Richard M. Daley's Chicago Bears Lose Again.

Chicago Bears led by Mayor Richard M. Daley lose 34-10. Things are looking bad for Mayor Daley. It is Mayor Daley’s fault. We need a new Mayor to take credit when credit is due. Dallas Cowboy’s mayor is better than Richard M. Daley anytime.

3 Replies to “Richard M. Daley's Chicago Bears Lose Again.”

  1. Every mayor in the United States wants to be like Mayor Daley. Just check out the US conference of Mayors. What major city doesn’t have problems. Your reporting of our great Mayor is extremely biased and slanted, and without substance. If you want to be a journalist, watch someone like Fran Spielman
    (Response) Every dishonest mayor wants to be like Daley. Notice all the TIF deals making everyone rich but the Taxpayer? Daley is a rat caught in the corner. Journalists are getting smart to the lies we used to let slip.

  2. Lies? Nobody lies. Especially the mayor. How could a mayor lie for 19 yrs and get away with it, it simply can’t happen. Wake up. They don’t lie.

    Carl Segvich

  3. he has had a job as mayor as long as carl hasnt had a job at anything. putting bumper stickers on your car doesnt make you noble it makes you a guy with bumper stickers on his car. wake up and get a job

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