Alderman Manuel Flores and Michael McGann at Chicago City Hall Green Roof

City Hall Green Roof 1.jpg
September 19, 2008. When Alderman Manuel Flores shows off the City of Chicago to famous Japanese HOSEI University professors, he made sure he invited Michael McGann to explain various technical green issues. Alderman Flores spoke on many topics and impressed the professors with his expertise on many subjects including items that will assist the professors starting a new Green Environmental Management Department at the University. Michael McGann a Plumbing Inspector, spoke to the group about protection of our potable water supply, water distribution systems, health and safety issues in the plumbing industry, and Plumbing Inspectors responsibilities. Mr. McGann spoke about the Jardine Purification, Stickney Sewage Plant, the T.A.R.P. system, combined sewer systems, green water efficiency, the U.S. Green Building Council and Leed certification. The tour of the Green Roof on top of Chicago City hall was a success. Michael McGann took a vacation day and deserves praise for a job well done. Tomorrow, Mr. McGann is scheduled to become an acting Plumbing Inspector-in-charge, based on the Shakman terms and Local 130 collective bargaining agreement. I hope the City of Chicago Plumbing Division does the right thing and will allow Mr. McGann his fair turn. I little bird told me some political back fighting might stop his turn. I hope that is not the case. The Plumbing Inspectors need professional supervision to avoid more scrutiny with ongoing Federal investigations. I think the taxpayers have had enough. Photo edited by Patrick McDonough

Negroes Starve in Chicago, Mayor Daley vacations in Russia

Chicago Homeless.jpg You can knock Mayor Richard and Maggie Daley for never being at work helping the citizens in times of crisis, but what is the point. This lazy Negro was sleeping in an alley and forgot to board the plane with the famous couple. Many people are losing their homes, and Mayor Daley takes vacation after vacation. Sneed is very close to the Daley family and provides snippets of planted information for the public to gobble up and enjoy. The Pritizkers are going to pick up the tab again. Someone tell Mayor Daley to stop being a sponge and pay his own way. It’s hush-hush, but Sneed hears Mayor Daley and wife, Maggie, are heading into Russian territory on a vacation next week. • • Translation: Word is Chicago’s first couple will be traveling to the Black Sea, which is bordered by the Republic of Georgia — whose invasion was ordered by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. The Daleys will be accompanied on their week-long trip by one of the city’s premier philanthropists, Cindy Pritzker. Cindy Pritzker is the spitting image of Maggie Daley and they could pass for sisters. I hope you know me and my friend pictured will stay in Chicago for a good night’s sleep. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Welcome to Chicago Water main starts to swallow a car in Chicago

LAWRENCE.AND.WESTERN003.jpg Car damaged by hole created by water main break
September 23, 2008
A car was damaged after partially falling into a hole created by a water main break in the North Side Albany Park neighborhood Tuesday afternoon.
City Department of Water Management spokesman Tom LaPorte said crews remain on the scene as of 5:45 p.m. repairing the damage near the intersection of Lawrence and Western avenues, where an 8-inch water main broke earlier Tuesday afternoon.
“When the main broke, the water undermined the pavement and soil and created a hole,” LaPorte said. There was a car parked near the hole and it partially fell into the hole. How badly the car was damaged was unknown, because it had already been towed away before city crews arrived, he said. Traffic was slowed but not stopped in the area late Tuesday afternoon, LaPorte said, and no water customers were affected by the break. He had no time estimate for the repairs. Thank God Patrick McDonough was there to shut of the water main. Nice job boss! Photo by Patrick McDonough

Donald Tomczak Video Deposition on McDonough vs. City of Chicago

Dane Placo rocked on this video starring Frank Avila, Patrick Collins, Donald Tomczak and special star Patrick McDonough. As the saying goes… Herein lies the truth…;jsessionid=CD9A61A48A7BFB367AE0FFE7EF4DF30E?contentId=7455019&version=1&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=VSTY&pageId=1.1.1&sflg=1 Click on the link and enjoy. Patrick McDonough. Thank you Fox News Chicago.

Book on Chicago Clout "It Happened four years ago"

Book on Chicago Clout.jpg I teach my children to read books, lots of books. The book I last enjoyed was from a friend of mine that has followed the Hired Truck Program, Peter Zelchenko. When I was trying to expose the climate of corruption in the Daley Administration, I was in the fight of my life. Peter wrote a book about the way elections are won and lost in Chicago. As I read the book, I ran across names that are current and former employees at the Department of Water Management. Since I am in a lawsuit against the City of Chicago, I cannot be too specific; however I am going to reveal some new information that really helped me fill in the blanks. One person was Lester Cioch, an assistant superintendent at the Department of Water Management, which got fired after he was getting signatures for Mayor Daley on the clock. A Whistleblower turned him in, that was not a good time to circulate petitions. In the book was also a Chicago Department of Water Management Foreman that got the slip on ‘Hired Truck Program” theft charges, this was before the Chicago Sun-Times cranked out their greatest story ever. We will get into this more in court. The book is a must read with those that have a basic concept of the election process, and those who thought they do! Make sure you read this book before our upcoming trial, we want informed observers. It is a shame, our American troops die in other countries, and we take the most fundament right away from our neighbors, the vote! You can buy this book here: click or you can get a signed copy by calling Peter Zelchenko at 312-733-2473 Photo by Patrick McDonough]]> Continue reading “Book on Chicago Clout "It Happened four years ago"”

"Who Got that Bribe" continues

portage park fire.jpg
Vital Rehabilitation Clinic, 5820 W. Irving Park Rd., in Chicago just had a nasty fire that made all the news stations. Alderman Tom Allen also made the scene. I hope when major renovations like this happen in Chicago the Inspectors make sure everything is up to snuff. Taking a few hundred dollars shortchanges the lives of many. I find it hard to believe a building this size has a small water service under one inch and no sprinkler system. Chicago alderman should make sure sprinklers are the rule, not the exception. A Chicago firefighter got hurt in the blaze. Let’s make sure rehab work in Chicago is done right. Photo by Patrick McDonough]]> Continue reading “"Who Got that Bribe" continues”