Chicago Mob and Daley goons exposed by McCain Ad.

WilliamDaley 1.jpg I will try to get a link on the McCain ad showing Chicago’s Politicial Bosses later. Please enjoy this picture of William “Bill” Daley. Photo improved by Patrick McDonough.

3 Replies to “Chicago Mob and Daley goons exposed by McCain Ad.”

  1. The ad is right.

    Bill Daley is a liar. He was a lobbyist for NAFTA.

    One of the investment banking firms he was going to work for BEAR STEARNS is going under with big problems.

    He also lobbied and his son is part of the deal that bought out the downtown PARKING GARAGE that costs taxpayers MORE who park there.

    Ask Bill Daley about his Amalgamated Bank deals with the CPS and how he hurt school kids.

    Ask the Daley family about their ComEd Nuclear deal.

    (Response) the Daley family have been on numerous boards and have lobbied for everything and the kitchen sink. Mayor Daley got it wrong again. Mayor Daley is mad because he was not in the ad, he likes his gangster image.

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