Chicago Boaters suffer thanks to Daley's Gas Taxes

Save Gas Chicago.jpg This is a picture of my daughter water skiing of the back of my Mastercraft boat named “Deep Water”. I purchase my gas in Wisconsin because of lower gas taxes. The Cook County and City of Chicago gas taxes really add up. Whenever possible, make sure you fill your tank up in Indiana or outside of Cook County. I am also lucky to have three young sons that paddle like crazy to reduce fuel consumption. I see a depression heading towards Chicago, so save your money. Click below on the Boating Story from the Chicago Sun-Times. Photo by Patrick McDonough.]]> Continue reading “Chicago Boaters suffer thanks to Daley's Gas Taxes”

Chicago Clout honors "Clout Kids" investigation at MyFox Chicago

Make sure you watch a special by Dane Placko a famous Chicago Fox News personality and fan of Chicago Clout. I spoke with Dane today as he was interested in some stories on Chicago Clout. It is no secret Patrick McDonough has friends on the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago. Most of these commissioners do a fine job. Frank Avila Sr. is an outstanding leader at the MWRD. I also like Terry O’Brien the President. I do not like Alderman Patrick “Phat” Levar back at the trough slopping up jobs again. Levar has clout jobs at the airport and a nice job for family at the Sauganash Park in Alderman Laurino’s ward. “Phat” Levar has been missed at the North District Yard since the Hired Truck Program came to a screeching halt. Make sure you watch this special to conclude tonight. Click here to catch up on the story, Patrick McDonough.

Donald Tomczak deposition at Duluth Federal Prison Camp Today

Federal Prison Camp Donald Tomczak.jpg
Patrick McDonough, the Whistleblower of Mayor Daley’s “Hired Truck Scandal” had an awkward moment this morning with Donald Tomczak former czar of the City of Chicago Department of Water Management. I was with my famous attorney Frank Avila who is in the picture. Donald was in green prison garb at the U.S. Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Prisons at the Federal Prison Camp in Duluth Minnesota. We looked at each other and I was surprised by the timid nature of Mr. Tomczak. This was not the large and in charge Donald Tomczak of just a few years ago. I hope all those that got a “better life and promotions” manage to visit this lonely man. Many of you will not because you quickly forget the favors and clout that got you the up the ladder. That is the nature of the Chicago City Worker and we must change that. Chicago sent an army of lawyers to watch the videotaped event; I wondered who is picking up that tab? Donald Tomczak knew and liked my father Michael McDonough a former licensed Plumbing Inspector with the Department. I hope you know more Chicago City workers are having cots made for them at this nice facility. Thank you to Frank Avila and the law firm of Loevy and Loevy which is helping justice become available in Chicago. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Mayor Daley should help the poor, even if they are not related

Michael McDonough gave some money to a lady that was in need downtown Chicago today. This lady had no friends and family with millions of dollars of profitable contracts with the City of Chicago. This lady had no friends to take Mayor Daley to see the world and stay in the best hotels. Mayor Daley lives like a king and the subjects starve. If this lady was related to Mayor Daley she would be in European palaces with four star services. America was founded by doing the right thing, have we forgotten? If the Chicago economy gets any worse, we all might be in the same boat. Please help the needy in Chicago! Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Chicago Homeless Need Our Help Now

I took Patrick McDonough downtown Chicago today to see problems the Newspapers have hidden. In Chicago, we have many people that do not have a home or bed to sleep in tonight. I hope when you see a person beg for some change, you give. Chicago should not have a homeless problem with our high taxes. Chicago should not worry about the Olympics when people starve. Teach your children young to help someone in need. God Bless you this July 4, 2008. Photo by Patrick McDonough.