Chicago Clout salutes Brenden Reilly on Children Museum Fight

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Chicago has a world famous park at the lakefront. Mr. Montgomery Ward helped make this park what it is today. Mayor Daley and his Administration want to put a Children’s Museum on this protected land. We admire Alderman Reilly for standing up to Daley. Daley is a bully and a puppet for the wealthy, (those who coughed up the loot for Millenium Park) See our “Chicago Millennium Park Mausoleum” story. Daley on the other hand uses taxpayer money to pay for his family named smeared all over our parks and buildings. Daley can steal all he wants but he and his family will never be accepted by Chicago’s elite. The Chicago elite want nothing to do with the mafia or their front-men. Oprah (sewer job in parking lot, remember that call Daley?) and the likes of the Pritzkers want nothing to do with Daley unless they are using him for their end game. The bottom line is, the Chicago black leadership are not zeroing in on getting this Children’s Museum in the west side of Chicago. Northern Island was mentioned, why not get some action on the south side? The children in the poorer sections need jobs and more opportunity Mayor Daley. Let some black enterprises make some real money like your family makes, not just crumbs for lousy dead end jobs. I sick of seeing black companies getting table scraps from Daley’s white contractor pals that make billions. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

2 Replies to “Chicago Clout salutes Brenden Reilly on Children Museum Fight”

  1. We pay lots of money in taxes. There are dead bodies found in the Grant Park. We find needles from drug dealers every morning in Grant Park. Grant Park at night has lots of crime, rapes, muggings, and criminal enterprise. That is no place for a Children’s museum. We support blacks and hispanics, Daley is a hypocrite. Look at the 11th ward for racism and hate.

  2. Hate? Hate!? racism and hate? HATE?

    The Daley’s don’t hate anyone, except those who don’t blindly agree with 100.4% of what they want, AND kiss their toes.

    P.S. Ohhh the poor people.What are we to do…? my my.

    Carl Segvich

    p.s. never be afraid to print your NAME!

    Good day.

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