The discussion about the Lori Lightfoot and Native Americans isn’t over

Lori Lightfoot takes Indian name to make political points. She is not English.

Paleface Rick Morrissey was very insulted about Mayor Lori Lightfoot taking an Indian name to further her career. Paleface Rick Morrissey is a typical moron that has nothing to write about, but he has a new angle to start more unneeded #BLM and white whining about nothing.

I subscribe to the Chicago Sun-Times because of their history of great stories. The investigative work of the Sun-Times is amazing. Lately, the Sun-Times is heading toward to fork in the road. Will the Sun-Times be kept alive by superstar award winning journalist Fran Spielman? Can Fran Spielman save all the writers that belong in a comic book?

Paleface Rick Morrissey was probably told to write some stupid shit just because his editor can not sell newspapers. I hope that is not the case. The Union controlled Sun-Times is becoming a propaganda newspaper, a second CNN.

Ricky, please tell Lori Lightfoot the name “Lightfoot” is English, but many times used by Native Americans. Since an Englishman married a Indian women, the name should only be used by Native Americans. I am offended when teams like Chicago Blackhawks use a Native American name, but I am more pissed off when retards like Paleface Rick Morrissey writes crap for no reason. Pathetic. Fire Morrissey now. This rant is almost as stupid at Paleface Morrissey’s crass shit to cry about the Blackhawks. Blackhawks were and are warriors. Every white dude I know love the Blackhawk name.

6 Replies to “The discussion about the Lori Lightfoot and Native Americans isn’t over”

  1. Anyone who has to resort to constant name-calling and remedial, adolescent comments are nothing more than a child whining, crying and throwing a tantrum because they don’t have any actual argument to stand on. This entire comment was disgusting, you act like your so dignified in fighting for the name “Lightfoot” and who only should use it but you also use a disgusting term such as “retard” showing your very narrow and limited mind and how it really works as well as how you really are. You claim Lightfoot is English as well but then trip over what you just stated by claiming it should only be held by indians? Somehow because the male was white and female was black that gives the only rights of Lightfoot to the female and indians everywhere lol. If she was so proud to be a black woman as she’s claimed more times than anyone can count then she should at least embrace what she’s said instead of pulling a Nancy PALEFACE pelosie lol that one never gets old. Truth be told millions of Americans that appear white and have so called “white names” (as I guess now just names are only granted to certain races as if we needed more divide between races) have a certain percentage of Indian within them so what about that champ? I guess you walk around with a color wheel like they give you at Lowe’s and a small notepad telling you exactly how black and Indian they are? 😂😂😂😂.
    Your a devicive piece of garbage with pathetic arguments and non-existing viewpoints that should be given a platform to speak anywhere let alone breathe.

    1. Your a devicive piece of garbage that should be given a platform to speak anywhere let alone breath Such a childish confused thing to say. Nancy Paleface? So you do like name calling Who are you

    2. People that are biased or prejudice will resort to ad hominem attacks. Then will try to deploy strawman and red herring techniques to discredit because they want to surreptitiously discriminate someone or an idea

    3. You hit it just right. MY HERITAGE IS NATIVE AMERICAN and I hate the pale faces who call themselves my brother or sister. Bring on the scalping knife, I will justly deal with such potato heads. True cherokee…with many stories to tell

  2. Lori Lightfoot this maybe a longshot; but i when to school with a Donald Lightfoot .He told me in elementary school that his Family was from the Williamsburg area and his Family were connected in descent from Pamunckey Indians.And thats the first time that i have ever heard of that surname used

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