Donald Tomczak deposition at Duluth Federal Prison Camp Today

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Patrick McDonough, the Whistleblower of Mayor Daley’s “Hired Truck Scandal” had an awkward moment this morning with Donald Tomczak former czar of the City of Chicago Department of Water Management. I was with my famous attorney Frank Avila who is in the picture. Donald was in green prison garb at the U.S. Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Prisons at the Federal Prison Camp in Duluth Minnesota. We looked at each other and I was surprised by the timid nature of Mr. Tomczak. This was not the large and in charge Donald Tomczak of just a few years ago. I hope all those that got a “better life and promotions” manage to visit this lonely man. Many of you will not because you quickly forget the favors and clout that got you the up the ladder. That is the nature of the Chicago City Worker and we must change that. Chicago sent an army of lawyers to watch the videotaped event; I wondered who is picking up that tab? Donald Tomczak knew and liked my father Michael McDonough a former licensed Plumbing Inspector with the Department. I hope you know more Chicago City workers are having cots made for them at this nice facility. Thank you to Frank Avila and the law firm of Loevy and Loevy which is helping justice become available in Chicago. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. Donald Tomczak gave me the gift of knowledge by teaching me about the Jardine facility when I worked there. I knew that he was an important man, but more important to me was that he was a gentleman. Since I worked on the rotation, I didn’t see him all that much, but I recall being impressed with his knowledge of the facility and enthusiasm for the job.

    Years later I was astounded to learn about the charges against him. I was very nieve regarding the politics under the surface within the institution. The Daley Administration was in its infancy at that time which may be a factor.

    Thanks Pat for the update on Don Tomczak. My harshest criticism isn’t for him, but his son Jeff who violated a family mouring the loss of their daughter. What happened to Kevin Fox was dispicable.

  2. Don Tomczak was a good stand up guy in the Chicago tradition.

    I am surprised that he did a deposition with Frank Avila because he could still take down the Mayor, Ed Burke, the 32nd ward (not that it is much anyway) and many more.

  3. I wonder when the Sanchez trial is going to be. He was indicted over a year and a half ago.

  4. hey pat, when are you going to start posting about the shananigans at the water reclaimation that are going on. I seen a story on fox 32 about seasonal jobs being offered to those only with an inside line without being posted to the public. I centainly would like to hear more about that, as I would like to know what job opportunities that we are all missing out on. I know that this comment and story will never appear anywhere close to this site, due to the fact of avila’s dad being a commissioner over there.
    (Response) Soon

  5. This is great! I am glad Tomczak is speaking out against the machine that gave him up in a heartbeat! The Department of Water/Management needs good leaders now more that ever to step up and retool the positions for qualified candidates for Chief Water Engineer, Chief Plumbing Inspector, etc.
    (Response) Now is the chance to clean house! I agree. The question is, will it be done?

  6. Patrick, why did you wait until you where fired from the city to expose the hired truck scandal?? you started with the city in what 1999? but you did not expose this scandal until you got fired, are you claiming it was not a scandal before this time? or be honest now, you took a bitter pill because you got (accused of) living outside of the city limits, got fired and got even by exposing a scandal you knew about a long time before you exposed it,
    (Response) I allow this stuff as you are a regular poster. You do not have your “facts” correct. The “Whistleblowing” started years before the City investigated me and my friends. It is documented. I will wait until we in court before I drop the big bombshells. Please be patience, I know how difficult it must be.

  7. Patrick do not get me wrong here, I hate those f@#$%kers as much if not more than you do, I hope to see alot of these guys doing the walk on the news, wait for all the new hires to get 401 k packages from Daleys family business can you say kick back

  8. Hopefully, some truth will come out on Rahm Immanuel’s connection with these guys as well. Are there many good people left in Chicago Government? Why hasn’t anyone expose how the Kennedy’s are connected to Chicago. Also, what about Barrack Hussein’s potential indictment on a land deal. Sound familiar.

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