Chicago Clout honors "Clout Kids" investigation at MyFox Chicago

Make sure you watch a special by Dane Placko a famous Chicago Fox News personality and fan of Chicago Clout. I spoke with Dane today as he was interested in some stories on Chicago Clout. It is no secret Patrick McDonough has friends on the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago. Most of these commissioners do a fine job. Frank Avila Sr. is an outstanding leader at the MWRD. I also like Terry O’Brien the President. I do not like Alderman Patrick “Phat” Levar back at the trough slopping up jobs again. Levar has clout jobs at the airport and a nice job for family at the Sauganash Park in Alderman Laurino’s ward. “Phat” Levar has been missed at the North District Yard since the Hired Truck Program came to a screeching halt. Make sure you watch this special to conclude tonight. Click here to catch up on the story, Patrick McDonough.

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  1. I live in Alderman Burnett’s ward and I see his picture everywhere on billboards and park benches. He seems happy and proud along with his wife. They’re picture is everywhere. I don’t know very much about him other than he was I think, pardoned for an armed robbery he was involved in as a young man, a time when he was lost. He has come very far and that’s very beautiful. His aldermanic website does not state much about accomplishments and I bet he is capable of a lot. I just don’t feel he is working at his potential. It’s either his ego is big because he pays a ton of money to advertise himself pictured with his wife, or he is just proud of how far he has come from the troubled young man he used to be. Maybe it’s a bit of both. When he lobbied for his pardon, I think he must have become submissive to Daley and the establishment in return. He should have kept his police record the way it was and stayed his own person because you don’t hear him complain about anything going on in this city. His aldermanic website states ” Burnett is a strong advocate for affordable housing in the City of Chicago and all developments within his ward are required to have an affordable component to the project. Burnett has developed a strong reputable as an advocate for affordable housing and continues to be a leader on this issue, the Mayor most recently appointed him to the Zoning Reform Board because of the success with affordable housing projects in his ward.” Now with public housing redevelopment being at least 15 years behind you would hope, and think that he would be at theforefront of making it be known to the mayor that this has become unacceptable, but he just seems like all the rest of the do nothing, say nothing aldermen. I saw his park bench in front of of a big construction project on North av and Halsted right where the YMCA used to be located. That YMCA used to housed hundreds, if not thousands of children from Cabrini Green. It was a wonderful place for them to seek refuge from the mean streets. Now those children have vouchers which have taken them to live in the worst of Chicago’s other neighborhoods as they wait for public housing to build them new and better homes. They no longer have the YMCA to go to. Alderman Burnett and the other alderman do not seem to care about any of this as long as they get the things that they and their families need. They are like most other politicians, no longer serving others but instead serving and enriching themselves. Alderman Burnett’s website does not boast of any accomplishments he has done for his people and his community. The sad thing is, I really feel that alderman Burnett is a proud man who just may be capable of a lot of good, but unfortunately he too seems to have sold out to the few top politicians who run the whole show. Where do we look for leadership. Nowhere, and that’s sad. I understand all the big cities are following the same script of redevelopment, gentrification and renewal. There is something called the Conference of Mayor where all the big city mayors conspire to evict the working class from the big cities. I agree that we do need a lot of the new development that is going on, and I can only speak for Chicago because I tend to follow our city news more than others. But in Chicago this re-development is a plan to completely rid the city of the working man and replace it entirely with rich homes and gated communities. There is no balance with the way Chicago is currently undertaking it’s redevelopment. The people in public housing were supposed to be mixed in with the middle class and the upscale. Instead they have been cast into other high crime neighborhoods and left with no structure or hope. Hope and structure was what Mayor Daley promised all of the residents in public housing and you don’t hear a word from any African American politicians about why this promise has not been delivered. Mayor Daley could have delivered on his promise but he chose not to. Do you think the Olympics will fall 15 years behind if Chicago is awarded to be the hosting city? I think not.

  2. “Obama is not only exempt from satire in cartoons. He can also get away with sending his own children to private schools while opposing giving vouchers to poor parents to permit them to choose their children’s schools. In effect he thinks choice should be the privilege of the rich and the poor should accept their fate.”

  3. I dont think Pat knows his kids are clout kids as he seems to use them as pawns in his political games.

    Not sure if that rise to violating child labor laws or child abuse but I think DCFS might need to be contacted.
    (Response) My kids are victims of Mayor Daley and the Department of Water Management corruption. They have suffered greatly and should protest..

  4. I stopped for a veggie pizza last night near Division and Ashland. The girl behind the counter was Puerto Rican and there were two pizza makers who were Mexican standing in the front of the store as I ordered my food. The pizza makers were talking Spanish to each other when I walked in. The first words I heard out of the Mexican pizza makers mouth was “John McCain, the next president of the Untited States!” 10 minutes later I asked the Puerto Rican young lady behind the counter if her family was voting for McCain or Obama. She replied, “my family does not vote much but I know it would’nt be for Obama” When I asked if it was because he is an African American she replied, “what do you think!” This was a real street education on the lack of support for Obama in the Hispanic community. I personally would be happy to see the right African American voted in for president, and Barack Hussein Daley Obama is not that man.

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