Guns out in Chicago Like the Wild West

Lori Lightfoot allows armed robbery, guns out in the open Chicago

On February 25, 2023, (at 8:00 A.M.) a car full of armed thugs jump out of a car at the corner of Polk and Bell Street. The victim is a student that spent the night working hard on his studies. He is a student from another country. The white male victim lost his iPhone, passport, notebook computer, and wallet. You can see he had his two hands waving showing he was scared he would still get shot. This insanity happened one half mile away from the Chicago F.B.I. facility. This happened in front of Washington Irving Elementary School. Waving guns in public in full display shows there is no fear of the F.B.I., the Chicago Police, and the Cook County Court System. This robbery is in the heart of Chicago’s Medical centers the Tri-Taylor, a gold mine of hospitals.

Not far away is Plumbers’ Local 130 and other unions paying a mighty sum to sell Lori Lightfoot for another term. You would think it is the wild, wild west. If you think not having a conceal carry in Chicago, you are completely out of your mind. Look close at this picture Chicago. Vote this nutty Lori out of town.

Just a few weeks ago, Mayoral candidate Paul Vallas spoke at this school to bring a positive message. These actions are out of control. Take back Chicago.

Mayor Lightfoot calls out Chuy Garcia with racist rant

Rep. Chuy Garcia called Slowpoke Rodriguez by Mayor Lightfoot

Not looking good for Mayor Lori Lightfoot again as she attacks U.S. Representative Chuy Garcia in another racist rant for what she is known. It is not funny to make light of Mexican Americans when they have made many contributions to Chicago. Bugs Bunny cartoon characters belong in cartoons, not to be used to describe Chicago Mayoral candidates.