will be open late. You call also go to Chicago City Hall and get the form on the first floor. You can call Kelly Fox at Shakman Monitor, the number is, 312-422-0001. Why the picture of the wailing wall in Jerusalem? That is because after this “deal” is completed, you will hear wailing from Chicago all the way to Jerusalem. Did your union help you at all? Patrick McDonough.

Richard M. Daley's Chicago Bears Lose Again.

Chicago Bears led by Mayor Richard M. Daley lose 34-10. Things are looking bad for Mayor Daley. It is Mayor Daley’s fault. We need a new Mayor to take credit when credit is due. Dallas Cowboy’s mayor is better than Richard M. Daley anytime.

Chicago Clout salutes Brenden Reilly on Children Museum Fight

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Chicago has a world famous park at the lakefront. Mr. Montgomery Ward helped make this park what it is today. Mayor Daley and his Administration want to put a Children’s Museum on this protected land. We admire Alderman Reilly for standing up to Daley. Daley is a bully and a puppet for the wealthy, (those who coughed up the loot for Millenium Park) See our “Chicago Millennium Park Mausoleum” story. Daley on the other hand uses taxpayer money to pay for his family named smeared all over our parks and buildings. Daley can steal all he wants but he and his family will never be accepted by Chicago’s elite. The Chicago elite want nothing to do with the mafia or their front-men. Oprah (sewer job in parking lot, remember that call Daley?) and the likes of the Pritzkers want nothing to do with Daley unless they are using him for their end game. The bottom line is, the Chicago black leadership are not zeroing in on getting this Children’s Museum in the west side of Chicago. Northern Island was mentioned, why not get some action on the south side? The children in the poorer sections need jobs and more opportunity Mayor Daley. Let some black enterprises make some real money like your family makes, not just crumbs for lousy dead end jobs. I sick of seeing black companies getting table scraps from Daley’s white contractor pals that make billions. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Look at this new Daley Pig at the public trough again Bob Vanecko Oink Oink

Marry a Daley become a instant millionaire. Remember when Mayor Daley set up Mariam Santos, click here: to get control of the Chicago Fireman’s Pension? Victor Crown saw right through the lies years ago. Bob Vanecko should make sure he coughs up the “Daley Cut”, for this lucrative “can’t loose” contract. In the ghetto, Bob and his pals can shortchange the quality because they know the west side of Chicago is easy pickings for Daley’s operations. Low grade work, “Blame the Minority Contractors” ect., shady insurance deals, and clever financing. I hope all the Chicago Building Inspector’s know to look the other way also. Read this article by Tim Novak,,CST-NWS-vanecko23.article to learn more about Bob Vanecko. Chicago area’s poor blacks never seem to figure out there is a gold mine in the ghetto, all you need is the right connections and keys to the public trough. As a Chicago City Worker, I know if Daley and his family steal every penny in our pensions, I know the Taxpayers will need to replace the money. Remember one thing that is a fact, the posting of the pension board is a corrupt as the postings for promotions in the past. Some old crap, same old lies, same old corruption, same old lies, and same old Mayor. Mayor Daley is a disgrace. Patrick McDonough.

This is what happens when Clout runs Chicago Government

Enjoy this City of Chicago Chicago soap opera. Taxpayers vote for Daley, Daley hires fools and misfits, people go on paid leave for months, more pending lawsuits, Chicago Law Department drags the fight on for years, Taxpayers pay millions in settlements, Chicago goes broke, taxes go up, and Taxpayers vote for Daley. Enjoy the story below. I got some details wrong a couple of weeks ago, this happened next to the Chicago Department of Water Management on Pershing near Ashland. Patrick McDonough

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Must See T.V. on Channel 2 Tonight Fire Hydrants

I will have a link on this story after it is on the air tonight. I am happy to report Channel 2 News in Chicago is doing more reports on the condition of Fire Hydrants. Make sure you see the 10:00 p.m. News. The story is an ongoing series, I have mentioned on this site before. The Investigative Reporter is Dave Savini. I have harped again and again about the problems with fire hydrants.(Update) click here for video: Thank you Channel 2 Chicago. Patrick McDonough.

Press Release: Daley Solves CTA Budget Shortfall

Chicago CTA Buses.jpg
Mayor Daley was a proud passenger on these new “Green” CTA buses. Daley said they are very roomy and solves all the looming problems Daley has caused by spending Chicago Mass Transportation money on consulting and phony contracts. Do not worry about pollution on these new fancy buses. If you spit, hang your head over the bus and spit on the street. If you like eating nuts, throw the shells over the side. The new CTA buses will be easy to clean. It is very cold on these buses during winter, but they are very fuel efficient. Mayor Daley is very short and told everyone this is as roomy as his big gas guzzling Lincoln. Are you glad you voted for Mayor “Lil Richard” and John Daley? Photo by Patrick McDonough.